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  1. Honestly. I think even if you do not like the movies you should go. As the more people, and money they bring, the easier chance we may get more Macross content coming to the United States in the future. However, that is just my personal thought on it.
  2. You are quite welcome. You can answer any other questions like that by checking the Macross Mecha Manual.
  3. It should be one of the Macross Seven OVA add-ons. There we go it is Macross Dynamite 7, Episode 2. Check out the Macross Mecha Manuel page for that particular fighter.
  4. Ah! So this book may end covering the Production Type Kairos then? Hopefully! Also Seto I do hope it is better then the Siegfried as I remember your thoughts on it.
  5. Huh. I wonder if it is going to cover a bit more on the original VF-31 Kairos. Did the Siegfried book cover any of that? I do not remember. I know it covered the prototype versions of the Kairos but not if it covered the production type Kairos.
  6. Hmmm... Along with the ARMD's engines as well it seems.
  7. Actually, if I remember correctly, one of the games actually had an ARMD used in a Daedalus Maneuver like attack on an enemy. I think it was one of the games that followed the "Do You Remember Love?" timeline.
  8. You mean Heinz vs. Yami_Q_Ray on the Macross Delta The Movie Absolute Live Soundtrack? Yeah. It is a bit interesting.
  9. Didn't they kind of do that with the Macross against the Zentreadi after they glassed Earth? I mean a ship version of the Itano Circus?
  10. You do know modern aircraft carriers actually have fast food restaurants in them don't you? Or at least that is something I heard second-hand from my Navy Veteran of a step-father.
  11. Shakes head. But the whole bit about the Oberth being destroyed by Anti-UN Terrorists was before the Mars Base One comic even came out. So where did that come from? EDIT: Now that I am thinking about it. I think it was either one of the early Robotech RP Books or some sort fanon timeline that someone made way back when.
  12. You know, one of these days I am going to go through with my plan on writing a fanfiction that really explores the Oberth Class before the first war. Maybe follow the Goddard when it went after the Anti-UN Controlled Tsiolkovsky. Though reading the Macross Mecha Manuel entry on the Oberth Class didn't the Tsiolkovsky destroy the Oberth as it was evacuating the Mars Base? Or was that something from Robotech?
  13. There is also the Island Jackpot From Macross Delta, that while simply being a smaller version of the Island One City Ship from Macross Frontier it is kind of a intermediate city ship design. That is what I used it for in my fanfiction stories. It could also be a sort of early Second Generation Colony Ship Design (i.e Macross 1 to Macross 5).
  14. Hmmm No. I think that is one of their daughters? Though I do not remember if any of their daughters have orange/red hair.
  15. Hmmm.... Yes. They mention it during Delta that Mirage is the granddaughter of Milia and Max. That is why she ended up leaving NUNS as people were expecting her to be like her Grandparents and she couldn't handle that pressure.
  16. I thought that is what she wanted when she was trying to get Mylene married in M7?
  17. Or Sayla Mass during Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. As her VA had other commitments at the time. Hence, Sayla getting only a brief cameo in the series and Beltorchika, a similar looking character, was introduced to the series to be Amuro's new Love Interest.
  18. Also while I do not think he is a Cyborg, but didn't Colonel Millard Johnson have a leg prosthesis or two?
  19. Sorry. But I always thought General Galaxy was started on a light note it was only later that it started to become what we see them being in say Frontier. Though now that you mention it yeah the whole BDI thing was a bit sketchy.
  20. Yes. That is the Gefion and is only a single ship so far upgraded in that way. The Macross Frontier/Macross Delta Northampton doesn't have the runways and such of the Gefion. That said from from what I remember about watching the Macross 7 episode with the Stargazer the fighters launch from those blue hatches as I mentioned. No idea on the interior of the ship for its hangars. I am sure one of the books will have some lineart of the hangars on a Northampton.
  21. It depends on the variant. For this M7 Version of the ship I think the fighters deploy via those blue painted hatches along the sides of the ship. Though for anything else you have to wait for @Seto Kaiba to come in.
  22. Okay. I know this is a Macross Forum, but I have seen some stuff for Robotech on here in the past and I wanted to recommend a Robotech fic to all. It is called Salvage and is over at the Sufficient Velocity forums. It is about Vanessa Leeds after the events of the finale of the Macross Saga and the loss of the rest of the SDF-1's bridge crew beside her (and Lisa). A well written and interesting story all around so far.
  23. I actually thought that made all sort of sense for UN Spacy Carriers to be named after older naval warships. I just wish they gave the ARMD-Class Enterprise a bit more combat history before destroying it. To allow it to prove itself to be known as the Enterprise. I didn't care they destroyed it I just wanted it to go out with a bit more finesse enough to earn it accolades alongside its namesakes. But that is just me. I actually really liked this idea and wished they kept it up. Though they would have perhaps had run out of names eventually, but still it was an interesting idea that paved the way for the UN Spacy to have its own naming conventions over that of the earlier blue water navies. That is interesting. I did not know what the Uraga Class had been named after till now. Though I did know this, funny I didn't connect that with the later Uraga Class. Also, I think the Guantanamo Class is going to have the same problem the Northampton Class and its variants have and that is too many ships to actually have a valid naming scheme for the entire class. I would think that the individual fleets or colonies would have their own schemes for their ships of those classes. Yeah. With over nine thousand ships produced the Northampton Class really can't have a normal naming scheme hence why I think it would have different fleets or colonies with their own naming schemes. Or they really are named with anything that makes sense. My own head canon name for the Stealth Cruiser was actually the Ontario Class before I learned that a fan-created book called them the Osaka and started to use that in my head canon now. I never really connected the name of the Northampton with the naval ship of the same name instead seeing it as a link to the town of Northampton so I decided to start naming the Stealth Cruiser after regional areas of countries, hence the Ontario Class. So instead I started to use the Ontario Class for a variant of the Stealth Cruiser. Honestly, I would prefer a non-American or non-Japanese name for the Stealth Cruiser since the vast majority of the named ships we do have are of those two different former nations. Shrug. Just a think I had. Yeah. Kind of pity for there is plenty of stuff in Delta I would love to explore a bit more. For example, I would also like more on the Enterprise Class as well. Like how many fighters can it carry and does it naturally carry a Macross Cannon or was that only a custom job?
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