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A live-action adaptation of Macross


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Would it be better if Korea in collaberation with Japan or China did it instead of Hollywood? I feel America cannot deliver the emotional tone of Macross like asian countries can. Especially Korea. Anyone seen Illang: The Wolf Brigade, the korean adaptation of Jin Roh? Koreans are on a good steam nowadays with the Hallyuwave and Kpop, and they proved with Illang they can make a very dramatic, and solid movie adaptation of a anime. 

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13 minutes ago, Gerli said:

Movie? No thanks. DYRL is perfect and a real classic. A live action Macross movie it's gonna be inferior in all the ways possible.

Now a TV series... that could be a lot more interesting. 

You mean like a live-action series? Man, imagine the budghet it would require for all the CGI stuff :shok:

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Hard pass... anime in general very rarely translates well to live-action.

Macross is definitely not the kind of story that lends itself well to live-action adaptation.

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