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  1. Honestly. I am not a fan of the Protodeviln, or much of Macross 7. My personal head canon is that the events we know as Macross 7 is actually a fictional take on the war against the Varauta that was made to promote Fire Bomber and their music. I really do not know what actually happened during this time but I have a couple ideas of what happened. For example, one idea I have is that the Protodeviln are actually similar to that of the Mardook from Macross II and control their forces through songs. Ummm... I would lump all that under Zentradi. Also, I prefer the regular TV versions am not much a fan of the Movie versions of the Zentradi. I wouldn't count either of those. Sharon Apple is a human-created AI and not a Protoculture created race. The Galactic Whales are closest but we don't know much about them, like Seto said do we actually know if they are sentient. Ummm... I thought the Dyaus are actually artificially created weapons and not really an intelligent race. As for bio-android I had forgotten about that but they are only a couple around at this time. Anyways with said I did not mean to drag up anything about this. I only wanted to point out Delta did give us a few more races to enjoy talking about or speculating about. Heck. I would love to see some further stories about them in the future. Granted they all live out in the boonies but still I do love the addition of the extra races. It gives a bit more life to the Macross Galaxy as whole in my opinion. Not that is out of the way. I have a couple of small questions for you Seto. First extended from the bit about the races from Delta. Are Ragna or Voldor actually part of the Brisingr Alliance? Or are they their own independent worlds. I believe it was mentioned that Voldor had their own NUNS Garrison Fleet. Therefore, making them members of the New United Nations Government in some way, but does the mean they are also part of the Alliance or are they their own member of the NUNG. Ragna doesn't look to have its own NUNS forces outside of the Xaos forces. Oh. They have a fleet in orbit when the Windermere arrive to start the Battle of Ragna but I honestly don't think they are actually NUNS but Xaos as the officer that reported to the Macross Elysion is wearing a Xaos Officer Uniform similar to that of Captain Johnson. We also just saw Xaos call in some further forces a couple episodes before hand. Second. Do we have any data on the Island Jackpot and its class of ship? Others call it the Island Class. I believe it is smaller then even the regular New Macross Class Island that we see with the Macross 7, but is it a member of that overall reaching class of Island Ships. Basically the human colony ship that arrived at Ragna. Or is it like the Environment Ships from Frontier where it is an auxiliary colony ship to that of a main, larger, colony ship? Anyways. Sorry about keeping on asking these questions Seto but I am quite curious about some of the background and this is the first I can get my questions answered. With other properties that I like there are already plenty of information out in the internet about it. Macross is one of the few that actually has not all that much information about it posted in an easily found place to browse.
  2. Snort. Honestly they are kind related to that of the Protoculture anyways right?
  3. Hmmm... you should at least watch the Movie's Final Battle. Having three Macross Elysion Class ships taking part was quite interesting in my opinion and the brief fight between the remaining two ships was even better then the "Aether Attack" from the Series in my opinion. Though it is not as good as the Macross Quarter literally surfing through the air in the last Frontier Movie.
  4. Speaking of which. Love it or hate it, you do have to give Macross Delta props for pretty much doubling the amount of races in the entire franchise. For the longest time we only had the dead Protoculture, modern humanity, and the Zentradi. Then we got the Zolan introduced in an OVA based after the second major series. Then years later, Delta gave us the Windermere, the Ragnans, and the Voldor. That had been one of my minor little nitpicks with Macross and Delta solved it. Somewhat. EDIT: Opps. Forgot the Vajra from Frontier but they were truly an alien race that was little understood while the others I mentioned were the humanoid and understood far better in some sense.
  5. You are quite welcome! Honestly the only things I actually liked about the Movie was that Hayate was already a member of Xaos, that there is more then one Macross Elysion, and finally the duel between the two remaining ships at the final battle. The rest of the movie is okay but I much prefer the series itself.
  6. Hello, I noticed that we did not have a thread out for Phoenix Fan Fusion this year. I know it is not normally a big Macross event but it does have some bits and pieces for those interested on going. I remember finding some of the background material for Macross in the Vendor Hall at this convention a couple years ago. As for events and such for Macross I do not remember anything happening for that though I do seem to remember one year we had one of the VAs for the ADV Dub of SDF Macross. Anyways. I hope to see you there!
  7. Damn. Should have seen this thread years ago. I have been living in Northwest Vegas for the past seven years. Sigh. I was at LVL Up Expo this last year and briefly at another convention around my first year here though I don't remember which one that was. Anyways. I also planning on going to Phoenix Fan Fusion this years in September.
  8. What!? Are you sure? Because Macross Mecha Manual has the Nightmare Plus EX as having FF-2550F engines?
  9. Blink. Huh. Okay, never even heard of this before. Still I agree with your earlier comment. Damn shame we did not get a chance to see actual Aerial Knights on their steads jousting and such. That would have been freaking awesome.
  10. Huh. I kind of expected that. Though I did have a bit of head canon, which I used in my fanfiction story Knight of Xaos, that had the Aerial Knights riding the larger version of those weird dragon-bird things we saw in that one flashback episode before humanity found them. Still thanks Seto for confirming my head canon is partly correct! As a Code Geass fan and a former performer at a Renaissance Festival this actually makes me like the Aerial Knights even more. Huh. The Bloc-IIIF huh. It says it does not have the EX-Gear in it but I could have sworn it did have it. It just did not have the more powerful engines I thought. OH. It does have EX-Gear then. Though I wonder there was one Nightmare Plus variant that was described somewhere as a sweet fighter to fly or something to that effect. And it was not just your typical old Joust we know from Medieval times they are actually flying in the freaking air!
  11. True that. That would be great. I love Macross Mecha Manuel but it does not have the majority of this stuff therefore I would love to see a site that has some of your notes and such. Huh. That does make some sense. I'm aware. I meant I thought that the YF/VF-28 would be the fighter of a far-off colony world or fleet that was based on the YF-24 Evolution in some later media or background data for Macross, but now I know that I kind of got it wrong and had those two switched. The YF-23 and YF-28 I mean. Huh. Now that is quite interesting I was actually guessing something like that was happening after rewatching the bit of the series with Delta Flight and Walkure's infiltration of Windermere IV. Nice to see it verified. Shakes head. I always thought the Aerial Knights were using a supped of version of the regular Draken-III till I noticed that the Aerial Knight's Draken-IIIs had the same heads of the regular Draken III used by the unnamed regular Windermere pilots during my latest rewatch of the series. Speaking of which. I found something interesting in some bits about the Delta Scramble game that has pretty much all of the Windermere Pilots are actually Aerial Knights. Keith's Aerial Knight Squadron is just an elite formation of Aerial Knights that are sworn to service of the Windermere Royal Family or something like that. Is that true? Also, sorry Seto another quick question. I recall from my previous look through of both this thread and Mecha Talk's Valkyrie Thread about a VF-171 Bloc-III Variant that is actually the Nightmare Plus we see in the Frontier Movies. It is a bit different from that of the VF-171EX from the series. Just wondering if I actually remember it correctly and if you have any further information on it?
  12. Huh. I knew about those systems since like mentioned I have been following this thread, read a few bits of sketchley's website, and have read your Valkyrie Thread on Mechatalk a couple times. What I did not know or most likely remember being mentioned were those systems using fold quartz to do all that. So it would it would safe to say that the VF-24 would have similar yet vastly superior system. My head canon is somewhat correct in this. Nice to know. Groan. I really need to start taking notes of all of these little tidbits of information I find. I thought the first YF-24 was tested a few years before the second YF-24 in the early 2050s maybe very late 2040s. Wait. Project Super Nova was around 2040. Why did they have a YF-24 Program when they were already testing two brand-new fighters? Huh. I had them switched then. I had guessed that some far-off Colony Fleet or Colony like the far-flung Brisingr Alliance had received the Evolution specs and started to develop their own fighter based on them. Instead it is linked to the development of the YF-29 instead. Shrug. Oh well. You know I have a couple questions about this fighter if you all don't mind answering. First of all, I do not recall them having Fold Boosters equipped when the Aerial Knights did their earlier interventions against Walkure during the early episodes of the series. Therefore, how were they able to fold in and fold out of these battles without an equipped booster? Or did they actually have a booster and I do not notice them when watching those particular episodes. I know that later during the mid-point of the series they started to be carried through Fold Space by a carrier as the war against NUNS began, outside of the Intercept Mission against the NUNS Fleet after Heinz's coronation anyways. Second, we know that Keith Aero Windermere piloted the Sv-262Hs variant of the fighter. The rest of the Aerial Knights are piloting the standard Sv-262Ba correct? I would think they would pilot the same fighter as Keith. Since the rest of the Windermere's pilots use the standard Draken III as well and the Aerial Knights are the elite of those pilots therefore should reflect that by piloting a better fighter. Anyways. Thanks Seto for all of this interesting info. It is appreciated.
  13. Shrug. Just a pet theory I had since I did remember reading something about fold quartz being used elsewhere on a Valkyrie. I didn't remember what it was exactly till it was mentioned earlier in this thread about the fold quartz in the gunpod of the VF-27. Then I was like maybe I did actually read that somewhere either earlier in this thread or on Seito's Valkyrie Thread on Mechatalk. Still I wouldn't be surprised if say fold quartz was used in the VF-24's engines to further enhance them or like the Lucifer having it in their weapons. Again just a pet theory/head canon I had really. Still though. I am actually curious on how they went from a large ISC from the earlier YF-24 prototype till the second YF-24 prototype which had a smaller ISC that was quite superior all within what a few years if I remember correctly. You know I never even noticed but we are missing the YF/VF-28. I know that the YF-26 was Macross Olympia's failed entry to Project Triangler and I know that there is a YF-23 mentioned somewhere if I remembers Seito's earlier Generation Chart correctly but I don't think we have clue about a -28 model Valkyrie just yet. Maybe another colony or colony fleet out there created their own derivative of the YF-24 Evolution sometime during or slightly after Triangler. Hmmm... an interesting thought.
  14. Did not know that. Though I am not all that surprised since a pet theory I have is that the major reason for the non-watered down version of the VF-24 to be superior over that of the Messiah and the other related fighters is that it uses Fold Quartz in other places on the fighter outside of the ISC.
  15. That's fine. I am just kind of surprised that the Macross actually has such a place onboard. Though I really should not be all that surprised. I seem to remember another Macross Fanfiction that, or was that a Robotech one, that had the characters surprised that the Macross and Macross City actually managed to get a /cough/ Gentleman's Club /cough/. Do not remember the title but I was actually like why am I not surprised.
  16. Blink. Do you mean Red Light District? I did not know that there was one on the Macross?
  17. Here is the link to the mentioned Channel. Though be warned some of the series are missing some episodes, for example, Delta is missing Episodes Five and Fifteen.
  18. You two are quite welcome. I shall see about adding a bit more photos of the book when I have the time to do so so check back on that album. As for Artbooks I got lucky with this one for I found it at my local convention, LVL UP Expo. I really do not want to buy any of the other books from the internet due to the large shipping fees on them therefore I may just keep an eye out for anymore when I am at Phoenix Comicon in September.
  19. Sure. Let's see. Okay let's try it this way. https://photos.app.goo.gl/pBRBdMjzP7EENT3b8 Not much just did a handful of shots with my phone. I am not all that great with my phone's camera so please excuse the blurriness or shaky images. Tried my best. Still will try to add some more images later when I am rested. I had forgotten about the White Draken-III images and a couple other interesting bits.
  20. So apparently I made an account on this website way back when but never did anything with it. Since I have recently started to get back into Macross I came back to this site to chase down some info for a Macross fanfiction I had been in the process of writing. Now that I am here I figured I post the links to my two Macross stories here so I could perhaps get more readers for them. First of all the two of them are part of the same series but focus on different set of characters with both crossover with the 2003 version of the Battlestar Galactica TV Show. Meeting Along The Stars focus on the crew from Macross Frontier two years after the end of the series as a new enemy makes itself known threatening their new home. While Journey Along The Stars focus on the Galactica and its fleet running into a stranded and heavily damaged Megaroad Colony Fleet while the Cylons start to close in on them both. So if you are interested go take a look at them they are both on FFN and Spacebattles. Meeting Along The Stars at FFN and Spacebattles. Journey Along The Stars at FFN and Spacebattles Both stories are up on Sufficient Velocity as well if you are interested in reading there. A part of both stories are also up on AO3 but not as much as FFN and Spacebattles version currently have right now since there was no real feedback coming from that site for me. I also have a short work in progress piece I had been doing on the side while I was working on while I was in the middle of working on both Meeting and Journey thanks to my National Novel Writing Month project. This one is a Macross Delta story that I call Knight of Xaos were a slightly different Windermere sports a rich nobility class underneath the King which Freja is from and her father assigns her a guard to accompany her to join Walkure were that guard becomes a member of Delta Flight as its Fifth Member. Knight of Xaos at Spacebattles Currently I also have a couple ideas swishing around in my head for those willing to listen to what I have right now. Just let me know if you are interested in hearing them. I am also in the process of getting back into Journey which is going to receive a very small rewrite before I really get into writing the next chapter out. I am also looking to maybe further expanding on Knight of Xaos a bit. Okay. That is about it. I hope I drew in some more readers for my stories and if not well I still hope I managed something positive. Thank you.
  21. I managed to pick up Macross Variable Fighter Designers Note up at LevelUp Expo in Vegas a few months ago. It has some very nice lineart images for stuff like the Svard and the final episode White Painted Draken III.
  22. Hmm... I wouldn't be surprised if COVID-19 is the reason why we haven't really heard anything about the movie yet.
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