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Robotech x Voltron crossover... what the...I don't even...

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I read the Voltron From the Ashes, Aka Voltron Academy and....

the only positive thing in this comic are the covers, from Alex Milme




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Not really... But this is the comic that drove even Captain JLS to tell people not to buy it. And he LIKED Shadow Chronicles, Love Live Alive, and all those other Robotech comics.

It's THAT dull.

Did he only come to that conclusion after buying all the issues? Edited by Einherjar
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"I’d like to say this is the last straw for me, that I’ll not be tricked into buying another Tommy Yune-run Robotech project, but that would be a lie. After this, however, I certainly won’t go in expecting any kind of quality. I used to joke, when explaining why I hold Japanese Macross projects to a much higher standard than Robotech projects, that thanks to their track record I expect Shoji Kawamori and company to get out there and dance like they want to win while I’m impressed if Harmony Gold manages to roll out of bed and tie their shoelaces. Clearly they didn’t even get out of bed for this one. Do not bother with this comic. Do not even buy it for the art, as I now regret suggesting you should at the outset. Don’t encourage them. If this is the level of quality we should expect from Robotech."


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Sorry mods, just needed to come back to this for some closure due to recent developments.  Maybe it's an addendum to this whole venture . Close it if needed.

After the final issue there was some talk from Dynamite Comics and others hoping that this collaboration would be the foundation of other Robotech comics in the future.  I think even thoughts of a modernized retelling with some of the same staff with bells and whistles you would expect from it would be in the pipeline.  Unfortunately, this was around the time the Kickstarter was being promoted, and looking back on it it looks like a lot of the big plans HG had for the franchise back then relied on the success of its backing period.  Everyone here knows how that ended.  Back then after that and this comic book ended one question that lingered for me was what kind of fallout was there going to be for these kinds of ideas?  Was someone going to be the fallguy for this?  Now with the Titan Comics reboot coming out, I think the answer is, unsurprisingly, Tommy Yune.  I would not be surprised if the idea to Americanize everything in it, from it gritty tone, aesthetic, and character designs, were not just a way to wiggle out of the legal situations they're still in, but also move away from his tenure as an active part of the franchise.  Sure, this might be just a one off while while the real plans are still in the pipeline, but in retrospect so was the the Robotech Voltron crossover, and it ended up being the only thing around the time of the Kickstarter to run its course in a complete manner.

One last terrifying thing to consider about this series; this might be the last time any of these characters will actually resemble themselves from the show in HG approved official art.  Despite having them do and say some dumb things here, at least it had that as a selling point.  Every comic book adaptation before now had that to fall back on.

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