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Yeah that's not the games fault, that's their dumbass fault. I hate it that people blame something like that when it's cause of their own carelessness and lack of common sense that gets them in trouble. I always make it a rule to never accept calls, texts or play pokemon when I'm driving. Don't know why that's so difficult for anyone else other than them being completely dumb.

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I quit playing because it punishes you for not living in a dense urban core. Suburban play is weighted very heavily against the player(and rural play is impossible).

The final straw came when I ran out of healing items to use after gym raids, and the precious few pokestops near me just kept dropping nothing but pokeballs I could use to catch pokemon. Well, use to catch pidgeys and ratattas because spawn quality is based on player density.

And, of course, the few stops near me were far enough apart that it was literally faster to sit in front of one pokestop and wait for it to recharge than to walk to another. Sure, I could drive, but ... no.

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