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  1. Unless I see something unexpectedly BAD, I'm in for at least one blue one pretty much no matter what. What little we've seen so far really appeals to me, and I have confidence in the team behind this.
  2. That's one of the things I like about motorcycle transformers. They CAN'T hide things, so they work them into the design. Sure, most will just throw the wheels on the back, but some will come up with cool things like the wheels in the legs of Animated Prowl.
  3. I am not very well educated on Kawamori's work beyond Macross, but wasn't he not using real-world aircraft? Mostly his own designs, which definitely took a lot of cues from real-world aircraft? More artisticly "cool", and modified to make for interesting transformations?
  4. I'm probably the exception to the rule, but, where I collect almost exclusively motorcycles, they are all displayed in alt mode. The only ones in robot mode are the duplicates.
  5. I thought it was well done and enjoyed it just fine, though I'll be honest that I kind of lost interest towards the end.
  6. These are the Kickstarter ones, not the event-only ones (that come in three versions)?
  7. It's disappointing, a bit surprising, and I'm frustrated with myself. I'm surprised it had such an effect so quickly. This was really, essentially. instantaneous... like in a movie when someone gets acid thrown on them. Frustrated with myself, since I NEVER leave these things anywhere where something could happen to them... but, of course, this one figure was on my desk to remind me to get back to designing some custom accessories when time allows.
  8. Wow... Doing some resin 3d printing, opened a new bottle of 91% IPA and got a small splash for about 30 seconds onto one of my Sentinel figures, and the coating immediately discolored and peeled/bubbled...
  9. This new ones appear to be priced significantly below what AmiAmi was asking (which I simply couldn't justify spending at the time), which is why I'm being slightly optimistic on maybe getting my hands on one of the new sets. Then again, as a convention exclusive, they'll probably be tripled in price by the time they hit the secondary market, anyway.
  10. I think Furman is borrowing ideas from the novels (which, full disclosure, I loved... when I read them in my tweens), but, at the end of the day, I don't think this is about the original series or the books. This is meant (in my opinion) to bring in new fans. I think they hired Furman because of what he did at IDW: he did the original launch of Transformers for IDW, bringing in a new generation of fans and creating a new universe with new mythologies, totally separate from even his own previous Marvel work. Really, only the character names were the same. This worked for new fans, and he ideas were actually interesting enough where old fans were able to enjoy it as its own, separate, unrelated thing. The difference is, he had unexpected ideas then, and he seemed to genuinely care about what he was working on. This time... he's just sitting with his laptop in a pub, writing out just enough words to pay for the next round of beer.
  11. I bought both of the first ones, doing my little bit to support the series of releases so that we will hopefully get Mellowlink, but I'm a little disappointed that there's still no word on that coming...
  12. I'm a little over halfway through REVISIONS (added on Netflix USA earlier this week) and am enjoying it so far. There are some common anime tropes that don't bother me, since I feel like their playing with them a bit and acknowledging them, but they might bug those who have seen more similar shows than I have. The mecha in it remind me of some of the motoslave concepts from BGC that never made it into the show, which I'm enjoying, too, even though it's more about how people of different maturities react to a very difficult situation. Forgot to mention that I find the "evil monster" mecha to have an interesting design, though the faces look like they were built by Toa Heavy Industries.
  13. Got mine today, but haven't watched any of it yet. I had heard that the original prints were destroyed in a fire in the 90s, and that's why nothing has been remastered. Don't know if there is any truth to that.
  14. If you're paying someone else to do it, then I think you're way off. Most designers I know run around $100/hr, and even 3d printed prototypes are a chunk of change, depending on materials. Then again, I suspect designers in China are cheaper, as are prototypes, so who knows? I'm just basing this off of industries that I'm familiar with, in the US.
  15. I loved the original Watchmen series, and I actually greatly enjoy the movie. I had no interest in the recent sequel comic series, so didn't read it, so have no idea if this is its own thing or an adaptation of the newer comic.
  16. I think it's funny that you point this out, since this has been something that has gotten my attention on some of the 3P toys that I've picked up over the years. A handful of them (Perfect Effect, if I'm remembering correctly, though I may not be) have at times added in comics that I think slightly strengthen potential arguments for being genuinely original works... while others that I have seen really just seem to be stoking the infringement fires.
  17. Yeah, I hit both of the ones near me, and neither had it. Keep in mind, I don't think that the comics are actually "free" to the shop. I think comic shops get them at a very reduced price, with the understanding they are not allowed to charge for them, so it's sort of like the shops and the publishers splitting the cost in order to try to draw new customers/readers in (not positive about this, but this is what I was told). So... if the shop doesn't think anyone is going to be interested in Robotech, they won't order copies, even for FCBD.
  18. Apparently, starting with the FCBD issue, a new writer is joining in to "co-write" with Furman (in quotes because it depends on one's definition of "writing").
  19. ... and I'm still waiting to be incredibly envious, when you get it.
  20. Stylistically, it's definitely very reminiscent of the Festival Times books. Is this a new MZ23 manga, which is reprinting some of that work? Super tempted to preorder it (assuming I'm reading the Google translation correctly).
  21. I had the English dub playing, with subtitles on too, while I was doing work on the other monitor. So, probably about 50% watching it and reading the subtitles, and 50% watching it off to the side while listening to it in English.
  22. I'd say official, since it's in the MOSPEADA Complete Art Works book: Here's a closeup of the second one: There are also these different size comparisons in the old ARTMIC Design Works B-Club Special:
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