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  1. Hello, many thanks for your messages ! Yes, you're right. The idea was to make something inspired from a low-viz us navy tomcat,, but it is clear that is not accurate. hello camarade. I have created a post on robotechcollections.fr. Best regards,
  2. Great job on this VF-11 ! How was the building ? no trick or something to pay attention at ? (I have the VE-11 from Hasegawa on my desk...) Thanks for sharing. regards,
  3. Hello, the building of this VF-1A is now completed... final pics below : Thanks for reading. Regards,
  4. Hello ! Few pics, before the final ones, this Valk is nearly finished. Weathering : Regards,
  5. Great update, I will try. Thank you for the link. regards,
  6. Thanks ! It is my first VF-1 from Hasegawa. Some phasis of the building a not really a pleasure, but things are nearly over, so... For the next time, I will try to simplify few steps, especially for the thruster... Another step I don't like... the landing gear : ] Regards,
  7. Thank you so much for this info !!! ... order sent
  8. Hello, Decals are in place, between two coats of clear varnish (aka "klir", the french name of "future") : Thank you for reading me. Regards,
  9. Great work on this SV-51, with the impressive Nora scheme !
  10. Decals : The bird decal comes from a AV-8B Hasegawa kit : Regards,
  11. Thanks Kelsain ! Small update, with works on the canopy : Erasing the ugly mold line, and masking time... Regards,
  12. Hello, Painting job is going slowly, but quite well. After masking and light gray spray : [ regards,
  13. Hello, few pics of the very beginning of the building, with a lot of plastic cards : Regards,
  14. Hello, Here is the very beginning of a long time project : create a 1/700 scale model of the stealth frigate SSV Normandy SR-2, seen in the video games "Mass Effect" 2 and 3: source : http://www.deviantart.com I have found some documents on the web, with some 3 view sheets, but nothing immediatly useful. So, I have decided to start from an official desk model I have ordered, pretty well done and detailed for the size (17 centimeters): With little efforts, I have started to make my own plans, with the only data I have found concerning the "real" ship, the total length, 384 meters. With an excel sheet, I transform the desk model dimensions (1/2259), in order to have the datas for a 1/700 model: Thanks for reading. Regards,
  15. Edit : sorry, not the good place. Please delete this post. Regards,
  16. Hello, After a few weeks stand by, the VF-1A is back on my workbench. Beginning of the painting stage : Regards,
  17. Great work, the paint and the weathering are just amazing. Bravo !
  18. Hello, here is the Comanchero from Neptune Models, cast by John F. Moscato, that I have just received from Starship Modeler : http://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/product/2860/172-comanchero-attack-helicopter-macrossrobotech.cfm The box art : One of the seats : The front and rear cockpits : The blades : The weapon bay (I will probably close the doors), where 2 missiles can be stored : Tha area below the main rotor disk : The decal sheet : Regards,
  19. Hello ! Decals are in place, most of them. After many fears and mmmh... "bad words", here is the result : I have "lost" one of the red "J" supposed to be on the 2 vertical fins, but it is not a big issue I think. Nearly finished, see you for the final pictures.
  20. Thanks ! for the decals, I hope so... the sheet seems ok,. But, just in case, it would be great to have a spare option. your offer is much appreciated, thanks ! I would let you know. Hervé
  21. Hello, thanks for your messages. Things are going quite well on the Minerva... Masking time : ... and painting is over Next steps : coat of future, decals, and future again. Thanks for reading. Regards, @+
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