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  1. Well it's a good deal considering what I paid for my 3 Hasegawa gerwalk kits.
  2. Why do I remember them being more expensive than that? Anyway still a good deal.
  3. Anyone know if the Gerwalk kit is complete? or is it just the parts needed to convert a fighter kit to a Gerwalk? I ask 'cus the price seems really cheap for a whole complete Gerwalk kit from Hase.
  4. Wow some really nice looking builds there! Oh and thanks for the twitter link lots of really good stuff there too, plus a link to his(?) ameblo blog site! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!
  5. Yep. That looks about right to me as well. Just to the right seems to be info bout the weapons set too. No dates there that I can make out. Sure would be nice to get better scans of that page.
  6. Umm . . . So . . . About the tweet and the account that it came from - credibility? I mean who is this @megaroad01 and where did this info come from? I can see no mention of it on Hasesgawa's own twitter feed in the last 12 days. I want more info on the source of this news before I get all worked up. Granted my Japanese reading skills are so bad as to be almost nonexistant, but I can recognize 1:48, 1:72, and VF-1 and I don't see them in any of the tweets. Can someone get a more official source for this? Or more info on the @megaroad01 twitter account?
  7. As a place to start you might consider using paper model layouts as patterns for styrene. Find a subject you like in paper model form print out the sheets cut out the parts and trace them onto styrene sheets. It won't be pefectly straightforward, but you'll get a good start and a good idea of what you need to consider in terms of stucture and support.
  8. Found this http://www.starwraith.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=9042 with Google. maybe it will help?
  9. Cool. I've got two of the old Imai Blowsperior kits and one of the Stick version, plus a 1:15 Stick. One of my favorite things to do is taking old kits of modifying the proportions and posabliity of them. As I said I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out, so don't forget to post those picks whenever that day comes.
  10. Sounds good. can't wait to see what you come up with. How was/is the build? have you made any mods to the kit? Was it a 1:12th or a 1:15th scale?
  11. Woa!That is quite the haul. Whatever happened with the mospeada ride aromr you started? I was rely looking forward to seeing it built up.
  12. Jonesing for Orguss Bronco II kits. Gerwalk or fighter - help a brother out.

  13. That kit was originally produced in 2006 by Neograde :http://www.neograde.com/shop/step1.php?number=566 To my knowledge it has never been reissued, so any other company that you get one from is selling a recast. You might try contacting the guys at Neograde they are a pretty nice bunch of guys. I visited them when I lived in Seoul.
  14. Hey Rob. As far as i know the line art in the (corrected) link Mr. March posted is the closest Official line art that exists of the orthos for that vehicle. Maybe try contacting John to see if he has any that he drew up for his resin kit.
  15. The T.V. version had a straight sided canopy while the DYRL version had a bubble sided canopy.
  16. http://www.krylon.ca/ca/eng/products/workable_fixatif/ This is the stuff I use. BUt you could also use this http://www.krylon.ca/ca/eng/products/matte_finish/ as I've done in the past works well and also won't yellow. Those two give a matte finish for a gloss you could use this: http://www.krylon.ca/ca/eng/products/low_odor_clear_finish/, or this http://www.krylon.ca/ca/eng/products/uvresistant_clear/ Not sure about their tripple coat crystal clear as I've never used it, but might be worth testing for high gloss applications.
  17. Also a Krylon user. I use it for my finished graphite and charcoal drawings and also for my models. Bonus is that because it is made for protecting artwork it is archival grade, thus it is designed not to yellow with age.
  18. Chas


    OMG people you are all being way to complicated here. It's one small panel line on the back of the model. Valkyrie addict had it right. Just get a mechanical pencil that will fit in the panel line and make a few passes til it looks right. Personally I'd just leave it. weathering is supposed to be uneven that's its nature. If all the panel lines are equally darkened it just looks fake and toy-like. But that's just me.
  19. Seeing as I don't play with my models the particularly finicky transformation is not a great concern for me. It would simply be a matter of transforming it once in a while in order to display it in the different modes. These videos actually make the kit look not half bad and have me thinking about picking 1or 2 up just to have a mod in my collection that can show the transformation. Plus part of me still wants to fiddle with it to see what mods can be done - particularly to the knees in gerwalk mode. Not positive that I'm gonna get one just a lot closer after seeing those videos than I was before.
  20. definitely going to get one of these at first. If Hase doesn't release a strike A or a seperate strike pack then I'll get a few more, just hope they don't wait too long.
  21. The Printing is just half of the equation. We Now have the other half! http://www.matterform.net/
  22. Nope I'm def. out. Those flipped out knee caps in Gerwalk are a sure fire NO-Go for me. To any that do pick it up I hope you enjoy it.
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