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  1. isn't figuring it out half the fun? https://gbatemp.net/threads/ps3-fan-english-translation.444583/
  2. I have plans to translate Macross VFX-2 fully in english, also I'm already in the works to translate Macross 7 Gameboy color. Translating Macross 30 is a possibility only if the previous two projects aren't complete failures among fans. (a.k.a no donations)
  3. Always creating new content for the people that share my interest for exotic macross rare content and items :)

  4. Graham, I've been checking this forum, emailing you, pm'ing you and this was gone before it even started, for a full year I have been trying to get these stupid hinges, you kept us all in the dark until I had to arrive one day and you didn't even email me, thanks for nothing, you never even responded my pms, sorry but you get no thanks for me, I believe you could have organized this much better but oh well, I guess I was number 300 in a line of 30 hinges, so the only thing I have to thank you is for all the time lost, hopes broken and your stupid decisions at the last minute. thanks for the bitter memories. mission accomplished my ass.
  5. I'm the boyfriend of Mari Iijima, I don'k know if that counts
  6. say you want to order your pieces at hobby link japan... "Hello- Thank you for writing. We are terribly sorry, but we are no longer able to help with support or replacement parts for a Yamato toy that was not purchased from HobbyLink Japan. Again, we're very sorry. We appreciate your understanding."
  7. And be as it may, I am working on the second, not the first...THE SECOND volume of Macross the first as we speak, the morals of this board does not and have never influenced anyone to obtain whatever they wanted to begin with, call it pirate effort or not, we should not support any macross comic effort because is not intended for us (the occidental audiences) to begin with, and F*** the japanese economy!! they have taken plenty of money of merchandise out of me, they want my money, they gotta print the english book IN JAPAN, to get me GOOOLD!!, otherwise, Im doing it myself!. Do you care if "Friends" or "Seinfeld" is pirated in Osaka or Kyushyuu? Imagine your random japanese guy here Ohh!! we shall not take seinfeld-san hard earned money by copying his work, seinfeld may not come out anymore!!" Exactly, they don't give a flying YF-21 (AKA a piece of SH*t) because they don't care, if they were to care, they would have licensed it, Harmony gold care cause is robotech, but Harmony gold has worldwide robotech rights but they do not have designs rights beyond the actual tv show, that's why MACROSS THE FIRST will NEVER, NEVER, NEEVEEERR!! be licensed outside Japan. And mind you, THE FIRST is a new legend, anticipating the re-encounter of the SDF-1 that will return with Minmay, Hikaru Ichijo and all the crew ALIVE (minus Roy 'nuff said) so that's why is there in place. and I once offered a subscription based project cause I need money, not for me, for the translators since you don't work for me for free, why someone else should work free for you? But I will be releasing for my private group only my volumes of MACROSS THE FIRST, not cause I wanna protect the rights of the authors, is because I don't wanna give the cheapazees (misspelled intentionally) the satisfaction of reading it if they haven't paid a penny, well you guys got to enjoy MYLENE BEAT done by me so that's all you get.
  8. for all my comrades, let's not get greedy when graham comes back, Ok? I'd say a pair of hinges for each, ok?
  9. Happy new year Graham!! may prosperity follows you in this 2011 now, about those hinges...?
  10. graham, you should do this a "once a year" event, sending the hinges and stuff last time someone tried to sell me hinges, he wanted 30.00 for a set...
  11. SO you don't say nobody told you!! there's a promo of Macross the first HERE!! http://www.sendspace.com/file/vms6bi It's all translated for you, the full version in december... (only for members only) more info on my group homepage in facebook WFP\'s Macross the first vol 1 preview.zip
  12. if you read his last post he said "I am extremely busy at work at the moment and will be travelling overseas for most of April. For these reasons, I do not have time to post out the hinges until early May" is not May yet... I'd take any hinge's color by the way even pink
  13. Graham, as I pM'D, I bought 2 1/60 and they have stressed hinges, do you still take requests? my minimum will be 4 I assume, right?
  14. Hey guys Check it out!! MACROSS THE FIRST will be done in english!!! http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=31745 so let's go and help out (Gubaba, you're more than welcome to "join" ) No, just kidding..... Gubaba.
  15. In the spirit of healthy discussion: "You seem to have called the Japanese writing system stupid, haven't you?" I did actually, maybe not for the Japanese, they have some sort of magical connection between the many meanings on a single word, but they just failed to show me in writing how should I know to differentiate between a musical note, A vocal Chord or simply a small code ("You just know" is not a valid answer) maybe I should keep reading to find out? But this reminds me of my old example of the Uber Popular anime HELLSING, I was determined on convince people that the main name of the guy was Akkard instead of Alucard (that obviously backwards is Dracula, Vlad the impaler, Nosferatu, Vlad Tepes) so after some research, I came onto this: In the credits of Hellsing (the anime) please see the credits and on top of all the credits you will find these Katakana: アーカード (a--ka--do) I don't see the "ru" in the middle or something resembling that so his name is either Akkad, or they used a funky spelling for Alucard. Now in the credits of Castlevania SOTH, the character is called アルカードが (a-ru-ka--do) That more or less sound directly like Alucard. So, either : 1- they mispelled intentionally so they don't have problems with licenses or confusing the audience (or lazyness of the author) 2- the name of the character in hellsing is either Akkad or Akkard since sounds german to note the bloodline (and alucard is a very marketable name since is dracula backwards) 3-both lines mean the same (Which their are so adding an R didn't change a thing so in the case of the Code/Chord/Cord katakana if they were to put a "Ru" (ル) would end up "Korudo" (Cold) so the best I could come up with is : コー ル デュ (Koorudu) that more or less resemble "Chord" (和音 ) instead of code ( コード) so why they spell it just like that is beyond my sense, I guess they don't care to sound correct. Katakana fried my brain, when you go to the beach, do you like to see girls in bikini rather than "Wampisu"? If you don't know what "wampisu" is, remember an anime where the guy is a pirate with rubber arms.
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