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  1. 8/26/2020 Progress Update: Coronavirus sucks We have a "Beta" of the full game (At the time of posting, I only had 3 screens functional). We have to do beta testing, translate the printing materials and such, we are still at least 6 months away from the final version completed but the wait will be worth it. The game has a lot of fun action and the story is different for any team you choose. I will be uploading a video in the general thread in the upcoming days.
  2. isn't figuring it out half the fun? https://gbatemp.net/threads/ps3-fan-english-translation.444583/
  3. I have plans to translate Macross VFX-2 fully in english, also I'm already in the works to translate Macross 7 Gameboy color. Translating Macross 30 is a possibility only if the previous two projects aren't complete failures among fans. (a.k.a no donations)
  4. well....Macross 30 is kinda difficult but with enough help...who knows? but I don't think I can do it all by myself like I'm doing it here.... Saludos de la serena, compadre!!!
  5. 8/26/2020 ROM WILL NOT BE RELEASED ONLINE, THIS WILL ONLY EXIST ON A CARTRIDGE. *As of Wednesday, August 26 2020, The beta Rom has been 85% completed and it's on a physical cartridge. A video will be posted showing you the work in progress. We expect for this project to be finished in 6 months or less. ------------------------------------ I have the game rom fully translated, I'm in the process of script insertion, beta testing and arranging the final stages of translation with two translators, one will do the bulk, the other will recheck speech. Translator was pa
  6. Always creating new content for the people that share my interest for exotic macross rare content and items :)

  7. I was thinking the same but there's a financial responsibility here that will be exchanged, hence the "sale/trade" nature of the post.
  8. Hello my Macross Fellows, Ichido Reichan here: I'm working on an English patch for MACROSS 7 "Let's take on the heart of the Galaxy" The game is text intensive because it has different paths and dialogue, depending what "team" of characters you'll get. I paid a translator some good money for a comprehensive translation and I wanted to ask for anybody that would like to sponsor financially the project so it is not so taxing on my part. Pm me and I guarantee you that the project will be done and your credits will be added in the game itself. No money is needed upfront until the pr
  9. hello guys, trying to make some space for new figures so I'm selling some of them. Revoltech Takeya Buddhist collection brand new never opened: set of 5, email me for more pictures: 250 shipped Macross ACE complete set 1-9: 80 dollars (some volumes are repeats) Pm for more info, if you need more pics let me know
  10. A full collection of Macross ACE for sale here, also bonus: -120.00 shipped: Macross ACE from 001 to 008 (two copies of 008) 006 is still sealed, never read, Note that Macross ACE 001 is "unbinded" for a project that didn't get to see the end of it. As bonus, I will include 3 "Macross the first" volumes (Unbinded) and a Gundam 2010 Calendar. If interested in pics, PM me.
  11. Graham, I've been checking this forum, emailing you, pm'ing you and this was gone before it even started, for a full year I have been trying to get these stupid hinges, you kept us all in the dark until I had to arrive one day and you didn't even email me, thanks for nothing, you never even responded my pms, sorry but you get no thanks for me, I believe you could have organized this much better but oh well, I guess I was number 300 in a line of 30 hinges, so the only thing I have to thank you is for all the time lost, hopes broken and your stupid decisions at the last minute. thanks for the b
  12. Alright guys, my macross ACE got to go, it was fun but I'm selling them really cheap. 130.00 plus shipping for: -Macross Ace all issues (1-8, 8 issues) -as a bonus REVOLTECH VF-1 ROY FOKKER transformable. (Please notice) -Issue 1 is unbinded (pages are in order but unglued) -Issue 5 has a few stickers out (though minmay and Misa hayase stickers are still there. -Issue 6 is still factory sealed. Besides these details, the magazine are in excellent condition. if you need pics let me know.
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