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Remember the old Syndicate PC games from the mid-1990s? It was a series of isometric strategy games where you control cyborg agents to assassinate targets, steal top-secret items and destroy rival syndicates. Here's a sample video to jog your memory:

After nearly two decades, EA Games will reboot the Syndicate game franchise on February 21, 2012 (February 24 in Europe) for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360; this time, as a first-person shooter. The new Syndicate has already sparked controversy with Australia refusing classification for it, citing excessive violence. Despite this, it will still be released uncut and uncensored in neighboring New Zealand.

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I'm actually pretty annoyed with EA about this.

It's little more than a blatant attempt to cash in on the recent success the Deus Ex resurrection had, and there's no respect for the original Syndicate here.

They may just call it Cyberpunk Shooter and be honest. They don't give two craps about what Bullfrog Software did back in the 90s, it's just the first cyberpunk name they found while searching their back catalog.


And it's STILL more respectful than what they're doing with Origin's name these days.

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Looking at the gameplay and hte ability to hack terminals and other characters I just kept thinking, wow a ghost in the shell mod would kick on this game.

Playing as Major Kusanagi could indeed be cool. But still, the game looks sweet. :)

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i remember playing Syndicate, that game was hella AWESOME, i don't feel the same nostalgia looking at these screen caps though. I gotta agree with JB0, as much as i loved Syndicate, this is just a marketing ploy to give this game some brand recognition there will probably be little to no resemblance of the original game from the 90's to be found in the finished product. That's not to say that the game won't be good, it just seems pointless to resurrect a 90's namesake and play with my emotions like that.

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I just hope that EA would at least include the original Syndicate game as a bonus in the new game.

Why would they do that when they can sell it to you for five bucks more elsewhere?

Actually, I'd keep an eye on gog.com for that. They finally broke EA down.

While you're waiting, maybe bide your time with some Ultima or Wing Commander.

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