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  1. I received an email from NY to state that this item has been delayed until end of March 2020. Did anyone else get that message?
  2. Just paid for mine, however i didnt realize how expensive this was
  3. I was offered the same 2 choice by NY, return the unit or get the replacement parts. i'm just afraid I'll do more damage to my unit trying to change it
  4. Looks like I'm one of the unlucky ones to get both of the same ankles. I've written to NY and hope that they can get me a replacement unit.
  5. Ok........good or bad, i put in my order. Now i'm just afraid I over ordered
  6. What the.......didnt expect the super/strike parts to be so expensive!
  7. I tried my luck at trying to PO a unit but after a few hours and many frustrating moments, I have come to terms that paying NY @ 27k was perhaps the best or only option for me. I used to have a good friend who would help preorder the valks for me......now i know how he feels.
  8. man, this is a nightmare to PO something
  9. Guys, just a heads up that this book is now available for pre-order for those that are interested.
  10. This is a pretty good overview of where all our members are at
  11. 1/48 is still my favorite. I still keep all of mine nice and only display a handful due to space limitations. I would agree with the earlier comments that the fighter mode on 1/48 looks fantastic. Like they say, size do matter
  12. Thanks for the response bro Still looking (and saving up money for a display unit) but prefer to spend my money on getting more valks haha
  13. Awesome collection Pedro. Are these Billy shelves from ikea?
  14. awesome pics as usual Saburo for some funny reason i like the background more haha
  15. After seeing these pics, I'm actually starting to like it more.
  16. I did a rough calculation before and it's a lot of money for sure (and I got scared of the amount). I know I could buy a decent car with cash if I sold off all my valks
  17. Come on kicker, its almost the end of the weekend already. Show us what you've done with your arrangement for all of us to enjoy
  18. Awesome collection bro, love the set up that you have
  19. Awesome.....just makes me wanna go get one now but unfortunately I dont have the budget
  20. you have a great dad i think mine was just glad i moved out haha
  21. lykiat

    DX Chogokin Super VF-27

    Hi Saburo, Your pics are just awesome. Makes me enjoy my VF27 so much more
  22. This pic is just awesome, especially after just 1 year of collecting, its even more amazing. I've been collecting for almost 4 years but your pictures speak volume and make any simple valk look simply amazing. Keep up the great work on the pics and most importantly keep it coming
  23. lykiat

    1/48 dead?

    I love my 1/48 collection due to their size. i doubt it would ever be reissued, but who knows, it could make a come back one day.
  24. hmmmm somehow the batroid mode doesn't appeal to me. only like the fighter mode for now.
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