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  1. Hello, seems that I have goofed and forgot to post pics of my finished SV-51... Thanks for reading.
  2. Maybe ! But My badger and I are not very sharp, so I prefer "over tape" in order to not nullify my job ! No problem, you are free to try it ! Actually, just a base coat of grey. I am about to spray some Gunze 311. Thanks everybody, and see u soon for new pics.
  3. Excellent work ! Great job for building and painting.
  4. Hello, new pics, showing the different steps of paint : And the quite impressive quantity of removed tape : Next steps : little correction with a brush, before a coat of klir (future), in order to protect the upper surfaces from the necessary masks for the last step of painting. Thanks for reading.
  5. Hello, I will paint, using (a lot of) Tamiya tape : Actually, the SV-51 has received several layers of light grey, in order to mask the awful pink... See you soon for new pics.
  6. Hello, few pics of my present work : the SV-51 from Hasegawa. Very little changes, The main goal is to apply a special paint, inspired by those views (I will keep the anti-UN markings). The kit is now ready for the paint : Flanker/Fulcrum family... style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wink.gif Thanks for reading.
  7. Hi , the VF-0S is on stand-by... many other projects in the same time... and actually working on a SV-51. Excillion, many thanks for the advice on the airbrake, I will do it. For the feet, yes it is Alclad... but I have to work on it for a better look. And for the clean paint, don't worry I will apply a weathering later.
  8. Hi SDF-ONE, a friend of mine is building the VF-25 in the same time. We will certainly take some pictures of the two side by side once finished. Many thanks for the link. Regards, Rv
  9. many thanks to everybody ! The kit is really good, the assembly needs only little mastic, and few panel lines have to be rescribe. I think that I'm going to paint the black stripes on the different parts (legs, body, and arms), in order to have a more realistic issue. It is my first macross kit, usually I make quarter scale aircrafts models. Regards, Rv
  10. Hi everybody, brand new member on this forum, I dare to post this new topic... The kit : source : http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp You can find a review of the kit here. My pics : See you soon.
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