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  1. From someone who can relate, these are awesomeness! I believe for many of us members, sentiment is a big factor in our delight with this hobby.
  2. Ah. Got old swing bar for sure, but learned proper geometry quickly for transformation. The shoulder joint pins do not appear to have a knurled texture on either end, so hopefully I got lucky.
  3. Got rainbow canopy. Not sure about the hips or smooth or knurled pins. No stress marks out of the box though.
  4. Real life has kept me from my Macross hobby (and these forums) for a while. Upon seeing this in a store on a business trip, I picked up a Hikaru VF-1S non-anniversary (stand-alone, no super/strike parts). Does this version have the shoulder pin issues? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  5. Wow! Yamato's quality control is really slipping!
  6. Nothing like having to take a sick day from work. Oh well, now I have time to play with toys from the holidays! My thanks to another member for hooking me up with a Super Pack for my VF-25F.
  7. This was the problem I had the first couple of times I transformed the VF-11. Hopefully, the attached pic helps.
  8. No direct injection on the new 5.0; however, "cooling jets" are used to cool the pistons. Hmmm. . .
  9. If that's definitely the new 5.0 engine sitting under the blower; I wonder how far the compression is knocked down. Information released by Ford on the new 5.0 in the 2011 Mustang GT indicates an 11:1 compression ratio. Without some super high octane fuel, I don't know how this engine doesn't come apart under boost.
  10. A VF-1 would look good with this scheme -- Yamato does sell the blank canvas 1/60 scale ones, in case you haven't heard.
  11. Wicked Ace

    VF-11 Sunliners

    Yamato 1/60 scale
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