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Does anyone else remembering having their hopes and dreams shattered by the shambling mess of a movie that was GUNHED?

Well, There was a limited exhibition for the movie held in Akihabara last weekend.

Unlike most exhibits in Japan, photos were allowed at this one, so I went all out. Of course, one of the best pieces of art in the exhibit was by Hidetaka Tenjin :)

Hope these don't bring back too many bad memories :p

post-9325-0-48469300-1359986867_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-43651400-1359986876_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-77779600-1359986885_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-65815300-1359986894_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-79676800-1359986955_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-01461100-1359986965_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-32854500-1359986974_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-56300900-1359986982_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-22670600-1359986992_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-46101400-1359987000_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-71436300-1359987010_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-80014300-1359987020_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-07769700-1359987031_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-90885600-1359987041_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-95776000-1359987068_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-55342100-1359987082_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-91362700-1359987091_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-31125200-1359987102_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-37143200-1359987112_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-28575700-1359987120_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-58267200-1359987128_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-42930100-1359987137_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-92501200-1359987146_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-66188500-1359987156_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-07637700-1359987201_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-81007400-1359987210_thumb.jpg


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It hurts but there's always the manga. If you really think about it... Gunhed was there to prepare you for all the disappointments of Manga/Anime>Live action film expectations. So it was still ahead of the curve! :lol:

Tenjin art rules!

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There's a new book, too.

"Gunhed Perfection" (we should HOPE for so much...)


I got that book. There's a two-page interview with Kawamori in it. A reasonable amount of concept artwork too.

The movie was a mess, but I liked it. Seeing as I hadn't read the whole manga, just a bit in Newtype, I didn't have any expectations of what to expect.

Thanks a lot for the pics, Tochiro. :)

Cool LEGO model, Shaorin. B))

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I'm trying to remember which actually came first, the movie or the manga. I think the manga was adapted from the movie, but I'm not 100% sure.

The manga's version of Aerobot was definitely much better looking than its movie counterpart.

the movie originated as a script for a follow up to the 1984 Return of Godzilla film. Toho at the time held a story contest to decide the plot of the next film. What would eventually be turned into Gunhed lost to the Godzilla vs Biolante script.

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Whoa thank you for all those cool photos. I've never seen the movie but the artbook was my very first one.

I wonder what's inside the new book, is it a re-release of the first edition?

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