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  1. When I preordered, I wasn’t aware this was based off that cover art. I just assumed Sentinel was putting a slight, yet tasteful, creative spin on the classic design, as they tend to do with their toys (my Gurren Lagann is far from screen accurate). But the helmet detail was so muted that it was barely noticeable. In these recent pics, however, it now looks like an eyesore. Snark all you want, but I’m not alone in this opinion, clearly.
  2. I don't want to pay $200 for a figure just to have to customize it. Very disappointed in this visor. I've wanted 1/12 scale Ride Armor for decades, and wasn't bothered by the subtle detailing in the promo pics, but these very pronounced lines on the final product photography look absolutely awful to me. This looks like some DESTINY or HALO helmet, rather than MOSPEADA. I get adding some extra flair to make the thing feel more "real world" or mechanical, but the helmet is one of the most iconic features of the design. In the show, you could even see the pilot's face through the tinted, smooth surface. I'm debating hitting that "cancel" button, and I can't believe that's the case.
  3. I'll be there for sure! I would love to see this in person, as well as any other Transformers 3rd Party prototypes you have on display. You shocked me last year with the Unique Toys Mania King. I turned the corner and suddenly ran into Galvatron. That was a hell of a surprise! I also preordered this SDF-1 from your site, just in case. So excited for this!
  4. Holy cow! These are fantastic. You're not taking commissions, are you?
  5. Same boat here. HKC has been disturbingly silent since I placed/paid for a sizable order on Sunday morning. According to their site, a lot of valks are still listed as "Available," which seems to contradict the insane number of orders that have been reported on this board and elsewhere. Panic is high and valks are nearly sold out everywhere. I'm biting my nails thinking I'll get a cancellation email soon enough. I wish I just knew what was going on, so I can try to find these valks elsewhere (if it comes to that -- HOPEFULLY not!).
  6. I continue to be fascinated by Bandai's approach in handling the Macross franchise. I suppose I should thank them - I've been saving so much money this year that I would have thrown their way otherwise.
  7. So, against my better judgment, I opted for the YesAsia preorder. At least they are taking orders. And I figured EMS shipping at any of the other sites would be close to a chunk of the markup I'm paying here. I guess. But this is my favorite film of all time, so there's no way I'm missing out on the full blu-ray box. Why is being a non-Japanese resident Macross fan so difficult these days? We deserve a medal or something for the punishment we go through for this franchise we adore, I swear.
  8. Chances are, yes. Because anything "limited edition" and "Macross" in Japan these days is produced in such low numbers as to completely punish the potential buying audience...thus increasing demand significantly. $70 is just the minimum of the markups we will see moving forward. It's complete bullshit. Scalpers must be loving these recent trends in the anime/collectibles industry. No, I didn't get one, either. And this boxset is everything I could ever want. The only way to get Flashback is to buy this uber set? GEE, THANKS.
  9. So, ishop2go.com is the ONLY place left with this available. But they are already charging scalper prices. Anyone have any experience with them? This is easily the most frustration I've ever had trying to acquire a collectible. And I've been through Sideshow PPO fires.
  10. Anime-export is being HAMMERED right now. I can't get through. >_< EDIT: SOLD frakkING OUT.
  11. Retailers can only sell what they are allotted. The record sellout indicates Bandai limited production on this piece to a very small number, as has been a growing trend in the Japanese collectibles industry in recent months. I can absolutely be pissed at Bandai.
  12. This whole "limiting the numbers" game is utterly frustrating. Bandai DX valks never sold out within SECONDS before the VF-171EX and the reissue YF-29. And not on nearly EVERY import site. A few contacts from Japan have been explaining this disturbing trend in the collectibles market recently to me. Takara, Bandai, etc. have been DRASTICALLY cutting back their production numbers to avoid any potential shelf warming in this economy... but, more importantly, to also DRIVE UP DEMAND. This way, the reissue versions are released at a higher markup and still sell out in minutes--perhaps seconds--because consumers are so desperate. The thing I don't get in all this: it seems to be primarily helping scalpers make profit, and ultimately blocks consumers from purchasing the products from Bandai. Wouldn't THEY rather get the money than have some dude on ebay make hundreds of dollars reselling?
  13. I... I... am truly facepalming right now. I was down the hall from the Robotech panel at NYCC and had a brief moment where I wondered "should I bother?"...but ultimately decided visiting the Bluefin Tamashii booth for the 10th time was far more important.
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