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Yes, finally, after all these years, the end to Genndy's greatest work. I have to say, this looks far more violent then I expected. I remember reading this last season would be amped up a bit, but damn, it's looking dark, and I like it. Such a shame about Mako Iwamatsu, such an incredible voice, Aku, Uncle Iroh, he was even a narrator way back on Dexter's Lab, may he RIP, he will be missed. I'm sure we'll see Aku in some form, and I'll be thinking of Mako as soon as he makes his appearance.

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So yeah, the second episode got VERY dark. I mean, I figured at TV-14 is was only a matter of time before we saw a real human death, but once again, damn, that was very dark. I'm loving the balance the new season is finding too, many were afraid it would get too dark, but nope, like I said, there's a nice balance. New Aku VA is a bit off, but he works for me, either way I am loving having Jack back, especially on the same night as Star Wars Rebels! I feel like a kid again tuning into Toonami for some excellent cartoon action. The beat boxing assassin in the first episode was a highlight for me as well, it wouldn't be Jack without more interesting robo villains for him to slaughter!

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