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  1. I honestly think it is one Musical AI, like Sharon Apple, just running five different "images" in an effort to counter Walkure. I think there was a theory earlier in this thread when the first teaser came out that Lady M had two main programs for a new Idol for Walkure. The first of course being, the cloning program which brought us Mikumo, and the second, being some sort of new Sharon Apple like AI. With Mikumo being so successful the AI program was halted but now has come back for some reason.
  2. You know. We have been wondering why Walkure had weapons in that video but I wonder they are fighting against their new rivals.
  3. Jeez. Did someone try to clone Walkure? And I wonder if that earlier theory about another "Sharon Apple" being a thing is true but instead of just being one the AI copies Walkure entirely.
  4. Wait, what? We are getting another Frontier Movie? What? Why? When does it take place? Huh. I am not often correct, but I CALLED IT.
  5. Okay. Do not know why to go for spoilers with only a teaser but still shall follow behind the earlier poster.
  6. Wasn't there a shot somewhere in Macross 7 which had Northampton Class ships of the Macross 5 Fleet landing on a planet (Rax?)?
  7. Or they are going to go with the new trend with anime and Stream on a site somewhere. Don't Jinx it Seto!
  8. You got a direct link to the Group. I cannot find it on the Facebook Group site.
  9. I would if I actually had a car currently. Shrug. I may make it next month if you guys are doing this again.
  10. Combat Training, yes, weapon training, no. In fact they were in combat situations plenty of times and never used a weapon at all. The closest being their own drones which they used as weapons a few times using them to knock infantry shooters out. Then there was Kaname's claws during their stealth mission to Voldore. I think of Walkure Kaname is the only one who does have some Weapon Training as she was asked that during her flashback to her interview. This was thanks to her home planet being a constant battlefield.
  11. What the heck did I just watch?? I also agree why in the world are they holding weapons? Is Walkure going to need to be using weapons in the movie??
  12. Huh. We are also getting a new Draken III as well? Or is it simply a repaint of the Draken III we already have.
  13. While I do not like how you mentioned it I do agree. I always assumed that with Frejya having such a short live as a Windermerian that Hayate would eventually get in a relationship with Mirage after Frejya's death. Though I cannot help but wonder if the two had any kids what their lifespans would be with being a hybrid Windermerian/Human. That is why I wanted to see a sort of trio emerging between the three. All three knew that eventually Frejya wouldn't be around for long therefore settled in a trio to make things work for the longer aged Hayate and Mirage when Frejya passed.
  14. Huh. I did not know that Messer was going to be transferred to that of Sephira. I need to rewatch that episode again. Thanks. Not to mention didn't Aisha had a hand in developing the VF-31?
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