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  1. Stick and Ray had the attachment points for the saddlebags since day one, even though we didn't see them being used until now with Yellow.
  2. My concern with locking into the arms is that it then requires the arm ratchets to be really tight to give enough support... unless they still ALSO have the standard locking in from underneath the fighter, as other companies have done. We haven't seen the bottom of this fighter yet, but I assume that any potential TLEAD will lock in from the top AND bottom, with probably one of those two locations being where you slide the fighter into position, and then the other point has a lock on a double hinge or something similar to then fold into position.
  3. Might want to post in the most recently active thread: Started about the various toys coming out, but conversations about the Kickstarter too.
  4. Seems like their list of "unresponsive" projects keeps growing. Well, their list of projects that, when people ask for updates, they are unresponsive about...
  5. My collection is centered around bikes, so I've been doing the 2 of each of the ride armors (fortunately the gf has no idea how much these things cost, or I'd be getting some dirty looks). I was planning on skipping the Legioss... but who am I kidding? It's MOSPEADA, and it's Sentinel (all good experiences with their products so far), so I think I'll get the one blue Legioss, and be done with it. 28,000 yen is a lot of money, though may not be unreasonable for this product. Still, I think you'll see less folks doing multiples, or even one of each color, than with products that manage to stay under the 20,000 yen line.
  6. Fair enough. Thanks. I'd never seen it before.
  7. Two Nihei new releases came in the mail today. Looking forward to re-reading Sidonia in the larger format, and checking out this adaptation of the Blame! anime. I have to say, the Blame! The Electrofishers' Escape is more substantial than I was expecting. For the price, I'm pleasantly surprised.
  8. This just sounds so wrong...
  9. Looks like Sentinel finally had to design a new stand. I dig it... but, honestly, the prototype kind of looked better to me...
  10. All I see on Amazon.jp is the original Amazon price and then AmiAmi selling for their regular price as an Amazon reseller.
  11. Anyone know what shipping comes out to (preferably for 2) from HS?
  12. That makes sense, and I agree that that is a significant difference. From what I remember from the last time that I was shopping around (and I may be misremembering), it was when I was preordering Ray and when I was preordering the Arcadia Garland, more or less around the same time and getting two of each. I ended up going with HLJ on the two Garlands, since I think it saved me like $40 or so. I ended up going with BBTS for the two Rays, since I think it only cost me like $5 or so more but I felt more comfortable with them resolving any issues I might have with defective products, if it ever came up (as happened once years ago). For now, I preordered from BBTS since I have a few other things in my pile of loot that should be coming out right around the same time (fingers crossed), but I'll cancel if one of the other sites offers a significant discount.
  13. I don't know that that's always the case. If you order one from BBTS, you pay $4 shipping. If you order 2 or more, you're still only paying the $4 shipping. The Japanese sites (in my admittedly limited experience) rarely had the shipping price not go up as you added more items.
  14. Thanks! So, I guess I should just suck it up and pay the fees to get them through an agent.
  15. I just can't see how that price is justified. I would think $29.97 (using Walmart's pricing scheme), and then getting discounted from there.
  16. Good to know those pics are from that. Thanks. I've been trying to get my hands on this one, plus the two more after it (it was listed on the cover as Vol. 0, and I came across auctions for Vol. 1 and 2).
  17. Nice find, daBlah! Can anyone translate any of the text? I'm curious what they're from, since they look better than the typical deviantart fan stuff. I wonder if they're from one of the 3 Festival Times MZ23 books (been wanting to get my hands on them, but can't quite justify the costs of using an intermediary to get them through Yahoo Japan Auctions, on the occasions when they show up).
  18. I did not recall that the UK license was separate from HG's other licensing timelines. It really has less to do with ownership of the company, and more to do with where the material is made, distributed, and sold. In the case of Titan, their books that I own are all printed in China (I was surprised by that, to be honest). So, HG could still have Titan make the books, just potentially not be able to distribute them in the UK (if that earlier license termination is correct). The interesting thing is that all this stuff is digital, too. I assume that a UK account could not purchase the books on Comixology after July.
  19. No Arcadia updates lately, so thought I'd share this. Popped up in one of those Pinterest "We found these pins that you might like" emails tonight.
  20. It's tough when you only have one piece of artwork to trace
  21. Starship Troopers 2? I recall that one being just bad, not funny bad. I guess it depends on the mood you're in when you sit down to watch a movie (as well as expectations; that was only the first sequel, and I still had hopes).
  22. Not going to comment on the writing. I think that's been beaten to death (or should be...). As for the art, I think it's pretty decent. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but if you consider this an original creation (which, being so different from the original story, it might as well be) and thus not hamstrung by the original character designs, then I think that this artist is doing a pretty good job. Better than the story deserves. EDIT: Guess the whole thing hadn't loaded when I looked. I take back some of my previous statement: Khyron and Azonia look terrible, especially in the profile shot. Yes to the Neanderthals comment... or maybe some sort of bobble-head mutation.
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