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  1. 3 hours ago, magicsp00n said:

    Unfortunately I tried a couple types of solvent (Plastruct Plastic Weld, Weld-On #4) and it didn't work. I think maybe the piece is maybe some kind of nylon? And I actually did try running a nail through the length of my 3D-printed part and it still bent. Bananas, huh?

    That is indeed unfortunate; 99 out of 100 times the trick I elaborated, and you apparently tried, works like gangbusters... bummer.  I'd be curious to know what kind of plastic they used for the darned thing; it has to be something outside the styrene family or anything remotely close.

  2. 1 hour ago, magicsp00n said:

    Here's mine. They should have had the peg go up into the bottom of the cradle rather than the back end there.

    I tried 3D printing up a replacement part but the weight of the fighter bent the resin peg down after only a few hours...



    That's actually an easy fix.  Use Plastic Cement (Tenax, Ambroid, Tamyia, the stuff used to bond PVC pipes from a hardware store, etc... anything that will melt ABS, Acrylic, PVC and the like - a small drop is all you need.  NEVER USE CA glue; it does not work in these applications and looks ugly as all hell afterwards) to bond the broken peg back on the stand arm's base; once cured, carefully drill a hole through the peg into the knuckle, longitudinally, to add a pin to reinforce the whole thing.  If done properly, you'll hardly be able to tell it snapped at all, and it will be stronger than it ever was.

  3. From a viewer's point of view, the quality of the show -- the writing, directing, acting, etc. -- is entirely down to one's own taste, so thinking it was good or thinking it was bad is a personal thing.

    From a marketable/profitability stand point, Ashoka seems to have been a sizable failure for Disney/Lucasfilm, with diminishing viewing numbers from a lackluster starting point, as chronicled by Samba TV and Nielsen, that are about as poor as Andor's, having never cracked number 4 of new streaming shows and barely showing up, and already falling from, the top ten of all streaming shows (compare this to One Piece, for instance), plus very little in the way of merchandizing, with Hasbro pretty much sitting this one out.

  4. 1 minute ago, pengbuzz said:

    I think "low effort" would imply that they at least put a minuscule amount of effort into it. This steaming pile of plastic fertilizer looks to have zero effort put into it.

    Well, they had to have the IM tooling made and contract a factory to produce the thing... beyond that, not much effort at all, certainly none in making it look even remotely passable to the majority of the target customer: adult collectors riddled with nostalgia and money to burn, doubtful there are more than a handful of kids on this whole planet who are clamoring for a roughly Playskool level toy of a 30+ year old show... seriously, who is this thing for?

  5. I don't know about anyone else, to me the whole thing looks misshapen and bloated in odd places, but the most egregious of all is the entire pinched and truncated forward fuselage... it looks awful, and I highly doubt having it shot in color and with paint apps will make it look significantly better.

    Bandai did a wonderful job with their interpretation of the YF-19/VF-19ADV, but their YF-21, to my eyes, is an eyesore that manages to look no better, and in some respects worse, than the old Yamato 1/72.  I'll stick with my gorgeously sleek and well proportioned (I personally prefer a deliberate emphasis on fighter mode aesthetics even if it compromises battroid) 1/60 Yamatos, thank you very much.

  6. 2 hours ago, Tking22 said:

    A teaser the day after I read WB has zero faith in this movie and are already fully committed to another massive loss, bummer. 

    WB has resigned itself, rightfully so given their track record for more than a year, to the fact that AatLK is the last in the line of a cinematic dead end, to a hackneyed theatrical foray of an IP that never truly found its voice, at a time when the very genre is on the verge of dying due to over-saturation and poor, to complete garbage, content.

    I wish them luck with their rebooting the whole thing, but doubt they have the writing talent and vision to pull it off.  Much like the MCU and SW, they need to stop cold turkey, and give several years before starting anew; at this point, aside the occasional surprise hit, the whole enterprise is one of diminishing returns at best, embarrassing to devastating losses at worse.

  7. 2 hours ago, kalvasflam said:

    May be it's time to reboot all of Star Wars again.

    literally, start with a new Episode IV again, all new actors and actresses, except James Earl Jones of course.  But with a modern touch.

    Sure... Lets have Lucasfilm, the studio that, under the mismanagement of KK and Disney, has systematically ruined Star Wars for the vast majority of legacy fans, driving them away while miserably failing to attract any significant numbers of new ones, reboot the franchise from scratch with "current year" hang-ups and lack of creativity or narrative talent (even when, despite themselves, they create something relatively good, Andor, few care and fewer watch) tailored for -- the obviously nonexistent -- modern audiences.  What could possibly go wrong?:p

    Personally, I'd love to see them do it... the massive ensuing trainwreck would be glorious.

  8. 3 hours ago, MikeRoz said:

    Am I the only one who bought domestic?

    No, you're not alone, bud.  I went the same rout through Eknight Media, myself... I'm in no hurry and can wait to eventually get my one copy.

  9. When you go looking for those furry "helpers", they want nothing to do with you and seek a nice quiet place to hide; when you'd like them to give you some space to work in peace, they insist on being part of the action and monopolize all your attention, bursting with curiosity and deliberate cuteness... and we wouldn't have it any other way.:lol:

  10. 35 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

    ..."it's pretty clear they really only intend to sell this to kids who don't care."

    "I can't really fault them for targeting that market"

    That's the thing that is totally bizarre, imo:  TNG ended its run over 2.5 decades ago; the number of kids who'd be even remotely interested in a toy of anything related to TOS, TNG, DS9, or Enterprise (closing on being 20 years since it ended its run... sheesh, I feel old :p) today must be so miniscule as to be less than a statistical rounding error.  Merchandize for any of the old shows, regardless of which franchise/IP, are entirely targeted at parents, mostly men, riddled with nostalgia for items from shows of their youth, the vast majority of which will be far more keen, Super Deformed fetish aside, on authenticity than playschool-esque versions, especially hardware.

  11. I think it has more to do with Stick and Rey, aside from being the main characters, having the same basic height and sharing the exact same armor and bike, differentiated solely by head sculpt, some colors, and a few accessories; next closest being Yellow with a small amount of unique components and a taller figure, and Houquet/Shinobu requiring a lot more changes than exist between all the boys... which makes me curious as to why Sentinel hasn't announced a Shinobu yet, to amortize their tooling, since they already engineered Houquet's components and all.

  12. Uhm... Wow!


    A F-inist tilt was always expected with a brand like Barbie, and that'd be perfectly fine if done with subtlety, light-hearted humor and cleverness; but holy scat, they've pulled off an epic bait and switch and delivered a full-on spiteful propaganda manifesto that one would need to be fully indoctrinated or willfully blind not to notice.



  13. 51 minutes ago, TangledThorns said:

    Let's see how this plays out. I recall thinking the TERMINATOR television series was gonna suck but then I found it was very good early on and then it got cancelled 🤬

    That was then (2008-2009), this is post 2016 now... an entirely different -- drastically lower, in general -- caliber of writers and producers with wholly different goals in mind... for every House of the Dragon, you get a slew of Rings of Powers, Willows, Blood Origins, and other sundry sludge.

    If the Alien TV series turns out half as decent as The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we can count yourselves blessed; however, my enthusiasm has been subverted and betrayed so often that that tank is empty, so I'll not trust, but will certainly verify.

  14. 49 minutes ago, nightmareB4macross said:

    Very well aware of this.

    I was hoping for an updated version that could be used with either the HMR or DX. But yeah, I concur it’s more about proportions than anything else. 

    I somehow know this…there are reasons. ;) 

    It is all too easy to get tunnel vision with these things, no matter how well versed one happens to be on the subject... the ambiguous anime magic involved and toy manufacturers don't make it easy; it's like one's mind locks into an assumption or some other bit of minutia that it becomes very hard to see the bigger picture.  We all fall prey to this kind of mental short circuit from time to time. :friends:

  15. Sheesh!  When some media executive, or worse - a CEO, gets a bug up their butt regarding some IP/programming (almost always sci-fi or fantasy show), he/she becomes the worst enemy of good worthwhile entertainment... CBS' Les Moonvez ignominiously cancelling Enterprise when it had finally found its legs, Amazon's Jennifer Salke vehemently passing on Conan The Barbarian because of... reasons, etc.

  16. 11 minutes ago, nightmareB4macross said:

    But, if this is considered a 1/48(?). It should work with a DX or a Yamato. But clearly by looking at the pictures the 1/40 Orguss is the better choice.

    So it looks like Bandai fiddled with scale too much?

    Don't get hung up on scale.  The overall size and proportions are what would make the components to be swapped compatible between the two mechs.  The "real world" size differences of the VF-1 battroid vs Orgroid is too great for them to jive at the same scale... like trying to exchange parts between a VF-1 and a FV-0 -- impossible -- and those even share the same architecture.

  17. The problem with ESG is that it is entirely, nefariously, political... and politics will derail and have this thread locked faster than anything I can think of, other than religion.  So, lets just say that companies bow to the scheme at their own peril, and leave it at that.


    Back to upcoming movies discussions B))

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