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  1. You know the sad thing is this was sitting in my sales thread for over a week already, but then I saw David's success at selling stuff by making its own thread so I tried that and sold it within a few hours. Maybe I should do that for my other stuff...
  2. just some added advice for buying online. When using paypal, ALWAYS ALWAYS pay with your credit card. I use Visa. I have had some bad deals and paypal refused to help but Visa always came through even when paypal did nothing. It's truly everywhere you want to be.
  3. I would've liked to see the YF-25 instead but this is still cool. hopefully won't be another pre-order headache
  4. Otacute recently updated their website to say all preorders are still guaranteed so there's still a chance they will come through
  5. Need box and trays for VF-25F Alto and VF-25S Ozma renewal versions. No instructions or valk needed. lmk if you are willing to give one up. Willing to acquire them separately if need be.
  6. For those who have pre-ordered renewals from Otacute before, when do they usually send out their invoices in relation to release day?
  7. lowered prices. last chance or I will just keep them
  8. For sale: Please see pics for better detail. shipping is only for USA Version 1 1/60 VF-25F Alto. $80 shipped Complete. box has some wear. 1 flaw. Right head laser is broken off. There may be a way to fix it but it's beyond my skills. I was using a small toothpick to stick in the laser and then it will display in battroid. Stays in place in Fighter mode ok. I know someone in the wanted forum was able to secure a new head from Bandai so that might be an option. 1/72 VF-25F Alto. $32 shipped No box. checked all 3 modes and I haven't seen anything missing. Waterslide decals are unus
  9. updated for those who wanted pics. the zentradi suit is the custom one by Al Bundy
  10. updated. sold VF-1J added 1/48 Max and Kakizaki Tv valks
  11. It is up at BiginJapan as well but they SUCK!!! It was 4200 yen and I placed an order and paid for it. Then a few minutes later I got an email refunding my money saying there was an error and they cancelled my order, asking me to place it again. I tried to place a new order and the price was 5200 yen now. There was no error, they just wanted to milk another 1000 yen off me. ____ those guys, NY is cheaper too at 3900 yen
  12. thumbs up for ifactorycdn. paid quickly right after the deal was completed no waiting at all!!
  13. $125. Box has some wear but in overall good condition. Stand is brand new, never opened with sealed tape
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