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  1. just added SchizoFilms and funkymonkeyjavajunky and agreed nothing like having a fresh set of eyes on a piece of work with varying angles of retrospect. I'll add anyone else that requests so as often as I can. However after this weekend I'm hoping to go into edit mode for some of the changes I've had pop in my head thanks to the suggestions above.
  2. just added macrossvoxp, thanks
  3. thanks and will do. Most of my old ones are posted up on my youtube channel or the majority at animemusicvideos.org though I used to churn them out back in college but I dont like them now lol well just a couple such as the humorous ones I still hear about and that was 10 years ago Now that I finally can manage the video quality better I just never have time sadly
  4. absolutely I just added you up and thanks in advance I'll probably start working on updating with some of the ideas I've received later this week since they've already given me some motivation. Probably be a few more weeks however before I have something updated to show.
  5. thanks excellent ideas in fact. I rather like the idea of letting some of the dialogue from the show coming through. Think I'll take a look and see where I can fit that in. Good idea on the speed too, Trying to remember if I sped it up trying to fit too much in or what. Oddly I can't remember I'll also be checking for the NUNSXNUNS you mentioned to make sure those are cleaned out. since ultimately I wouldn't really want that shown. thanks again for the input! always helps to get the drive going
  6. thanks bro thats actually a big help. True you almost can never have -too much- action so when I start incorporating those ideas I had for the beginning I'll be sure to go into the last half and try to tweak some of the sections. thanks again!
  7. Thanks your all set you should be able to view it now just let me know if you have any issues. Strangely its been so long since I originally made this and I feel like my outlook on the beginning is already different. Not sure what my mindset was back then but I've already thought of some changes I'll be making soon. Namely to amp up the idea of the devestation during the invasion I'm planning to pull in more footage from the episode where the Vajra really go crazy on the main island. The initial idea of the beginning was to show bits of how the city was normal and how the invasion effects that, so I'm definitely going to be tweaking that part. The 2nd half really is pretty much ironed out. But was interesting to see how differently I look at something after its sat idle for so long Let me know how the tribute video your working on goes I'd like to see that once its ready!
  8. Hey gang I used to create a lot of AMV's back in the day when I ran everything-anime.com and sometime dabble back into the fray. After Macross Frontier finished airing quite some time ago I actually created a new one using it for my template. It was more of a self indulging work but I've decided to dust it off and possibly submit to competitions this year. I'm looking to see if anyone would like to be a pre-viewer for me to offer constructive criticism. Or since I love macross and share that love with other macross fans if you just want to see it early thats cool too. For obvious reasons I'm not sending it out in a downloadable form since its not the final version but a work in progress. I learned in the past its never good to have multiple versions of your work floating around the net. I've placed the video on youtube in a private setting so if you would like to view it just let me know your Youtube account name and I'll add you to the list for viewing. I can only add 25 total at a time so I will have to rotate users in. AMV link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KYNhPKYK18 Hopefully some of you can help me spot anything that just doesn't "fit" or what I like best pointing out any glaring issues you might see. The video also is in HD so you can crank it up when you view. Just a little background on the video I tried something new in that its almost a "two parter" in that there is literally a change in tempo and even the song used about 1/3rd of the way in. With the beginning being about humans being invaded by an alien race and the 2nd part being about their retaliation. It doesn't follow the MF storyline by any stretch as it considers the Vajra an evil threat and nothing more. Its basically all about building up to the action in the 2nd phase and nothing to do with a true "plot" So thanks in advance to any who can help and again just leave a reply or send me a PM with your youtube username and I'll add you into the list. I'll check back here as often as I can.
  9. any word on when the 2nd movie comes out? I don't remember seeing a date but hopefully I just overlooked it
  10. I noticed HLJ has the Mickhail and Luca versions up for pre-order early bird special, didn't see if anyone mentioned this yet or not. They aren't priced much more then the standard Alto version so hopefully the fast packs will be cheap if they are ever sold seperately, but well maybe we're just screwed :\
  11. yeah just to state I'm a semi avid Dub hater BUT even I admit there are a few series with damn good dubs. examples being Cowboy Bebop (seriously I like the dub better then the sub) Macross Plus is also one where I enjoy either one and some older shows like Tenchi Muyo/El Hazard even had good voice acting on their dubs. Good comedy without being stupid or changing the story. So you really can't immediately write off a dub as there are a few gems
  12. yeah totally gonna have to snag one since I didn't get one before as for price......oh well I'm an anime fan I'm kinda used to it lol
  13. well since the Quarter is of course smaller then the standard NMC I would definitely say 1/3000
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