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Lego Macross Monster


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My youngest asked me to play Lego with her and an hour or so later, I had this put together. I've never been into model building, Lego is more my medium. I like it so much that I might put some more time to get it to be more detailed, accurate, but for now it's good enough...



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Thought I'd share: https://www.flickr.com/photos/95379588@N08/19869528193/in/dateposted-public/

This is still a work in progress. I actually built a nose piece for it (not pictured), but I was having difficulty figuring out how to integrate retractable nose gear into a really small area and still maintain the nose hinging action. After building the folding cargo area/backpack, the thing was immensely back-heavy, and just fell over. So, I need to go back and do some redesigning. But since this is a LEGO Monster thread, I thought I'd post a pic.

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Impressive. If you do get it to stand up you'll have done something that even Arcadia and Bandai have been challenged by.

Well, it stood just fine until the backpack was added. So my options are to downsize the backpack sections, or to rebuild the waist, hip and upper legs to accommodate beefier joints. Both present challenges, but I really liked how poseable it was before the added weight. It was my intention from the start to make a highly articulated version of the VB-6, and I dedicated a lot of time building the legs to achieve that goal. It was rather disheartening to discover that the hip joints simply couldn't handle the weight, as it's pretty stable without the backpack attached. Alas, it's a conundrum, and I've backburnered it for now while I work on a few other projects. Someday I'll go back and make it work.

My son said "that looks too cool, I wish you could buy that! - MT

That's a great compliment! Sincerest thanks! :)

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