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  1. Keep an eye on Amazon, the xl versions go on sale for $29.99 usd every now and then, I got the 1701-A and E at this price
  2. Might work covered up in the Fext Thunder Hummer armor!
  3. Sluff

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Back up at hlj https://hlj.com/product/BANN55061
  4. Available for pre order at HLJ again!
  5. Flying mule doesn't carry anymore Calibre wings, I had to cancel my paid preorder and then get them from bbts
  6. Remember, a KO painted as Jetfire will sell more units than any official Macross livery, and upscaled like the oversized KOs would fit in the MP line.
  7. I'm thinking and hoping for VFX repaints: VF-11 YF-19 (possibly a new mold) I also think we will see the most wanted VF-1s Max& Millia VF-1Js VT-1D And finally a VF-OD
  8. Just ordered the wing adapters and the missile 4 pack, I always thought the VFs looked naked without any underwing stores. Thank you and keep us posted on anything new, my YF-19 and VF-22s could use some extra love too!
  9. Looks like he paid too much for the helmet because his emission sticker is expired D'OH
  10. To anyone still waiting, check with your local post office. EMS is air freight so it will usually go to a large airport and will then go directly to your local post office. The problem I have seen in the past is that our local mail scanning postal employees tend to not scan in these packages and they end up sitting in the post office. I would just take your tracking number and ask if the package is there. This has happenned to me at least 3 times in the past and there they were.
  11. I wonder if they need to be glued? Screwed? or both? I also think the photoshop blank VF-1S looks good as is (with the black outline of the canopy)
  12. Hey Graham, Do you know about any near future non canon VF-1s that you can talk about? You knew about the M&M VF-22s so maybe you can help us out so we can save up for some future VF-1s. I also like the poll you have going for the next VF. How about a poll for a new scheme? Maybe something from the VF master file book (I haven't got mine yet but I have seen some of the VFs). Maybe a poll for the VF-1, VF-0, VF-11 or the YF-19?
  13. Does any one know the release date for the low vis VF-1S?
  14. When do we see the Death Blossom? You have been recruited to defend the Star League...
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