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  1. 1 hour ago, nightmareB4macross said:

    Does the pilot match up to the Yamato 1/48 or the Bandai DX?

    I guess combining this figure with a HMR VF-1 is a no go for the Orguss Valkyrie. :( 

    Not necessarily.  The VF-1 in battroid mode is 12.7 meters in height, while the Orgroid is 8.7 meters tall; so, the structural compatibility of the necessary components for a conversion between the two may be more in line with Orguss HM-R and a 1/72 Valkyrie... the chest plate dimensions would be a good indicator of what scales go together.  The Bandai DX would be way too big for the parts to match the line art of the kit-bash cameo.  Someone who has a KitzConcept VF-1 and an Orguss HM-R in hand may be able to post a side by side picture, maybe with a VF-1 HM-R thrown in, for comparison.

  2. If Disney of 20, maybe even 15, years ago had announced -- even just a trial balloon -- their intent of making a theatrical "LA" version of Gargoyles, I'd be one of the OMG!!!OMG!!! crowd; current Disney, on the other hand, going by the godawful butchering they've been doing to most of their own past IP glories... not trusting them to do any justice to, or anything good with, Goliath and his clan and all the Druidic, Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, and Gothic mythology/folklore that underpins its setting, and that they won't make the casting look like downtown LA even for the pseudo-historical bits; as a company, they just can't be trusted until the product is released and vetted.  Caveat Emptor is most certainly advised.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Mommar said:

    Just arrived.  It's a big sucker.  Only the Monster and officer's pod are bigger.  Leans closer to a seven inch scaled figure.  A little finicky to pose so far, though.

    So, roughly 1/48-1/50 scale...

    Height = 8.7m → 342.52" / 7" = 48.9

  4. Here's hoping Gunn can pull this off... current DCU still has two more -- very likely -- theatrical bombs to get out of the way before it can even begin to try and become a contender.  The only saving grace, for Warner Bros, is that its only rival is also circling the drain at the moment, and the foreseeable future... also ironic that the only Disney-Marvel movie that was both well received and made a (very!) modest profit since Endgame was a James Gunn flick.

  5. 4 hours ago, Tking22 said:

    I don't even know what Orguss is but that's a cool looking mech, I may grab one. Is this a hero mech or cannon fodder? 

    Hero/Titular mech; however, other variations pop up later in the series; notably, the Olson Special and Cannon Fodder.



  6. 2 hours ago, Raikkonen said:

    They had planning, that of staffing too many contemporary ideologies along with memberberries bait in an overcooked lasagna. 

    We all remember this taken from their behind the scenes...

    CDN media

    I've yet to encounter a SW majority that wished for 'Dinosaurs'. 🙄 (Still cannot find any official survey or poll about this)

    Oh, and Star Wars "not pro-war"? 🤣

    And they really nailed "Relatable characters" and "Complicated monsters". 🤣

    Yes, I remember that little gem... the blueprint, in whiteboard form, for a franchise's utter destruction.  It also reeks of using that which better people created as a therapy session for adult toddlers with axes to grind.

    What I meant by lack of planning is related to how their preeminent product, the KK self-insert girl-boss sequel, was handled... a rudderless mess devoid of connectivity where they actually admitted they had no overarching plot for any of it, and were making $h!t up from film to film.  George Lucas had treatments for both of his trilogies, where they started, basic character beats, where they ended, and even provided Disney with his outlines for a sequel which Iger reneged on utilizing, handing the unfettered reigns to KK, because he trusted her (of course, foolishly, so did Lucas) to produce brilliance in pursuit of the "MODERN AUDIENCES before the pithy term was coined."

    Going back to Asoka, going by the trailer alone, it is abundantly apparent -- I'd like to be wrong -- that the show has all the hallmarks of KK's Girl-Boss Force is Female overused bankrupt trope; heck, it reeks of being the crescendo of it.

  7. Yeah, Lucasfilm (KK) summarily decided to ditch all the EU immediately after the Disney purchase because they (she) wanted to do their (her) own thing -- "The Force is Female" -- without being bound by ANY of the extensive lore in the books, etc.  Too bad for Lucasfilm under KK's handling and meddling and Disney's inability/unwillingness to keep her honest, they did not have the imagination, creativity, planning, or writing talent to pull it off... with the exception of a precious few bright spots, an entire decade wasted and a decimated franchise.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Mog said:

    Don’t sully the name of the Tread.  Those three massive, honking engine boosters overcome any aerodynamic issues! 😉

    It's the ultimate bad-ass fictional example of the old real-world joke regarding the F-4 Phanton II:  "Proof that if you put enough thrust behind a brick you can make it fly.":good:

  9. 7 minutes ago, Dynaman said:

    Nope.  My wife and I have zippo knowledge of the Expanded universe and love The Mandalorian (Bobba Fett's show not so much).

    The Mandalorian, seasons 1 and 2 at any rate, harkens back to old westerns; that's what made it good, if not all that original, so it is easy to appreciate because it feels like old-school SW.  Unfortunately, season 3 became infected with a lot of the same drivel and poor writing that ruined, depending on your point of view, Obi Wan and BoBF... they better wise up, or the drop in viewership will only get worse.  Out of all the Disney Star Wars live action series, Andor is the only one consistently well written... it's almost as if Andor was produced by an entirely different studio, so it is a damn shame it got hamstrung by the garbage before it.

  10. Lets not also forget that, in their arrogance and their expectations that the lemmings will buy anything they produce... a normalcy bias echo chamber they've erected around themselves, these studios have bloated their budgets in these films, while woefully diminishing quality, that these movies have little to no chance of ever turning a profit.

  11. 1 hour ago, Thom said:

    I think Indy (character et al) should be allowed to ride back into the sunset and Disney should really start looking for some new content.

    On this we can wholeheartedly agree.  Indiana Jones should've ended as a trilogy; both #4 and, in my opinion, especially #5 were terrible ideas that should never have been made because both, in their own ways, diminishing and tarnishing the character.

  12. 3 hours ago, jvmacross said:



    I think what you are trying to explain, but failing to make the proverbial horse drink, is the difference between explicit and implicit, nothing more, nothing less.  In both Mutt's and Helena's case (*), they were not explicitly shown as meant to be taking the passed-on torch to carry the franchise forward (within the movie), but the idea was implicitly there for anyone to see.

    (*) Helena's was/is a much more in-you-face attempt by the studio to push a replacement due to the confluence of modern day ideology with current lack of writing talent and directorial finesse.  Indi 5 displays all the hallmarks of hackneyed editing trying to stitch together original directions that miserably failed in test screenings with hastily conceptualized and shot ideas meant to fix those issues... the ending of the film is evidence of the thematic neurosis the whole production suffered in its multiple rewrites and reshoots scrapbooking road to release.

  13. 4 hours ago, Raikkonen said:

    Looking forward to this.

    Toy aisles will empty overnight of that Wolverine, 

    It's the ONLY Disney-Marvel production I'm excited for.  Please, please, please don't let Disney's corrosive BS ruin this.  I sure hope Ryan Reynolds is in full control of this production... given their recent track record with Marvel, they better be smart enough to be COMPLETELY hands off on this one.

  14. 1 hour ago, jvmacross said:

    ...I may not have been the target demographic for this film or future tv shows or films...

    1 hour ago, Big s said:

    ...with all the recent failures there may be a change in formula sooner than later if Disney wants to stay relevant and earn money again. 

    The target demographic is the Twitter mob these checkbox obsessed studios, everything Disney being the most deluded, think represent the ever elusive, completely nonexistent, MODERN AUDIENCE; in order to appease and supposedly attract their white whale, they keep injecting THE MESSAGE -- to varying degrees, from mildly annoying to downright offensive -- in just about everything they produce, and it's costing them dearly, but they're too arrogant to course correct... I guess they haven't experience enough financial pain, yet.

    Expanding the fanbase of legacy IPs requires making new content for the old fans who will, in turn, bring in new fans into the fold, who'll bring in others.  Pooping out generic, often disrespectful, drivel that disappoints, or worse... angers original fans (why is irrelevant; that it does is the salient point), breaks that bond and severs the passing-on of interest and attachment; the future of these franchises wither away and slip into irrelevancy, met with nothing more than apathy.  Is it possible to recover?  Sure, it's been done before, but current Disney does not seem to have the ability, or inclination, to do so any time soon.

  15. Awful may be a bit of hyperbole (a few people actually like the movie, more -- myself included -- think it is hot garbage, and most just view it as mediocre unworthy meh with only about 9% of folks who've seen it actually recommend it to others... it's all a question of personal taste); however, the massive Disney flop thing is 100% accurate.  This film will be lucky to end up around 350-400 million global, on a ridiculously overblown budget of over 300M... this is set to be a historical money losing dumpster fire for Disney -- well north of 300 million loss on a flick that needed to rake in 800 M just to barely break even, and movies aren't made to just barely break even.


  16. 5 minutes ago, Raikkonen said:

    Easy pass. 

    I'm right there with you.  Other than Bad Batch which, if I'm not mistaken, is coming to an end, and Andor on the live action series side of things (which fell flat with audiences in large part as a result of the abysmal BoBF), I don't hold any hopeful delusions that Disney/Lucasfilm can produce any decent Star Wars content anymore.  Ahsoka looks like more of the (meh) same KK-imprinted garbage... the only thing that will give it a leg up in the beginning is that fans still have a positive opinion of the character from Clone Wars and Rebels, but this good will only carry it so far; for a real train wreck, however, just wait for The Acolyte... if that pile of KK dung ever even sees the light of day.

    For all intents and purposes, Star Wars is a dead brand, and KK-run Lucasfilm under Disney killed it... just like Willow and Indiana Jones.

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