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  1. Hello there, Just completed: 1/48 P-51D Mustang (Meng kit with resin early tail and various goodies...
  2. Thanks ! it comes from the french comic book « Le Grand Duc » (translated in english, « The Grand Duke). By Romain Hugault and Yann. https://nouvellesduglobe.wordpress.com/2015/10/31/la-trilogie-le-grand-duc/
  3. Hello, final steps for a 1/48 Fw-190D9 from Eduard:
  4. Hello, my 1/48 Mistel 1 is now completed:
  5. Hello, still working on my 1/48 Mistel 1. The Ju-88 is completed : gf And the paintjob on the Bf-109F-4 will start soon :
  6. Hello, still working on a 1/48 Mistel 1 :
  7. Hello few pics of my 1/48 Mistel 1... Building is completed, painting job in progress :
  8. hello,It is the Mistel. The other projects are only ideas, even if kits are already in my stash !
  9. Hello ! working on the juw-88 part of a Mistel : 1/48 Dragon kit : huge but awful fittings...
  10. Not yet.. I do like scheme with the skull'n bones, but I have to think about it. The Master File will help me to find something !
  11. Hello ! few pics of my completed Vic Viper : Regards,
  12. Hello, I have just received the superb Master File dedicated to the VF-4, so here is one of my resin VF-4 kit, a good Club-M recast made by SMS: instruction sheets and decals: Main resin parts: See ya !
  13. Hi ! decals in place: Next step: weathering !
  14. Hello ! any update anyone ?
  15. I do love the paintjob and the addons you've made. Congrats !
  16. Trying to finish all the "in progress" kits... So here is my 1/48 Spitfire MkV from Hasegawa:
  17. Thanks ! I have used "patafix" gum, the french name of the blu-tack:
  18. It is a great job, and the mix oh H-Hanger kits and the launch arm is just a brilliant idea. I have a launch arm in my stash, and I ordered yesterday 2 K-Hanger from wave.. just after seeing this post. Any pictures of the building phasis of the hangar would be very helpful... thanks in advance !
  19. Here is my present time building: the 1/60 Vic Viper from the video game Gradius... http://gradius.wikia.com/wiki/Vic_Viper Box art and sprues : Building (a pain in the a..,): Painting: That's all folks !
  20. Isn't it ? https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/model-starship-enterprise-television-show-star-trek
  21. Not really on the workbench, but arrived yesterday on my stash:
  22. Few pics of lights and fiber stuff in my 1/144 FM Millenium Falcon :
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