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Found 14 results

  1. Purchased these from mwf members about a year ago, they went on to display stand, never transformed. US continental buyers only. Prices assume personal gift payment, shipping is not included and will be charged per your preference. VE-1 Elintseeker V2 - Sold - Note the picture where the antenna is partially missing. Box is slightly worn. Price includes yetistand, $45 value! VT-1 Super Ostrich V2 - Sold
  2. Back to MWF project No 2: 1/48 2-seat structure for VT and VE type Cost me a while to complete the design and intial testing. Still got some trimming to do but roughly there it is. Now working on the canopy and may redesign the nose (shorten it a bit) and will integrate with my previous VE-1 design and paint a prototype. Special thanks given to claude grant Bud, thanks for always being supportive. Without your encouragement, I dont think I have the momentum to go to this step! To all buds, comments are welcome and help me bump!!
  3. From the album: Minecraft Macross update 8-20-15

    The VT-1 Ostrich from DYRL Minecraft style
  4. Kills me to see some of these birds go but clearing out space in my cases, so I have a few Valks for sale! Plus some other non-Macross toys! I have: Yamato 1/60 VT-1 Super Ostrich v2 - In perfect condition. No issues with shoulder joints, no crack in rainbow canopy, un-applied decal sheet, box in great shape, with all extra pieces. Displayed in a glass case and transformed to Battroid once. $400 *SOLD* Bandai Chogokin DX 1/60 VF-27 Brera v1 - Toy is like new, but box has a tear. $100 Bandai Chogokin DX 1/60 VF-25 Luca w/armour parts + stand v1 - Toy is like new, but box isn't the best. $100 Yamato 1/60 Queadluun Rau Millia - Toy is great, with minimal flop (will easily stand on it's own), and box is in good shape $100 Toynami Masterpiece 1/60 Maia Alpha fighter - Never transformed to Battroid, box is in great shape. $100 Non-Macross: Hot Toys 1/6 Iron Man mk. 42 - In perfect shape, box has a slightly crumbled corned from a clumsy shipper. batteries never installed. $320 Sideshow 1/6 Clone Commander Wolffe SS exclusive (printed stand) - In amazing condition, box has a small tear near the fold. $175 All prices include shipping to Canada/USA. International buyers are welcome as well, but will determine shipping in PMs. Buyer please include PayPal fees, or mark as gift. As always, open to reasonable offers! Thanks!
  5. Looking for the rare Yellow Submarine/Club M VT-1. If anyone has it and is willing to part with it, please PM me.
  6. Some of these are from a previous post in February that was updated but I added some new items. Anyway I am moving and need to let some duplicates go to help with the move. I have for some Yamato V2 valks. These are all MIB, opened for inspection only, and have all stickers and instructions. The boxes are in great condition. The VF-1D Virgin Road and Tomahawk are the only used valks with stickers professional applied (See comments below). PM me if interested. I accept pay pal and gift pay pal, else add 4%. US buyers only and buyer pays shipping. On average shipping is about $20 USPS w/tracking & insurance. I will combine shipping too. - Tomahawk Destroid Defender Used/stickers professionally applied - $150 - VF-1D Virgin Road Used w/no sticker sheet/some stickers professional applied/included instructions - $250 SOLD - VE-1 30th Anniversary - $285 SOLD - VT-1 Used w/sholder issue/Unused sticker sheet - $300 - VF-1A Angel Bird - $275 - VF-0S MIB - $200 - VF-1 1/48 Low Viz/Unused Sticker sheet/Complete - $280 SOLD - VF-1 1/48 Stealth Super Strike Parts - $160 SOLD Any question please ask. I am on the straight shooters list. Willing to partial trade for a 1/48 MIB Urban Camo GBP set. CAO: 6 Dec 2014
  7. Wow, two completed builds on the same page! Guess a heavily cut work schedule was good for something! Here's the latest addition to my collection. A 1/72 scale VT-1 Super Ostrich resin kit from Yellow Submarine & Club M. Yes, it's a bit dated compared to the Hasegawa's, but it's still fun to give these old kits a little love. Besides, I can always use more practice with resin. The Minmei figure did not come with the kit, it's one from Studio Starforge. As usual, more can be seen here.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post but I figure people could help me. I am looking for a VT-1 V2 from Yamato. I know this valk is rare and also has about 99% chance of having cracked shoulders. With that said, I know the going rate and prices, but I wanted to see what people were offering or what is a good deal. I came across a complete pretty MIB one for $265 but am wondering if this is a good deal given the known defects. I am hoping like many Arcadia will re-release the VT-1 (would make sense since the VE-1 molds are pretty much the same), price will probably be around $200+, yet just curious if people can help me decide or even have one to offer at a reasonable price. I am not looking to transform it as I like to display certain valks in fighter mode. Again, sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this question.
  9. I´m looking for a VT-1 Super Ostrich Heat Shield, 1 55 scale. K.hadweh@hotmail.com
  10. Sold to "Spanner76" thanks!!!!!! updated with shipping contents: Hey all, i think i'm going to regret doing this but i'm putting up my only VT-1 super ostrich for sale. Check out photos in second post: flaws: i haven't fully transformed it and never took it past Gerwalk but i think there are cracks in the shoulders (only one side on each, i believe, bc i can't see it from the side that's visible from looking under it) i couldn't see it clearly from the one time i took it out but i will include a set (pair) of replacement parts from shapeways to cover in case. as these are common to come straight from factory w/ cracked shoulders. the stickers unused and manual included, (opened to check) other than that it is mint never transformed and box is in excellent condition with very little shelfware. sold!!! , buyer can choose to send as gift or fees. local pick up is preferred if you're in the NYC/NJ Bergen County area. i live in Fort Lee, NJ it's a high priced/demand item so i understand this is not for everybody. if you can't afford it, i ask please not to post other comments as this is just a sale thread for those who are looking to buy one. if it doesn't go, it doesn't go, and i'll keep it:) please post here and then pm if you're interested and i'll answer (if any) in the order received thanks!
  11. Just as tlte said. Both are in nearly perfect condition and both have been carefully "sumiire"ed by self mixed brownish grey enamel colour to increase the realism looking. I'd like to ask USD300.00 plus shipping for VT-1, and USD120 plus shipping for VF-1S Max version(not the weathered version but the normal one). As all of you know, both items are very RARE and long OOP. I payed a lot of energy and money to collect them myself so wish they could have a good new home. One more added on September 25th: Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Production Type TV ver.(All new and not opened) Asking for USD75.00 plus S/H All transactions must done by Paypal. Thank you! Cheers, Yufei
  12. Hi guys! Its a long time I don't come to this nice forum but I never stopped to make model kits even if I am very slow... I wanted to show you what i recently finished, let me know if u like it. Album Next I'll build up the unfamous wave 1/100 VF-11D
  13. Hi folks, I'm looking for good spare parts for a super ostrich v2 by Yamato: - left & right shoulder joints - canopy Do you have these around? If so, make an offer. I'm still contacting some yamato retailers. Thanks.
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