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World's smallest VF-2ss Battroid?!


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My favorite valkyrie is the VF-2ss Valkyrie II. I do love Macross and there are plenty of incredible valkyries to like and enjoy in which I do, but while I patiently wait and hope that Arcadia/Yamato/Bandai or whomever may one day mass produce a fully transformable VF-2ss for fans to enjoy, I had a yearning for another version of this valkyrie that I thought was worth sharing. (note: the pics are photoshoped to bring out the colors, enhance shadows/highlights, cleanup, etc.)

I was curious to take one of the 1/250 scale Macross Fighter Collection series models and see if it could be converted from fighter to battroid. With an x-acto knife, a dremel (for portions that are hard plastic), model glue, a weathering marker, and some patience, I set out to make a VF-2ss in battroid mode.

Here are the pieces after separating the parts:


My goal was to capture the pose of the VF-2ss that graced the cover of the June 1992 issue of B-Club magazine (vol. 79) in which you see my attempt:


Here it is next to the fighter mode out of the box:


Here it is from behind so you can see the cool back pack:


Here it is next to a bottle of white-out so you can see why I think it might be the smallest VF-2ss in battroid mode :o :


Here it is next to my custom VF-2ss 1/100 Bandai kit (featured at vf-2ss.com) so you can see scale:


So I hope someday someone can persuade a company to finally develop a fully transformable VF-2ss for fans to enjoy! Idea: remake the story, make it awesome, make a market…make the toy! I hope you all enjoyed this VF-2ss albeit in teeny-tiny form! Thanks.


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