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  1. Number one problem for Macross toys is that they don't have official distributors outside of Japan. Thats probably the biggest reason you don't see them often in local stores.
  2. Omega Weapon? Really? That was like a sideboss that you never had to fight right?
  3. I don't see how that was fair at all. Though it does make me wonder if they'd let a 1/35 scale EX-S Deep Striker into the fight.
  4. I have a theory that the reason why PPSE isn't forthcoming of how the Plavsky particles work is because they intend to militarize it first. Full size, plasteel armored Gundams. Thats why they have a training facility for their pilots and they use the tournament to collect data on tactics.
  5. So the YF-30 is flown by Alto or something?
  6. Saltybet.com occasionally plays Aimo OC during MUGEN fights. Especially funny when its Dragonball Z characters are fighting because of the super-high damage beam attacks they use.
  7. Theres also the Gundam MS IGLOO cg OVAs that fill out some grunt view points from both sides in 0079.
  8. What does that mean as an insult? I have a hard time understanding that.
  9. The game came out a few years later as a F2P online game called Mechwarrior Online. They're releasing the "unseen" mechs like the Battlemaster and Thunderbolt so the Warhammer (Tomahawk) is very likely to show up.
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