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  1. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say a "Garland style motorcycle" and then talk about trikes. The front wheel of the Garland splits in two for transformation (same with the Bubblegum Crisis motoslaves), but it is still just a two-wheeled bike, not a trike. The Tri-Charger in Zillion is a trike, however. As for real life, trikes with two wheels in back have been around for a long time. They're better for stability when going slow or not taking fast corners, but not so great at high speed cornering. The bikes with two wheels in front (like the Yamaha Niken) are a bit newer, within the last twenty years, since previous attempts at having steering and active suspension in front with crazy heavy bikes met with mixed results, and are very stable, but still haven't gotten as popular as just a basic two wheeled motorcycle. Some of it is weight, some of it is the excitement of being able to lean a two-wheeled bike a lot more, and some is just image.
  2. Respectfully, I disagree. I just got my copy of the MOSPEADA one and, despite owning all of the other ones you mentioned and the Imai Files, I still am glad to have it on my shelf. There was artwork in there that I don't recall being in the others (only the Imai Files), so I'm glad to have it in a nice "sit on the couch and look through it" format. Additionally, and I very well may be wrong, but I believe there were translations in there that were not in any of the others. At the very least, I don't recall seeing them in the others. One which comes to mind was the pictures of the bikes in different poses, turns, skids. To my memory, I had though they were just references of different views and dynamic positioning, but the translations showed notes from Aramaki about which ones would lead to flipping the bike, in what way, and proper positioning for the riders per actually riding techniques. And... if you're a completist like me, then getting it when it's on a temporary sale is hard to pass up.
  3. 😲😲😲 I'm not sure I've ever seen those words written together anywhere outside of RT.com message boards before... and I haven't been on there in 20 years...
  4. I suspect that the licensing agreements have more to do with what characters/mecha/designs fall within the license, for what types of items, and rights to audit the quality of the products and records of production/sales. What figures, and in what order, actually get release likely has nothing to do with the licensor, but is just up to the licensee. The licensees are probably pretty much always looking at things like: - Where can we recoup the most of an initial investment? Make Stig, and the Ray, since they have reasonably high popular and we can reuse 95% of the molds while getting two characters out of it. - Make Yellow, since it's an almost-guaranteed hot seller, while reusing 80% of the molds that was already paid for. - If we REALLY need to make more profits before we can afford to invest in new designs/molding, then make Dark versions of the above, since there is some risk as to popularity, but 100% of the molds has already been paid for. - Make Houquet ONLY if sales are strong enough to believe a perceived less popular character will sell, and we can only reuse around 50% (or less) of the molds... and we need to do brand new designs and testing on smaller joints, limbs, connectors, supports, etc. It just comes down to costs of entry, in my opinion. That said, as I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago, the fact that Sentinel now has access to the new female synthetic human figures as a basis, reducing brand new design and testing work needing to be done, does seem to improve the likelihood of getting a Houquet this time.
  5. My BBTS orders have typically run anywhere from 2-5 months after order (as sqidd mentioned above, 3-5), with it probably usually being around 3. Honestly, with how fantastic they've been with customer service any time that I've had an issue, going back many years, I don't mind the wait.
  6. Not sure. These are listed as 1/28th, and I believe the old Henshin Robo/Gakken ones were estimated (if I remember the Anymoon review correctly) as 1/20th, but looking at the size listed (2.5"), these might be about the same size.
  7. I LOVE the Sentinels figures for their detail, very cool transformation (in my opinion), updated designs that appeal to my personal aesthetic, and just general good looks when being displayed. These don't look anywhere near as good, obviously. On the other hand, I'm a MOSPEADA whooooooore and these look like they MIGHT be fun. One of many things that I loved about the old Yamato BGC bikes was that, for me, they were genuinely fun to transform. Probably the only Aramaki design that I ever had fun transforming time after time as a toy. i'd be happy if these, even if not gorgeous display pieces, end up being resilient enough and designed to be a fun toy.
  8. I wish we had a clear answer on the RT branded one versus the MOSPEADA branded ones. I ordered two of each with BBTS, since I don't care about the box branding, but what's inside. If there is a legitimate difference in what's included, I'm going to have to switch to the MOSPEADA ones.
  9. 1000toys is releasing a new female synthetic human figure for the TOA Heavy Industries line which supposedly features new joints. Since I'm pretty sure the male was the basis for the figures under the male Sentinel riders, this at least means that, if Sentinel DOES decide to give us female figures, they have these skeletons available to work with.
  10. Haha we're just not good enough to deserve the female riders. I think the issue is often that they design the male riders first, figure out the tolerances, materials, and dimensions needed, and then just scale it down for the female, assuming it will work for the thinner design, too. That said, I still love those figures and their scale.
  11. I forgot about that. They made those WAY too thin. Even with how careful I have been with mine, one knee broke.
  12. I FINALLY took a few minutes to find the series/backups that I was referring to (the old series that was more of what I was picturing Breakers would be). I genuinely enjoyed "Invid War", published by Eternity, and it is probably my single favorite series under the "Robotech" banner (feel free to skip the follow-up "Invid War: Aftermath"). Also, the "Class Reunion" special was solid (writing and art), but just kind of in-between episode content. However, the series that I was thinking of was "Robotech: Unsung Heroes", which was about a completely separate team doing their own missions. It was a back-up story in issues 2-4 of Vermillion (b&w), and was reprinted as part of Megastorm (color). Just sort of a story of a separate, not previously heard-of unit, who were competent, but just not at a place (or survival rate) to have been encountered in any other stories. I had been hoping that Breakers would be something similar, and not a fan-fic-y "these guys are super duper awesome and super duper secret ninjas".
  13. Thank you. I think I'm either just being lazy or the ol' brain isn't firing on all cylinders today. I have one Megahouse, most of the CMs, the Sentinels, and the B2Five's on order, just curious if these are going to scale well, and so the completist in me should get some, or if it's just going to be an oddball I won't be displaying with anything else, anyway.
  14. My Photoshop-fu is weak. Does anyone have a feel (or can put together a quick image to give an idea) of how these would compare with the Sentinel ride armors or the classic CMs? I think I just tend to be skeptical of scales from manufacturers.
  15. I preordered. I'm half expecting to be disappointed by the final product (definitely look a bit reminiscent of the similarly-sized 80s Gakken ones' underwhelming transformation), but I always kind of enjoy these little figures, and am just curious to see what the transformation is like in person. Plus, to be honest, I don't want to be hunting them down in a year or two if I change my mind, and I really just can't say no to ride armors.
  16. That's right, I remember those last three. I missed those figures, though. I'm going to tell myself that I didn't MISS them, I just didn't care enough to notice... (because, you know, niche collecting over here)
  17. Which figures are you referring to? The only ones that I can think of (probably because I haven't been paying attention) were the Regent, Regess, and the Hellcat, which I remember seeing 3d printed prototypes of but seem to have disappeared since then (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough). I was actually hoping to pick up the New Gen/MOSPEADA stuff, and the Sentinels will always have a place with me just because of how much I enjoyed the books when I was a kid.
  18. Thank you. Just looking at the pics that MEP has posted, they looked too small to me to even scale with the Sentinel, since I tend not to trust claimed scales. Scaling with Sentinel's Legioss works for me. Thank you. As I mentioned above, I looked at MEP's pic (from IG), and it looked like the Toynami was much bigger to me, so I figured this was only claiming to be 1/48, but really much smaller. I only have one Megahouse, since I was pretty disappointed by it, but anything to go with my CM's display shelf is definitely very welcome! At the moment, I keep my CM's ride armors, my Yamato Moto Slaves, and my Matchbox stuff displayed together, since to my eye it all fits... close enough.
  19. Are ANY current/previous MOSPEADA items in scale with this? I mean, I'm ok with a manufacturer essentially having a scale all their own and planning on building out a whole like of items to match, but it would sure be nicer to have something at a matching scale for ride armors or other mecha, especially considering the price point. (To be clear, I don't think the price point is crazy for something that obviously fits our particular niche market, it just feel a bit tough to accept for not having anything else currently on display where these would be sort of filling out that display)
  20. I was referring to one of the series pre-Wildstorm; I think it was by Academy or Antarctic? Sorry, this last week has been too busy to dig through them to find them, but I'm happy to find what it was when I have a little free time.
  21. I think any time a story is set in an existing fictional universe, and the description is along the lines of "A super skilled, super lethal, super secret team...", it feels a bit fan fiction-y right off the bat. Up until this description, I thought Breakers was going to be more of like that one Robotech comics side story (if I remember right, it was in another series that I'm blanking on right now, with like 8 pages per issue as a back-up story) where we followed a different team on Earth while in parallel to the New Gen series, except, you know, this would be MOSPEADA.
  22. I never had the old Matchbox ones as a kid (only one I had was Rick Hunter, but I so desperately wanted all of the MOSPEADA/New Gen ones). I finally picked some up online a couple of years ago and, maybe it's the kid in me finally getting the toys he wanted from decades ago, but I still like having them there in my display cases.
  23. I wish I remembered some to offer. I know I came across probably a dozen or so a few years ago, which made an impression on me at the time, but I don't remember them specifically or where the site was where I found the comparisons (it might have been a post in another thread on here?). As it stands, I feel like an idiot, making a claim that I now can't substantiate. Sorry.
  24. I've actually become frustrated a few times when I've come across discussions where everyone seemed to be harping on what geniuses some of these composers were... with that air of "If you had REAL knowledge of music, you'd know how superior this Japanese composer was"... while somehow ignoring how much of these works were flat-out copies of American, German, etc. music at the time.
  25. I will always love my CM's ride armors, and the ideal for me would be to keep filling out those display shelves with more in-scale figures. Sadly, looking at the newer offerings from a variety of lines, I think those of us with collections at that scale may be moving into the minority.
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