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  1. has ami ami ever re-opened orders on renewals? like if they catch people trying to make multiple orders...
  2. same here. it went immediately from discontinued to order stop within seconds
  3. what is the sales pattern of hobby search and otacute? i know hlj is usually pretty late
  4. rakuten sold out. wife is fluent in japanese and has an account. she tried to order and its sold out. its gone there too
  5. for those lucky enough to have all the renewals, is the Alto VF-171 box closer in size to the VF-25 renewal boxes or the YF-29 box? specifically the depth
  6. does any site ever allow more than 1 per customer?
  7. did they really go live or april fools? Nvm. I almost cried
  8. to anyone who has gotten a preorder within that few second window, does any of the mentioned sites require payment up front? my credit card always initially rejects international transactions and I have to complain on the phone for 10 minutes before it gets resolved.
  9. Props to Valkyrie Magnus right back at you. Paid quickly and easy communication. Would love to do business again!
  10. pikashoo

    Its Official!

    Where is the VF-1J Hikaru still in stock? My HK Collectibles order got cancelled on me
  11. Hope you end up getting it. and please let the board know if they come through. I'm sure people here would like that Super VF-1J
  12. pikashoo

    Macross figures

    Anyone know where I can get this set? http://img.prizebp.jp/bnp_prize_item/image/2846/large_jpg/I-2.jpg
  13. What do you mean by Yamato's swansong?
  14. start a paypal or credit card claim. They will respond real quick after that
  15. got mine today. awesome bird. only complaint is why did they tampo the "made in China"?
  16. yes I did notice, I had bot the VF-1J and Roy VF-1S on backorder for months, then today I got cancellation email saying they will not be able to get stock
  17. great experience right back at dominic.18
  18. +1 vt102, always nice to meet a local member!
  19. FOR SALE - Everything from a smoke and pet free home. If it was displayed it was displayed so the sun never hit it. My home is air conditioned 24/7. Prices do not include shipping unless noted. Macross video games. ALL SOLD Macross stuff I have to go through my stuff to see condition so I don't have prices just want to give a heads up for now. I have these parts for the 1st ichiban kuji display. Papercraft 1/2000 Macross book. SOLD Kuji SD figures $20 shipped in USA for both Miria set. loose and complete $80 CMS Secret Max. $200 Gacha Michaael and Alto. $15 shipped in USA Ranka. Unopened box is dented in back. $15 shipped in USA Ranka loose. back peg and holder is missing but she stands fine with just the base. $10 shipped in USA Revoltech VF-1S Loose complete $40 Bandai Renewals DX VF-25F Alto renewal 1st run loose. SOLD DX VF-25F Renewal Alto 2nd release MISB - $350 DX VF-25S Renewal Ozma 2nd release MISB - $350 Yamato 1/48 None for now Yamato 1/60 Fan Racer model kit. All white version. Unassembled still sealed. SOLD VF-1S+ with super parts Roy. box has wear. Rainbow canopy. Top tray for super parts missing. Laser pointer still works. $250 Transformers stuff Only 2 Streaks and Silverstreak left. Takara MP-19 Smokescreen. SOLD Takara MP-18 Streak. MISB SOLD Takara MP-18S SIlverstreak. opened. Think its a KO $25
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