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My 1/48 VF-1S Yamato with decals dressed...

wm cheng

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What I'd really like to see is how the decals have held up after TWO YEARS (wink wink, nudge nudge) of being on Roy's VF-1S.

I snagged a Miria 1J today for $200 CDN (a little bit cheaper than HLJ! ), and now I'm thinking about getting a waterslide set for her...

The decals should hold up just fine for many, many years. I have a few valks here with decals I designed and applied almost three years ago and they still look great. Gotta love ALPS printing.... :D

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Well then, looks like you've got another waterslide decal set sold!

Just two other questions:

Should I just get the Max and Miria specialty set, or get the generic set and the specialty (Max and Miria) set together? I'd like to not find out I'm missing something...

You mentioned in you FAQ that the decals are a little more fragile than the normal decals (read the ones that come with Hasegawa, Tamiya etc kits). How much more fragile are they? Is it likely that the big decals might tear? I'm not a total stranger to doing decals, but I'd rather not screw up.

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The decals are very thick - in fact a bit thick for my modelling taste, however, they are perfect for this toy - I think they will stand up to some handling.

I like the thickness, and I agree that they stand up to a LOT of handling (with a few coats of Future, of course). I'd definitely use these decals again.

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