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Effects from scratch


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Rather than post a one off tip that gets lost, I figured I'd start a thread where we can share our scratch built effects that I've seen others do.  Please share what you've made here.

I just posted this display over on the strike a pose thread, but wanted to detail what I did to make really cool looking con trails.  These would work really well for missile effects.  I didn't think standard white pipe cleaners from the craft store would come out very well, but then I remembered I already had some ACTUAL pipe cleaners from my pipe smoking days.  They are much more woolen and less stark white than craft pipe cleaners.  For the fan racer, I wanted to have individual streams for the tiny rockets, so I split the wire ends of 3 of them, straightened them, glued them in as precisely as I could, and painted the ends with a light coat of flat white (again so it wasn't stark white).

Here's the brand of pipe cleaners I used.  They're cotton not the acrylic used on most craft store pipe cleaners which makes for a more accurate look imho.  Oh, and make sure you don't get the bristled kind which have red spikes... unless you're into that, lol.




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I was thinking of using "Plastruct" colored acrylic rods of varying sizes available on Amazon for laser beams.  Has anyone else used these?  I've seen someone make them out of EL light wire for a BotW display, but it wasn't straight.  The rods are solid supposedly, should be better if not glowing.  But glowing takes batteries so you never use it anyway.

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That's a cool idea! thanks for sharing!

You can buy direct from Plastruc too! I haven't used their rods, but generic acrylic rods (bought by someone else in our club). Colored would look cool. Lighting it would look even better. Just use a USB power supply so you use it like a lamp and actually use it. - MT

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On 7/31/2021 at 7:20 PM, wmkjr said:

Adding this link to ultraman zoffy's post to consolidate. 


I used the hot glue technique for my custom 1/6 Master Chief figure from Halo 4:

100_0564.JPG.a312774087e4e9a71868eea8af7b9188.JPG   100_0565.JPG.183ed5acbb3a62150b2e90914bfc3131.JPG

100_0566.JPG.442dea2140b89fd66e9037bd31affdab.JPG   100_0567.JPG.3d76543285255442a338e7987fbf1a63.JPG

Note: sorry for the necropost folks; it took me a bit to finish this!

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