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  1. http://www.lynkformer.com/2014/08/31/klan-and-michel-teaming-up/ Okay, here's a bit of a random thing I've done... but I'm sure you'll all appreciate it
  2. Thanks to the translation guide and my janky method of translating the dialogue scenes between characters in the game as I go... I'm having a lot of fun playing Macross 30 despite going at a snail's pace... http://www.lynkformer.com/2014/06/04/macross-30-the-dedication-that-translates-the-game/
  3. I got bored so I took some pictures... http://www.lynkformer.com/2013/01/08/yamato-macross-digital-mission-vf-x-1-60-scale-vf-4g-lightning-iii/
  4. Simple. We have pyramids built for each of us so our tombs can be large and filled with all of our worldly possessions which we want to take with us to the afterlife.
  5. Okay, now someone with a Kakizaki valk has to put theirs into that exact pose or attempt to and post pics. We have to see if this can be done. Go, go, go!
  6. *sigh* I just keep looking at those pics... it's a thing of beauty... I think I'm in love.
  7. I have a feeling a lot of Kakizaki VF-1A's that people have in their collection are going to have very sore heads when this is finally released...
  8. I'm contemplating the idea of buying two... one so I can repaint it to the Flashback 2012 Skull One colours...
  9. It's actually the first Valkyrie I ever bought, it was the set with the Strike/Super parts... though now I have the strike parts attached to Roy's VF-1S It took me less than a microsecond to decide to put Hikaru's VF-1A into the "save Minmay" dive lol, it's one of the iconic scenes of DYRL? Thanks, it was back breaking work x.x The house went through some renovations and some tiles in the kitchen were being removed with a jackhammer... the vibrations resulted in Klan immediately being dropped from its perch and me having a heartattack thinking it was all over... luckily everything is okay with her and after an agonising hour trying to balance her into position (just like the first time), there she is... I have no idea how she manages to keep her balance but only if there aren't any jackhammers active in the area
  10. Cheating a little bit... but I'm lazy and this is the easiest way of doing this... http://www.lynkformer.com/2012/08/16/as-i-sit-in-my-chair-this-is-what-i-see-around-me/ ...you'll see my entire collection of Macross toys in that gallery. Pics were taken today.
  11. *sigh* really not happy with all of these bandai shortages... pre-ordered mine as soon as humanly possible and still missed out.
  12. Something a little different... That's a Samsung Galaxy S II with a yellow SGP Neo Hybrid EX bumper case for anyone who's wondering... attached is the Skull Squadron emblem charm and then the SMS lanyard obviously
  13. I was soooooo careful when putting on the Super packs onto my VF-25F and S... took ages to get them both on but it was worth it, the paint remains untouched, though the stress of taking the super parts off of the 25S and sticking on the armour pack when it arrives is gonna be huge.
  14. YF-29 is a spikey mess of spikey things going EVERYWHERE in Battroid mode... I never know where it's safe to handle it... it... scares me. VF-25 with or without Super parts is sleak and sexy.
  15. Got my VF-1D yesterday, got it standing straight, it's head tilted forward with the pilot seats sticking out of its neck and Hikaru in the bottom one... feelsgoodman.jpg
  16. You'd think with this version of the VF-1D, they'd make it so you could remove its arm easily for anime accuracy purposes. Same with the VF-1A DYRL if in theory they re-released that
  17. I bought a VF-1J (white goggles) and the renewal armour parts... but I'm willing to buy another VF-1J with the option parts and then apply a little gray paint to the goggles of the first VF-1J I got lol. Already got the VF-1D on pre-order and will have it in battroid mode with the seats out and Hikaru sitting in the bottom one. Also bought a VF-1A Max version recently as well and have that in Battroid mode, but from the looks of it so far they're not re-releasing Max... we'll see.
  18. I also buy my Macross stuff from dendenhobby on eBay. I also recommend hobbylocus for the rare time that they may have an item that dendenhobby doesn't have.
  19. Yeah, I was asking that too, I hope it does come with a cool NUNS stand since it wouldn't make sense to have the SMS stand with this little beauty.
  20. So since the VF-25's came with an SMS stand, does that mean that the VF-171EX is gonna come with a NUNS stand? :D
  21. Now where's my 1/60 scale Destroid Monster? *crosses arms*
  22. *waits for Yamato to make them* Years from now, that's probably what's gonna happen...
  23. I just bought myself a VF-1J Hikaru + Armour parts and VF-1A Max... am I going to end up regretting not waiting?... can I buy Kakizaki's Valk and Roy's VF-1S?... What do I do?!
  24. I feel kind of stupid now... I've got my VF-25F and S and I've preordered the Armour parts for both and the Super parts for the F... but not the S... and now just for completionists sake, I want to super parts for the S but can't cause they've stopped taking orders everywhere x.x
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