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  1. Hello, My Minerva is now ready for painting. The building was quite unpleasant : lot of gaps to fill, heavy sanding, and I had to rebuild with plastic card a part of the thrusters, due to a bad casting. But I am quite happy with it now : Regards,.
  2. Hello chyll2, the big issue is that the clear parts dedicated for the wings just do not fit on their emplacement...
  3. Hello, few pics of my X-47, and the buiding of the tail hook and her housing :
  4. Hello, I have recently received the 1/500 Takara kit of the Minerva. It seems to be a original issue from 1985 (with the small glue tube inside). Decals are a little bit yellow, but it ca, be fixed easily. Few pics : Regards,
  5. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=21944&hl= You're right, sorry for this "not so useful" topic ! And thank you mechaninac for the links. regards,
  6. Hello, I have discovered this anime a couple of days before, do you know it ? I have found very few informartions on the web about it. In fact, I have first seen the hero's personel starship "Minerva" (that I have bought and ordered immediatly - cool design isn't it ?) : A great build of the kit here : http://www.gemini555.com/takara-minerva.html If you have any good links about the anime and/or details about the Minerva, I would appreciate it. Merry Christmas ! PS : if an admin could edit the topic name : "Crusher Joe and space ship Minerva ?
  7. Protecting the air intakes with pieces pf tamiya tape : Fins : And the boring stuff I have nearly forgotten to do : the clear parts :
  8. Hello ! Last things to do before the painting : glue the vertical fins on the legs, and protect the cockpit and the intakes with tape and paper : Few pics : Thanks for reading me.
  9. Unfortunately, nothing but an heavy load of resin.
  10. Yes : 1/72 Monster ! Big cannon barrels is the clue... This one is coming from e2046.com (designed by Kitspower http://kitspower.com)
  11. IT has arrived today (my own christmas present made to me by myself) :
  12. Hello, in order to breathe a little bit from the Hasegawa VF-1A building, I have started that : The first UCAV to pancake and to be launched on/from a carrier (july 2013, CVN Bush) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw3m7bqrQ64 a kit review here : http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/platz/kit_platz_ac7.shtml Few parts, and it seems that the fittings are "lego like" :
  13. You're right Jefuemon, I'm going to re paint the mirror partts. Thanks !
  14. Hello, as said previously, a small update... the buiding is nearly over. Few things to finished before starting the painting..; The cockpit is ready to received the ejection seat : Several Alclad lacquers have been used for exhaust, before clossing half parts of the legs. I have to say that I am a little disapointed by the very bad fitting of those parts ! The head hase been updated, with the change of the cannon, by using a micro tube section : An overview of the parts wating to be glued together : Thanks for reading me, see ya !
  15. Damned ! I have found a (good) recast of the Club-M kit... and I have to find a step step wip ! Thanks ! it is photoetched, from Hasegawa set. See you soon for a small update.
  16. Hello, a part a 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1A, here is the two other "in progress" kits : AMT A-Wing A (very bad) "thai" 1/6 PVC Priss, from Bubblegum crisis
  17. Hello, I don't know if it will be useful, but here is the reference for this hasegawa kit : regards,
  18. Thanks !Nothing to do with it, but do you have a link towards your superb 1/72 Miria's Queadluun Rau building ?
  19. Very interesting topic, many thanks for all thé pics and explanations !
  20. Hello, few pics of my new building, a VF-1A Valkyrie. The box art : Building will be quite simple, only few updates thanks to parts taken from this : No main issues for the building till now : More work to come on the desk : Wings will be set in open mode : Let's have a quick look : It seems that it looks like a Valkyrie uuuh ? the paint will be probably a us navy inspired, with a heavy weathered grey camo. Thanks for reading me.
  21. Hello, Here is new topic about the QF-3000E Ghost Fighter, a resin kit from Neptune Models. Starting by the intakes, that look quite bad : Cutting everything, and doing it again with plastic card : And soon it seems to look like to... uuuh an UAV : Next step : painting ! Thanks for reading me.
  22. Hello, Thank you all for the comments. After a (quite long) break, here is some pics of this tomcat : Lot of time sanding and re-scribing the panel lines : The fuselage is more or less done, with the adjustment of the beaver tail : Thanks for reading me.
  23. Hello, Here is the beginning of the F-14KAI Tomcat - Lt. Shin Kudo and his RIO Lt. Edgar La Salle, Squadron UNSF-225 on board the Illustria, ca. 2008. Hasegawa... ... but mainly the much better F-14D Fujimi kit, with different interesting options : Starting with the "office": A little modification of the figures : The main work : more work to do : Thanks for reading me. Regards,
  24. Same for me, I do need this convertion set !
  25. Thanks to all ! I am now working on a F-14 KAI from Macross Zero. New topic to come... @ Petar : your ES-11D Cat's Eye is amazing... I have to find one ! Regards,
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