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  1. I can only see the one on the left arm?
  2. Thanks, I will do.
  3. Yes sorry, this would be better in the Fan Art Appreciation thread. How can I move it or could someone move it for me? Thank you.
  4. Sorry if old, had a look around and could not find this one. Taken from a Japanese site, fan art of the YF-29!
  5. Not sure which ones you have but for now there are only 3 out, Im sure there will be more to come tho. HTXTU NEBHI BXLBT
  6. First password is up already! Boss rush/survival mode. password is HTXTU I can't wait to get this game, any news on the VF-2JA yet!?
  7. No, as the 3DS has a 3D screen it will not work on tvs. It is region locked, but thats down to the develper of the game. See how its Macross tho it most proberly be Japan only like all the other Macross games. If they did do one for the 3DS I would by a Japanese 3DS! I was playing MUF last night and just thinking about flying past the SDF-1 in 3D would really show off its size much better than on a 2d screen. Like I said Gundam battle 3D looks great if you can see it in 3D. Of course there is no way to show you that without it being first hand. Im excited for MTF, and can not wait for it next week! Right now im just glad the VA-1ss Is playable, hope it will have its high output mode thing like in the anime I have noticed people on other sites talking about the yf-29 being a secret in this game. As much as I would like to see it I don't think it will make it in.
  8. I would like to see the 4th one on the 3DS after seeing Gundam battle 3D! Having depth when flying would make the battles look amazing! Not to meantion missiles flying out the screen at you. Can't wait for MTF, really looking forwards to the Macross II story. Does anyone know if the Vf-2ja or vf-xx will make it in?
  9. Sorry if this has been posted before but i could not find it on the site. I came across this video on youtube of the Macross F intro done using art. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmX-dWwIxwI&feature=related I think it as amazing! Again sorry if old.
  10. Sorry about that, I'll post more next time and not just one.
  11. Got it from andriasang.com which is a Japanese game news site. There is also a picture of the 'ship stage' that was used in the new movie! Looks like it will be a good level. Also it seems like that new vajira from the movie could be playable.
  12. Macross II does have a story mode this time! I agree that we need to see the Vf-xx zentran and a few of the destroids would be great.
  13. I think the Mihoshi Academy looks like it will be fun. Im sure it will just be a different part to the game and the rest will be what we know and love about M.A.F and M.U.F. Also looks like there is less info on screen this time when playing. Does anyone know the odds of getting the VF-xx in this one?
  14. Most of us proberly new there was going to be a full story mode for Macross II this time from the shots, but the site now has it up! Can't wait as Macross II was the first time I ever watched macross and fell in love with it ()
  15. A full Macross II campaign! Now that would be great! Didn't think the SNN valk had any weapons tho, yet it seems like you can use one? What are the odds of having a Macross cannon too unlikely but would be fun.
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