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"Daedalus Attack"


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4 hours ago, frothymug said:

Hikaru's reflection is a nice touch!

Thanks! I wanted folks to see Hikaru's reaction when he sees the Macross plow the Zentraedi ship with the Daedalus. :D I know in the series we see his reaction as he's flying off, but "ghosting it" in the canopy really sells it. I had to get a few stills from the series, then do a pencil sketch and then do the color work on it. It changed a bit as I worked on it in Photoshop, but here's the original sketch:



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15 hours ago, Xigfrid said:

Hey pengbuzz, not only the kit looks great, but you got real talents with drawing, I could swear that The Hikaru face was a screenshot from the original TV show !

Thanks Xigfrid! :D BTW, I posted the drawing because Hikaru's face looked so much like a screenshot after I was done with it!  I didn't want folks out there to think I simply swiped the animators' work! lol

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