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  1. Lucky he didn't witnessed a "Michael Jackson" hair burn, or he might be like Mika Hakkinen crashing Basara's Fire Valkryie without any protective wear
  2. Well boyz, only time gets to tell, before in other instance it goes to youtube as it did with the Frontier LIVE! concert some while ago (May'n/Megumi Nakajima) On the other hand, Sankyo's policy would keep it isolated from further public view (PLEASE LET IT BE 1 IN 186 TRILLION, FOR THE SAKE OF US!)
  3. Looking forward for the DVD/BD release, for the unlucky ones. And if it doesn't for any reason, oh well...E a vida (That's life, for the Regiao autonoma Brasileira)
  4. "Huolestuttava kömmähdyksiä!" "CRASH N' BURN!" Well, better luck next time
  5. Got anybody here taping it? As I may be left behind, and I won't to see Miss Iijima on Minmei's DYRL outfit. (Yes, go tell the Jenius family that I'm out on Goodwood for the festival of speed)
  6. And if we cross it with a F1 cockpit from the Fire Bomber timeframe?
  7. As I'm unable to show up in person, despite that the GoodWood festival of speed in which I'm attending falls on the same timeframe as the concert itself, if anybody going there can film it/photograph it for, I'd gladly appreciate it. Those who ask me: Why Goodwood?, I say: GO ASK MR. AND MRS. JENIUS!
  8. Now you had me speaking Finnish, equivalent of Captain Global's worst ever case of amnesia off all existing homo sapiens!
  9. This is Formula One racing, in the coming millennia!
  10. "Jotta tällainen jälkeenjäänyt paskiainen ikä tavalla alle sinun olisi parempi turpasi kiinni!" -Anonymous (Unable to speak English by the time it was written)
  11. Now you had me speaking Finnish!
  12. Lets put the VF1 at my instance. Just imagine if we cross it over to a Formula 1 car from the 90's, way beyond Honda's V12
  13. Excuse me, but was that Misa with her parents, or was it Minmay's?
  14. Yup, it is. Straight from Capt. Global's native homeland. "Ora che è un orgoglio italiano!"
  15. In my case, leave it for my Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Looks nice there if it carries those decals. And those wondering where the UN SPACY logo goes, then do me a favour and look at the steering wheel! The franchise's logos, on the doors 30th Anniversary logo, on the hood VF-1 Valkyrie: Top rear windshield Since 1982: Rear bumper #30: Rear windows Macross 30th anniversary texts: Above quarter panels UN SPACY text: Centre front bumper
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