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  1. YES - alot of people dont even bother to click when they see athumbnail, no matter if it takes a long time or not. Gosh why dont u just learn to upload to an image hosting website as Ignacio suggested?
  2. this is a great piece of sharing, thanks dude! bandai should have thought of this, damn bandai
  3. never cared much about "anime accurate" colors gonna paint this my own way...
  4. if your talking about the "naked" valk, the trick is to make sure u fully collapse the knee joint, and the knee cap is used to keep the whole leg straight. at the same time the shoulder block's edges' friction on the wing hinge holds the whole valk sturdy. right now i have 6 completed 1/72 vf-25 models: 2 naked, 2 with super parts and 2 with armor for super parts version, i agree it was a total farce and i have since junked all the super parts i ever bought. there is still a way to still make the super parts work in every mode, but needs a more detailed discussion than this. and armored parts... solved every problem there ever was
  5. wow that is simply amazing! beats mine by a light year simply love the lights and details, and STILL TRANSFORMABLE! this is true justice to the model kit man awesome find and thanks for sharing!
  6. hi logos, from my own tiny and insignificant experience, i think it is safest that we stay away from asking about durability of the model kit in this toy forum i may send u a PM about what my experience was... or better yet just look at the pictures in my blog, and make ur own conclusion
  7. yup they are and since attention to detail is your preference (mine too) then it will be a 100% recommendation to go get 'em! what more since u have gundam kit experience to boot
  8. agree with what black valkyrie said and will say no more just a single pic to round up how i feel
  9. thanks for all the props guys, its made it worthwhile for me i'll be taking a short rest after this, due to my ps3 purchase and tekken 6 fever... but i'll be back soon enough no worries, with more of my atrocities... next up will be the 1/72 vf-27 brera
  10. wow i'm so glad i looked into this thread, this is Godlike work! i really really wish we all had a 1/72 VF-1 PT model hope bandai comes out with one in the near, near future HECK i wish they did 1/72 PT models for ALL the valks out there that would save me alot of money not having to buy Yamato's
  11. thanks Chris this one's fully painted using hand brush ...yeah i used to build 'em straight out from the box guess i finally understand how much it pains a modeller's eyes to see bare plastic haha
  12. thanks so much for the comments guys! hi catcha, i'd make Alto fight Ozma anytime, if only bandai came out with Alto's custom VF-171! lets all pray for that to happen hehehe
  13. thanks a million for the replies, miriya and Paliodor! i have finished it now and the pics are here in this thread http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...mp;#entry805130 as always, thanks for viewing! some samples:
  14. yeah its the 1/72 model and alot of painting was needed i have now finished my ozma as well, posted all my pics here http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...mp;#entry805016
  15. hi guys, finally i have finished my armored ozma and would like to share the pics thanks for viewing jet mode:
  16. hi guys, my latest pics of my armored alto ...and coming soon, my armored ozma (almost done)
  17. GREAT JOB! glad to know that i have another fellow hand brusher long live the hand brush EDIT: oh its you, awesome hand brush customs as always, thumbs up!
  18. holy sh!t that is TOTALLY AWESOME i also applaud that you choose a 1A for this custom instead of the usual 1S
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