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  1. Looks like most of their big exciting announcements... are things that have been out for anywhere from 6 months to a couple years now.
  2. My initial thought was... something likely to be far more offensive... which is why I didn't post what I was thinking...
  3. The Mach 5 one makes me think of Transformers: Prime Wheeljack for some reason. As for "Black Beauty" there, I don't get the 3 section staff. Then again, I don't get why the artist chose to mark all of these drawings as though they were trademark registered, either... As for "Shotaro", Mayhem Mekanics Otomo is already pretty much 3/4 of the way there.
  4. Don't mess with me like that, getting me all excited that I'll finally be able to watch Discovery...
  5. Minor Megazone 23 reboot update: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-03-24/megazone-23-reboot-project-only-remakes-part-i-and-ii/.144973 Basically... it's still in the works. Honestly, I was half expecting that they had quietly scrapped it, or at least put it on the back burner.
  6. Never seen it before, but it's gorgeous. A full set of scaled MOSPEADA ships has been on my wishlist for a long time. The best I've been able to find are just a couple for 3d printing (which, of course, I use to test out each new printer).
  7. Talking about 80s, I discovered that Dallos is available on Amazon Prime last night.
  8. That motorcycle Chromia is actually one of my favorite post-Prime toys, so I was hoping this new Chromia would be a spin on that when first announced (though, if I'd thought about how these are bringing in more of an homage to the G1 cartoon, I should have known better). I don't think I'll be picking this one up, but thanks for the great review.
  9. I hadn't even realized this was a new dub. I just assumed they were adding the old series that aired on Cartoon Network (I think) years ago to their streaming library, as-is.
  10. While I know he's meant to reference the tetrajets, there's also a bit of a cool BSG Viper vibe here.
  11. I have no experience with Ultraman at all... but dang if all of the artwork above in this thread isn't absolutely gorgeous!
  12. I liked that one a lot. Not anything groundbreaking or super memorable, to be honest, but just enjoyable and well made.
  13. I don't own any of the stuff being shown here, but I do own a bunch of the Tsutomu Nikei Sentinel/1000Toys stuff, and the MOSPEADA stuff, as well as Robox and... something else that I'm forgetting right now. Everything of theirs has been excellent quality and I have been very happy with. Even the Robox, which should be the most boring toy ever, is really well designed with lots of fun little details and gimmicks. At this point, Sentinel pretty much gets my money, no questions asked.
  14. Just finished Gun Gale Online. It was fine... but really didn't do anything for me. The last episode took some darker turns which I guess were supposed to be shocking or entertaining or whatever, after the more innocent (though still violent) previous 11, but... meh... just didn't do anything for me. I think I prefer a different style of storytelling.
  15. They have. When it first came out, it was stated that it was not a reboot, and the director said he avoided certain things because they would have required it to be a reboot, but Hasbro officially said a few weeks ago that it is now a reboot.
  16. I've watched it a couple times, and I like it. I will say (and I know I'm being nitpicky here) that I don't view it as really being an "adaptation", since it really follows very few beats from the manga. To me, it's more of an original story set in the Blame! framework, with appearances by characters that we know (though Cibo is somewhat different in her journey in it). It takes a lot of cues from Blame!, but is almost like Blame!^2 or NSE: Net Sphere Engineer, where the characters we know are more passing through the story, but it's in the world that we know from the original.* Even visually it seems to have gone with some designs more from those sequels than from the original (with Nehei's supervision and approval). It really is the electrofishers' story. To that point, the BLAME! Movie Edition: The Electrofishers' Escape comes out on April 2nd. * By the way, if you're like me and do the no-rush shipping on Amazon and rack up a bunch $1 digital credits, check out "Blame! Academy and So On". It's a cheap buy, and has a bunch of Nihei's short stories, including the ones I mentioned above, some humorous ones, and Battle Lepidopteran Hawk Moths, which reads like Nihei practicing for Sidonia.
  17. Looked for that one, but it doesn't look like it ever got an English-language release. Haha, I actually started this thread because of picking up Aposimz, them re-reading Biomega (which I had read when it first came out), and then entering into a Tsutomu Nihei binge, including Blame!. Biomega is still, to date, my all time favorite manga. The back half of the story goes a bit out there (figuratively and literally), but I just love the first half so much, and am good with how it ends, that I don't mind. That's one that I have in multiple editions just because I like it so much.
  18. In fairness, I don't think Furman has given a crap about anything he's worked on in the last decade.
  19. I wonder if we'll get Mellowlink/Merowlink in vol. 2?
  20. Just finished two series, so I figured I'd post. I finished Knights of Sidonia. I definitely enjoyed it a lot, especially all of the details and backstory that didn't make it into the anime. It was also great reading the 1/2-1/3(ish) of the story that took place after the anime, too. I will say that the last 2 (of 15) volumes were a bit disappointing. Lots of battles where the excitement came across in the pages of the manga surprisingly well, but they felt a little bit rushed. After a bit of a slow burn for the first 6 or 7 volumes, and some interesting new character introduction in the next half dozen or so, the last couple just felt like he decided that it was time to wrap it all up. I also finished off the 10 volumes of Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt that are available in English (two more on preorder). Despite some warnings in this thread about it being too grim-dark (and I respect those opinions), I liked it. It felt more like an attempt at showing realism of different people who might be involved in these situations, and less like grim for the sake of grim. I was also a bit surprised to find Daryl becoming more likable as the series went on, while Io seemed to go back and forth between showing a more likable side, and then just going full-douche. I like it, and I'm looking forward to the last two volumes... but it's still not one of those things that makes me want to go seek out collectibles or anything based on the series. Other than those... I read vol. 4 of Aldnoah Zero Season 1. Unfortunately, while I thought vol. 3 was a big improvement over the previous two, the final volume was pretty much back to the earlier lower level. I have enough affection for the series where I wish they had translated season 2 and the spin-off into English, but I can't say I'd recommend the manga to anyone other than a completist. I read vol. 2 of Mech Cadet Yu and found it to be just as well done and fun (though too quick) a read as the first collection. Looking forward to the release of the third (and final) collection. Next up: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. I've heard good things (both here and elsewhere) and think that will cap off the Gundam portion of my manga reading (since I'm stuck with what's been translated into English, and the other stuff looks to just be adaptations, while this is more tailored to manga from the start). Always open to more recommendations, too!
  21. Did it get canceled? i wasn't sure what was going on with that. I had it in my Amazon Wishlist, and about a week or two ago they added a cover image to it, and then a few days later it switched to "We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." It is on Blu-Ray discs, but no, I don't think it was remastered or anything was done to it at all for this release. I watched the first couple episodes late last night. In fairness, it looks just fine on my decent size tv, not noticeably pixelated or anything, but nothing special. Pretty much not significantly different from the recent BGC and Zillion releases, to my uneducated eyes. Still looks better than the stuff out on youtube. Hey, for $35 for 52 episodes, I'm not complaining at this point.
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