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1/60 Posable Meltran


What should I use to make a Meltran?  

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    • Figma
    • Revoltech
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Hi, I was just going through Macross Mecha Manual and I saw the Open Cockpit and HUD of the Queadluun-Rau and I was thinking, " I think I'am going to make a 1/60 Meltran for my VF-1S and VF-0S P.S. I had to sell most of my valkaries for my new babies room DX. So then I was thinking how I should make it, Figma or Revoltech. I am going to make Milia 639 and possibly Max. I'll let you guys decide what I should use for the Meltran.

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They sell blank female figma figures that fit perfectly in the Q-Rau. I started one a while back that I was sculpting from a cheap Saint Seiya figure I got from Toys R US or something. It would have been perfect because it had a basic body and it included the long green hair, It was a male figure but you can't tell with those SS characters... they're so fay.

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Ok thank you. And I was thinking should I buy the Queadluun Rau with Milia 639 and her 2 pack? I was planing on getting a Figma figure and taking its joints out but I'm not doing that to my Figma Link that I got for christmas. I'm kinda broke cause I spent 1800 on my babies new room. So I need to find those cheap.

Think you can show me your posable Meltran?

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300th post after 8.5+ yrs! :)

Congrats on the baby/babies!

As EXO suggested, Figmas are good & Revoltechs work too. You can use them as a base or for the joints, or just buy the joints separately (ball or Revoltech). While the original Q-Rau Milia figure works, the CMS Milia set looks infinitely better. Your call whether to chop them up or to use the Figmas/Revoltechs bases. Post pics!

ps - If one were to do Klan or the Pixies, this Muv Luv Alternative Figma is pretty much dead-on:


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I just got a Figma Link from Zelda and the scabbard for the sword broke. It was the peg that kept the scabbard in place and is snapped in half. Does any one have contact with one of the people from Shapeways? I'm willing to post some pictures!

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Yes - in a way. More of a bash.

They are not resins or re-casts.

Hopefully I will have full picks of custom 1/60 Meltran pilot figs next week.

They were sent out for a commission around Oct. 2012 and all came back to me Jan. 2014 - 0% done.

Supposed to be completed about the time of my Zentraedi guys so I could bring them out all at once.

Oh well - its been a fun 2 month Meltran scramble, & massive challenge -- but I'm glad I got a chance to do them instead . . .

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There will be 8 made, I am keeping 1, so that leaves 7.

The base figure was about $80, and a few were destroyed in the process.

There are custom resin pieces, the harness / straps were extremely hard to perfect and these Millias involved a host of other very time consuming / expensive features to produce.

So I am out about $150 on each -- And I have about $500 worth of time in each, which I know I won't get back.

Still thinking $379 (and for the Z pilots too)

A static, non-posable custom Millia resin kit would run about $200 IMO.

These are fully posable, COMPLETED and ready to ship now (as opposed to months or years waiting). They are limited and numbered.

They are not without flaws, but still feel $379 is fair . . . we'll see what folks think . . .


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YES - Big props to 'to177' --- who did a masterful job on both my Rau and Regult customs.

He was also going to do these Millia figs but family tragedy struck and was not able to.

Still hoping he will fully paint, weather and thoroughly damage up a 1/12 Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom for me later this year.

--- Question was asked if Rau cockpit can fully close with Millia inside - yes it can . . .


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Did you use figmas as the base figure? Among all my other project ideas, I've thought of doing something like this - though assuredly not as well.

Seems like the base figure is just the right size.

I got partway into converting a Halo figure into a 1/72 MtF Zentradi before moving. Since then, I've had no hobby area and a baby to worry about. Would love to someday pick up a Bandai Regult & a Hasegawa 1D to make a diorama.

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