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  1. Hello, here is "Bravo", the Super Hornet seen in the movie "Planes": Strictly OOB, for my 6 years son. Too young to build it, be he and I are old enough to play with. Had a lot of fun building this pretty Zvezda kit !
  2. Hello, quite a long time I haven't posted something. Working on the 1/144 Millenium Falcon from Fine Molds (with few addons):
  3. It is resin parts, made to replace and improve the kit parts :
  4. Hello, yes ! I have nearly finished the building of the tanks and missiles: ... and I have received yesterday the seamless intakes from D Molds: ... proceeding to the installation: [ So far so good !
  5. Thaks ! it is a "kit-bash" of the Revell's Rafale-M with some parts of the Hobby Boss twin seater. The HB is more or less a Revell's copy, so it is not too complicated ! Edited : my sunday job: tanks and missiles : - 2 x SCALP/Apache - 2 x fuel tank 2000L - 1 x fuel tank 1250L central position; - 2 x MICA under the belly. Regards,
  6. Hello, long time I haven't been there. Here is the kit lying on my workbench: a 1/48 two seat Rafale. She will be painted with "UN Spacy" markings. The painted cockpit: resin CFT from Wolfpack in place: Cutting the wings in order to create "winglets" with 1/72 tomcat fins: Wings nearly completed: I don't know if I can create a dedicated post in the area "The Workshop"... Regards,
  7. Hello, few pics of wip on my Sherman : So far so good, the kit is quite good. Regards,
  8. Hello, arrived today from south korea, M4A3E8 from "D-Corporation" (a Tasca reboxing) : And a set from Legend : ... And yes, I have seen the movie "Fury" !
  9. Hello, few pics of the (not so far) finished... radar : first, maskiing work before spraying the white : and here is the result : Now, I have to make the weathering, and... finish the airframe buiding. Regards,
  10. Hello, available ! http://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/product/2920/172-es-11d-cats-eye-reconnaissance-spaceplane.html Regards,
  11. Hi, amazing work ! So much beautiful models ! Here is my only macross kit completed in 2014, a VF-1A from Hasegawa : Happy new year, and see U on 2015 !
  12. Arrived in my boxmail yesterday : The deco I intend to do :
  13. Hello ! just arrived on my workbench : a review of the kit here : http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10039939 As a résumé, we have in the box : 9 sprues including a clear one. the plastic is unfortunately... white : The decal sheet :: I begin with the cockpit. No upgrade... "from the box" buid : Main parts... this VF-OD is huge ! Thanks for reading, and... merry Xmas ! Regards
  14. Hello, my X-47B is completed : Thanks for reading.
  15. Hello, my order (2 boxes), made the 1st december, is still opened... => backordered (4 to 6 weeks delay)... Damned ! It seems that this Gerwalk is already a best seller !
  16. Hello ! few pics of the work in progress : Exhaust painting, with 3 different Alclad : chrome, exhaust, and "pale burnt metal" : The result : Thanks for reading.
  17. Hello, trying to finish (before the end of the year) this X-47B from Platz : Regards,
  18. Hello; update of this building. The fittings are very good in comparison of the VF-1, it is really a piece of cake ! The parts of the puzzle : Pieces put in place unglued, just to check that everything is at the right place. So far so good ! Upper view : Regards,
  19. Hello, Here is a review of the superb ES-11D "Cat's Eye", (too) shortly appearing in the 10th episode ('Blind Game") of the original Macross serie. So far as I know, the kit has been originally casted by John Moscato, and now reboxed by Neptune Models. The box : What we can found in the box : The assembly guide, composed by a dozen of sheets in colour : The totallity of the pieces : The fuselage, about 25 cm long. The fittings seem very good : The cockpit, good level of detail : Clear parts : Details : Folding wings options : Landing gear parts : Thruster : The radar, made in a single piece of resin : : And the decal sheet : Thanks for reading Regards,
  20. Hello, first pics of my new building, the Hasegawa's VE-11 "Thunderseeker" ! The box : And the (very) beginning of the building, starting with the pilot and the cockpit : Regards,
  21. Hello, new building started today : Regards,
  22. Hello, mine has just arrived in my mail box... Impressive kit and decal sheet ! Regards,
  23. Hello, several orders received the same day : Today is a very good day, doesn't it ? regards,
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