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  1. Freyja says: Gori Gori just right to get out Koning Monster. What does it mean?
  2. What about this one? If you want to be help us, please contact me.
  3. rankalee, on 18 November 2011 - 11:23 AM, said: Wha?? I saw macross f series and Leon says: Grace O' Connor. But in the movie says another thing.... Translation? jajaja. In Fontier series I HEARD Leon saying: Grace O'CONNOR. But in the movie ( I HEAR) he says another thing... Godnova, Gudonova...
  4. Wha?? I saw macross f series and Leon says: Grace O' Connor. But in the movie says another thing....
  5. Could you put source website? Thanks
  6. Awesome, Vespaeda!!! Thanks for your review. It was very exciting!!!
  7. OK, If you have such problem, forget that version. Here you are VoxPlus Extension without installer (no music pack) http://www.mediafire.com/file/mzjojt1kzzy/...eta_NoMusic.rar If you wanna add music you have to download it from here http://www.mediafire.com/file/mzjojt1kzzy/...eta_NoMusic.rar More information you should visit english voxp forums http://macrossrobotech.forosonline.es/boar...-forum-f89.html
  8. Sorry, but preview socks. It don't show any single new image and It looks like hell. I'll be waiting for DVD no matter how much time takes...
  9. I wanna see it. Thanks. My account is macrossvoxp
  10. Macross VoXPlus v0.1 Beta This extension has been finished in October 20th - 2009 by “TodoMacrossVOXP en Español” team http://macrossvoxp.blogspot.com - http://macrossrobotech.forosonline.es - macrossvoxp@gmail.com Dedicated to pioneers Lance Team (first Macross Vo translation) and Gabriel Brooks (first Skinner) From Fans to Fans. It's a free. Do not sell it. Zentradi and Meltradi textures by Gabe Brooks, a great skinner, pioner of VOXP VOXP English an Spanish translation by Todo Macross VOXP team. *Cheers to the translation pioners, the Lance Team (old VO version) YF-19 Cockpit for Isamu Dyson by Todo Macross VOXP team Graphic User Interface, whole theme based on Japanimation Macross Plus 50 replacements for pilot pictures based only on Japanimation Macross Plus Remastered edition OVA. Fixed gain for the all sound FX and 21 repacement sound based on Macross Plus OVA and Movie edition. All the background music from the Macross Plus OST album and mixed for each misión battle. Better resolution planet pictures thanks to “www.ciclops.org” (Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory OPerationS) and http://www.solarviews.com satelite pictures source. Any material present for means of advertising or product marketing, such as logos, trademarks, product data, and others are shown and used with the owners' (or its legal representative), author, developer or Copyright holders' due licence. 1. We recommend to use headphones or good computer speakers. 2. If you want to battle in the Sharon Apple Atmosphere stage, you need to set "SPACE" in the spaceSELECT option at Mission:Stand Alone. 3. Also you may battle in the desert, inside VoXPlus/model, fist you need to replace the bg1.bmp with a special copy named bg1back.bmp, just invert the names and reopen de game. 4. There is another optional image called aex2.bmp in the same folder, just invert the names with the aex1.bmp to see it. 5. If you want to disable ingame voices, you may copy all the .WAV files from the VoXPlus\sound\VoiceOff folder to overwrite the files in the VoXPlus/sound folder. 6. Every transformable 3d model is not compatible with any previews mod or the clasic VOXP game, you can not use the .X files from the VoXPlus in the Macross VOXP or Fan Extension v1.1, we are working to fix the future Fan Extension release more compatible with the VoXPlus Extension. 7. All the 3d models has been reformated for easy viewing or import to any 3d software, including the 3d models from Zentradi/Meltrandi. TO GET NEW MODELS ON CAMPAIGNE MODE • X-9 Ghost – You can get it with 1400 bonus (just like Miria VF-1 ) when you start mission 1 you have 800 bonus. • YF-19 – You can get it with 1600 bonus (just like VF-1 Max) when you start mission 1 you have 800 bonus • YF-21 (incompleto) – You can get it with 1600 bonus (just like VF-1 Max) when you start mission 1 you have 800 bonus • ISAMU’S COCKPIT – After left SDF press F8 key Then press Control key and move your mouse. Macross VoXPlus v0.1 Beta MUSIC VERSION Macross VoXPlus v0.1 Beta No Music NO MUSIC VERSION password es: MORE INFO: http://macrossrobotech.forosonline.es/boar...nish-t2122.html
  11. Sorry, I didn't know that. I'll be patience.
  12. Is this model a fighter from any Macross animation? I've never seen before!!!
  13. Macross FRONTIER 24 (D-MBS 704x396 DivX684).​avi is out!!!!! You know where!!!
  14. Your right. Ai oboete, even nyan nyan could work. Awesome ep!!! Thanks for the LQ version!!!
  15. Here you are the ORIGINAL Macross VOXP Extension Team, at http://macrossrobotech.forosonline.es/foro...ourself-t3.html and introduce yourself. Then go to: http://macrossrobotech.forosonline.es/foro...glish-t195.html and get the Fan Extension in english
  16. rankalee

    vfx games

    Check this page. It's already translated to english languaje. Instead of that, the writers are going to do a good translation soon. cheers :wub: :wub:
  17. I really don't know if you're talkin' about my cousin's site, but I'm very sure that its games are still availables!!!! You can check it here MACROSS VOXP - MACROSS VO http://miscarpetas.blogspot.com/2008/04/ma...macross-vo.html and you'll get both the 2 hotshares links that you've mentioned and others choices. Also, you can get the Razorx's files. And if you're interested you can find both MACROSS VFX Digital Mission and MACROSS VFX-2 Games. http://miscarpetas.blogspot.com/2008/04/ma...across-vfx.html
  18. Awesome information. I found the QUES folder full of txt files, but it is a a laborious job to change something manually. Thanks a lot, anyway. It was very usefull.
  19. GGemini, Hi. How do you know that Macross VFX-2 pilot Aegis Fokker doesn't have any relationship with Roy Kokker: They are both blonds and elite pilots. Also, the LaSalle one. And the Nome's girls.... Is not a coincidence ***
  20. Thanks a lot, OptimusX. Do you have some kinda english patch or you just type in Japanese? If you have a patch, could you send me a private message or tell where I can get it. If you don't thanks anyway.
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