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Old Macross covers for the magazine "OUT".


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let's see...

- face is Mazinger Z.

- wings are from Great Mazinger.

- horns from Gaiking

- right-arm is Ideon

- left-arm is, wait, wait, I know this, wait... ARMD-2 :p

- hips and waist seem to be from Combattler

- tummy seems to be from Jeeg

- thighs from Raideen

- left-leg is GoLion/Voltron

- right-leg ??? (almost like Dairugger's, but not really) God Sigma

- chest is i forgot Daioja.

Edited by treatment
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There is also the belt from Jeeg, immediately below which is the combattler waist.


Right-leg is God Sigma!

Now the jet on the head seems like a Mechander-jet, but I'm not that sure.

No that's the core fighter from gundam RX-78. :) Edited by locidm
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