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  1. I don't blame folks for getting pretty heated about this... I mean it is the release of a Valk that we thought we'd never see coming from Yamato and people just want them to release the best possible version of it they can.
  2. I never said they'd just rip off stuff and release it on their own. In the past Madman has made some strange cross licensing deals in the past... and they have SDFM on DVD. As for the "current trend" all of the BD anime i've bought, all of which are madman releasees are 1080/24fps, though I didn't know that about the live-action Yamato... might have to ask about that on their forums since I was interested in buying it... maybe I won't now if it is true.
  3. Okay, so I was admiring my VF-17S (which just arrived a few days ago, yay) which is flying using a Yamato Macross stand and I noticed that something was off a bit. After taking it off the stand I realised the legs were drooping slightly from the body. After a bit of half transforming into gerwalk to see what was up with the legs and how they were supposed to be to make them flush up against the rest of the valk I noticed the 3 small tabs that held the legs in place in fighter mode. 1 on the inside of one of the legs (in their resting position in fighter mode) and two tabs on the underside of the valk that is meant to clip onto the legs when you push it up against the body. I didn't notice it when I first transformed it and then back into fighter mode, however I did manage to get everything to fit into place securely... somehow... I can't really say how I did it because all I really did was extend the legs from the knee, push them tightly together and then push them into the knee joint so they went back to their normal position. Then I grabbed the valk and pushed down on the body and up on the legs... I mean the legs were already clipped into the tabs, they just kept on falling off from their own weight. But after applying pressure to various parts of the valk... somehow everything is staying together as it should while on the stand. And if all of that text was really confusing for you, long story short, just make sure that the legs are flush against the rest of the valk if you have a stand that isn't supporting their weight. All it takes is a little pressure... apparently. *looks around*
  4. One thought that comes to mind is that maybe Madman Entertainment down here in Australia could license the release of SDFM BD and then add the subs themselves or use the AnimEigo subs in some kind of cross-license kinda thing. I know it does sound crazy but they've done some crazy things in the past and they're in the best third party position to do it, I think... ...though, saying that, of course it's not gonna happen lol.
  5. Can an Australian like me get in on this group buy?
  6. I also want in on a group buy... I'm determined to get everything on the VF-25 line... *in Optimus Prime voice* No matter the cost! ...okay maybe not for too much.
  7. I managed to grab one for 250AUD a month or so back... it was "used" but the dude only displayed it fighter mode so there wasn't any wear at all and came just as new as my new VF-25F as far as I'm concerned. Sure it was more expensive, but I have it and it's awesome XD Pre-ordered the FAST pack as well.
  8. If folks really want to put their Fire Valk in an extreme/semi-extreme pose in Battroid mode with or without the Sound Booster, I recommend the black Valkyrie stand. It has a black textured surface instead of the glossy ones the other types have so there's less slippage.
  9. Can't comment about the Mighty Block stand... however... I have my Fire Valk on the Valkyrie stand, and legs fully extended out in a neutral pose it aaalmost touches the bottom even with the stand set straight, of course in a mid-air pose you'd have the legs tucked a little in some kind of pose like I have mine and there's a bit of clearance.
  10. The gloss let's you know that it's a campy Macross 7 Valk.
  11. Just got my VF-25F in today... so damn awesome! I'm so glad I stayed far, far away from the v1's. I have it next to my VF-1A DYRL Hikaru and just admiring the history between the two Valks...
  12. I've always liked this pic as a comparison for scale the best Also... if I had the money and the skill to be able to put it together and paint it properly, I'd buy one at the drop of a hat... But I've spent all of my money on other Macross toy pre-orders and have no skill with kits...
  13. From what I remember Kawamori felt that the form of the YF/VF-19 being in two shows already made it too exposed and seen as too much of a hero fighter to be canon fodder. I personally like the design of the VF-171 though, it may be cannon fodder in Frontier, but it looks damn nice
  14. I really want this... but damn, why does it have to be so expensive? *cries* I have video games and blu-rays to buy too you know...
  15. 1/3000 SDF-1 Macross DYRL? version It's the figurehead for my PC named "MACROSS" it just looks glorious displayed like that.
  16. I'm still waiting for that 1/60 scale Britai from Yamato...
  17. Yeah there are plenty on ebay... the question is, do I WANT to buy it?
  18. Yeah, thought so... already got Armoured Klan but she's set apart from all my 1/60 scale stuff... if I ever did get this Klan figure I'd probably have to set it apart from the others as well so that the scale difference isn't so obvious.
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