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  1. Uta Macross!

    Is there a difference for ticket drop rates if you play on harder difficulties? Currently grinding normal but wondering if I should go for higher difficulties. so far been playing about 3 weeks, level 33 but still haven't unlocked anything other than the frey's tutorial costume. Based on my episode plates, still far from unlocking stuff. Hope to get a durandal from the current event. Basara on Ninjin loves you yeah is a riot!
  2. SDF Macross Extended English Language Pilot Online!

    Was browsing Amazon when I saw this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J73KOCY/ref=sxr_rr_k2msim_1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=3008513142&pd_rd_wg=RBDEN&pf_rd_r=0Y3V76NA3AM2506MF6X6&pf_rd_s=desktop-rhs-carousels&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_i=B01J73KOCY&pd_rd_w=LjWHj&pf_rd_i=gundam&pd_rd_r=S3ZGZ431Y131W7AWMDJ1&ie=UTF8&qid=1495733668&sr=1 SDF Macross with English subs on Amazon Video! Too bad I can't access it due to geographical limitations, but wasn't it that Macross couldn't be shown in the US cos of HG... Mospeada and Southern cross also available with subs.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    Awesome loot sandman! Could anyone let me know how big the box for the HMR Monster is? I'll be In Tokyo next week, thinking of ordering from amiami to my hotel to save on shipping but not sure if this could fit into my checked luggage.
  4. Thanks Mommar... I did a little more digging around and saw this on the rebelscum forums: http://forum.rebelscum.com/showthread.php?t=1112356&page=101 Looks like Hasbro's Black series and Bandai's 1/12 plamo are quite close, while Figuarts is a midge smaller. Not exactly the same scale but would be passable!
  5. That ANH Luke looks really good! In my private warehouse now =D Are these 1/12 scaled? Have the Bandai plamo Vader and stormies, wondering if the SW Figurarts are scaled to go with them. If so, then an ideal fit would be the figures with faces from Figuarts, and armoured figures from Plamo
  6. Wowzers, already looking and feeling better than TFA! Donnie Yen as a force monk! I'm calling it now... Donnie Yen vs Vader =D
  7. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I'm thinking the kit replicates the huge thighs and legs of the lineart too well actually: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/OZ-00MS_Tallgeese The broad thighs are quite distracting on the gunpla. Perhaps if there was some artistic license to thin the thighs a bit it would look better. I've been leaning towards an MG Epyon or Tallgeese too for quite some time now =D
  8. Hi-Metal R

    Pretty cool Bub, thanks! I'll be sure to check that out when i'm in Akiba next week. OT, but did you spot any Cosmo Fleet SDFs? Still thinking on whether I should try my luck in Akiba, or just get it from HLJ..
  9. I can't remember much of Targaryen rule, but I wonder if the 7 Kingdoms under one Targaryen rule would have stood a better chance against the White Walker's than the post Robert's Rebellion Westeros? Remember, Dany wants to claim what's hers by birthright, fighting the White Walkers for Westeros fulfils that as well, it's what happens after the white walkers are defeated... Till now, I still can't see the point of Sam's plot line... given we are at most 2 seasons away from the end, it's highly unlikely Sam will be able to train as a Maester to make a difference... unless there are other secrets to be found in Old Town...
  10. STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    http://stevethefishdotnet.tumblr.com/tagged/star-destroyer As much as I think the mecha colle star destroyer being too small, the detail on it is pretty sharp. Could pick up a few of these for a quick build. maybe mod to light up with LEDs and some pin holes?
  11. STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    Great! Both the TIE interceptor and Awing look fab! Have always loved the more aggressive look of the TIE interceptor. 😁 For OT, that just leaves the Bwing and the TIE bomber. Not terribly excited with the mecha colle stuff, but will still pick up a star destroyer, hope it's a teaser for a larger one down the road
  12. Is it canon that the plans were transmitted? Since Disney pretty much wiped the slate clean on the EU... Pretty sure many of our merry crew of anti-heroes won't make it, perhaps at the hands of Vader? We've been hearing a more brutal Vader, perhaps he cuts them down one by one? I would think a duel between Vader and the 'space samurai' played by Donnie Yen is expected, maybe as the crew hold off Vader to let Felicity Jone's character escape... Speculation on last shot of the movie would be the Rogue One docking with Tantive IV to load the plans into R2. They're jumped by a Star Destroyer, and the Rogue One sacrifices itself to buy time for the Tantive IV... which would nicely lead into the first shot of ANH