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  1. So someone just posted this link on another forum I sometimes swing by and I must say I am actually quite impressed. Basically the links leads to a repository of image/pdf archives of tons of scans for Artbooks, Databooks, and other such background material. It is a treasure trove of background information that looks to be usually only seen in Japan or at Anime Conventions. Figured I drop the link here for there is a whole subarchive for Macross. Enjoy! Main Link https://archive.org/details/@gunstarsilvergun?tab=uploads&sort=-publicdate&page=1 Macross Link https://a
  2. Also don't forget that thanks to the abilities of the Protoculture Ship the Windermere have in their hands, they are able to send their own fighters through Fold Space without any sort of booster system. Basically some sort Fold Portal System that allows the Windermere to send their forces anywhere across the Brisingr Globular Cluster. Later in the series Xaos manages to use this sort of Fold Portal System to their advantage and sneak Delta Team along with Walkure onto Windermere IV itself.
  3. While it is dead, I wouldn't call Robotech stagnant as it still has its fans and followers after all. Yes, actually I have read it. While I wasn't totally thrilled about it I still was interested in it. My step brother showed me it trying to get me away from Robotech a few years ago. Rollseyes.
  4. That is your opinion, but while I am a Macross fan I also like Robotech. I really wish they managed to keep Shadow Chronicles going for I was actually interested in where they would take the story in that. I also wanted to see what they were going to do with Robotech Academy. Sigh. However, that said I do understand why everyone does not like Robotech.
  5. Honestly. While I am glad that things are looking up for Macross thanks to this, I am a bit sad that Robotech may not be a thing anymore. Robotech was my childhood and the reason I got into Macross in the first place so if Robotech goes the way of the dodo (or already has been as Seto has mentioned) then I do not know what to think about this. Sigh.
  6. Here is the link for the Anime News Network article of the short... https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-02-06/macross-frontier-anime-gets-brand-new-theatrical-film-short/.169225
  7. Blink. Is that an official summary of the movie's story?
  8. Wait a second. Are those Draken IIIs flying in formation with VF-31As at @0:07 of the Trailer?
  9. Thank you! Wow interesting, but short trailer cannot wait to see what we are getting with this new movie.
  10. Ummm... Raised Hand. Everyone is talking about a new trailer but I haven't even seen one yet. I just saw some Twitter messages about it. Where is this new trailer?
  11. As an add to this, just look what happened to the Jamming Bird later on in the series and how they failed.
  12. Hmmm... Somewhere around five thousand would be a good number if the Windermere had indeed two thousand Draken IIIs. Wasn't the QF-4000 a third the price of the VF-171? Since the Lilldraken is a bit smaller then Ghost it should be a bit cheaper then it. Or it would be a bit more expensive thanks to the extras it can equip like the jammer it equipped to knock down Walkure's drones.
  13. You know, I often wonder how many Lilldrakens Windermere actually had since they were used as disposable grunts or shields more then once in the series. Not to mention I wonder what its price happens to be when compared to say a full-on military specced QF-4000 Ghost Fighter. Also did every Draken carry Lilldrakens or was that only the mainline Aerial Knights?
  14. I always thought it was kind of similar to the fan-created Voyuer/Vixen Semi-Variable Unit from the Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide.
  15. You do know that there is a fanfiction about that right?
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