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  1. 23 minutes ago, Big s said:

    ...just remove one of the few original shows they have, even if it sucked.

    For the exact same reason Netflix nixed Cowboy Bebop after one laughably bad cringe inducing season, only this went one step further since D+ is hemorrhaging both subs and money, and taking up storage, even if only ones and zeros in a server, costs money, especially for a product that bombed super hard and has no hope of EVER making a profit.  They are cutting their losses, from every division except parks, to shake some loose change out of the couch since Disney has fallen so hard in almost everything they've put out for several years that they are down to about 3 months worth of operating expenses in liquid assets.

  2. A traditional Figma/S.H. Figuarts treatment would be far better, like all but the most recently released Rick Hunter figure - the texture gives it a completely inauthentic look to the character's depiction in the anime, and covering the joints in no way makes up for that visual deficiency; however, since I've had a preorder paid for for years...

  3. 2 hours ago, Thom said:

    @pengbuzz 'The gravitas of being Indy.' That's great!


    You know, I really don't listen their opinions. Usually, what they like, I don't, and what I like, they don't. And I think far too many of them are listened to far more than they should be. 

    I don't give any credence to critics' opinions either; however, what I find funny and interesting is that these same publications invariably gush over everything coming out of Disney, more often than not standing in stark contrast to audience reviews, so to have these usually sycophantic shills throwing shade at this latest offering from Lucasfilm means something is up.  We'll find out if these early reviews were on the money or not by the second week of release... if BO receipts drop off a cliff like they did with Antman: Quantumania, or hold well like GotG Vol 3.

  4. Reviews from the movie's premier at Cannes have started showing up in a lot of publications... let's just say that most are not kind, to downright brutal, even when couching their criticisms as much as possible.  General audiences might embrace the film once it hits theaters... anything is possible (maybe, international markets will ultimately save it), but all indications point to a trainwreck in the offing, especially given its estimated 300M production, with its multiple reshoots and overruns, budget.

  5. 36 minutes ago, Big s said:

    I was excited about this until reading that it’s a multiverse thing. I might still check it out one day, but I think I just don’t care after hearing that news

    There is a definite, and unimaginative IMO, infatuation with multiverse shenanigans in far too many franchises over the last few years, and rarely done well... most are so mediocre that the whole concept has become little more that a lazy gimmick and tired trope.  We'll see if JMS can pull it off...

  6. Love the color... a bit lighter and it would've been the ideal tone for Roquet, instead of what we ended getting.  However, I'm so glad this is a 100% skippable release, with zero future regrets for not buying it.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Big s said:

    I just kinda feel a bit let down, even by the Keaton scene. The let’s get nuts scene was such a classic moment and now it’s like just a catchphrase. 

    I heard it described as it being delivered with all the passion and significance of ordering toppings for his ice-cream...

  8. 23 minutes ago, Big s said:

    Paramount seems happy that it passed the expected amount that it was thought to bring in. Maybe there was something of a Merch deal or that factored in that I really don’t understand or something. The plumber was definitely the tough competition and took the nerd viewership away.

    Who knows, maybe Paramount is just happy that one of their products didn’t infuriate its fan base 

    More than likely, Paramount is engaging in face-saving PR BS in a bid for some damage control; or, as you posit, they're counting on other streams of revenue to recover most of the costs, eventually.  To be sure, there must be a lot of creative accounting going on this and the industry as a whole, but none of it negates the box office results.  Claims, announcements, and copes are cheap; the real tell on whether or not Paramount (their project bankrollers and shareholders) are truly happy when it is all said and done will be if they green light a sequel and/or a high-profile spinoff of some kind, and if it/they actually get made.  As always, time will tell, but I won't believe anything until it is irrefutably real.

    This isn't to cast aspersions at the movie's writing, acting, directing, or production values as, by all accounts, it is decent and effective enough at what it's trying to accomplish, but nothing that will make any lasting impact on anyone but the most ardent fan of the source material, if that.  It is just the fickle nature of entertainment, and plenty of brilliant, ground breaking movies -- D&D:HAT definitely isn't one of them -- have failed to find an audience in their theatrical runs, only to find redemption and a modicum of success as well-loved cult classics.  Will this film find such a sunset?...

  9. Over 2 weeks since release and, at 130.46M worldwide proceeds and down to 6th place - 7th domestic (Box Office Mojo, IMDBPro, 4/15/23), this thing is still over 200M away from breaking even.  I think it's safe to say that it's done and will lose a considerable amount of moolah for Paramount... likely, they knew it was going flop, which is why they chose to release it when they did.

  10. 4 hours ago, sh9000 said:

    KC sent an email on Tuesday that my Advanced Rick x2 shipped.

    Never got any direct response from KC but did get a shipping/tracking email from PayPal, and it's already through ISC New York.

    Now to wait for the Dana Sterling to release... it's been an even longer wait (09/2020... sheesh! :blink:).  I understand that the coof threw a monkey wrench into the works; however, I don't think I'll ever place another preorder with them and sit things out until stuff is in stock; their lead times have become atrocious.

  11. Realistically speaking, John Wick 4 will have far more staying power, and Super Mario Bros premieres this Friday -- likely to dominate for weeks; so, despite an above expectation opening weekend and positive reviews in general, the likelihood that D&D:HAT will break even during its theatrical run is dubious and profitability is highly unlikely.  Time will tell, but it does not look good.

  12. I have not received any communication from them, so I took it upon myself to reply to the original preorder confirmation email and send a message through their website.  Now, after 1.5 years, to wait some more...

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