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  1. 21 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    Still no news on Sentinel's TLEAD?

    As much as I want it "tomorrow", I'm relieved there is no further developments, made public, recently; the longer it takes, the more time to save up and the easier it will be on the old beleaguered wallet... but damn it if what we've seen thus far doesn't look great -- very hard not to descend into Verruca mode...

  2. I'll give DoD "props" for having a less bad 2nd weekend than The Flash did, with a 55% total 3 day drop in US ticket sales, being outsold by Insidious: the Red Door.  It is damning it with faint praise, I know, especially considering what its 1st, at the very lowest end of expectations, outing brought in.... and Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning (just like Top Gun Maverick, a non demoralized deconstructed legacy male protagonist) coming out this Wednesday will crush everything in its wake.

    Audiences have spoken loud and clear, so I think it's pretty obvious what Indi 5's outcome will ultimately be...


  3. 3 hours ago, electric indigo said:

    From the Pitch Meeting: "This is Star Wars" 😄

    It's a Lucasfilm, and Harrison Ford, mainstay at this point:  Portray a legacy male hero as a broken, depressed, separated/divorced, old man with a fallen son being overshadowed and led around by a "better at everything" brunette KK self-insert.  PM hit that nail square on the head, in hilarious fashion. :D

  4. 10 hours ago, zplus said:

    One of the reasons I am so reluctant to get preorders.... I really wanted to add this but held back after all these stories of delays.

    I placed a preorder for Dana as soon as it was first announced, and have regretted it for quite some time, since they've been holding what I paid upfront for years now.  Suffice to say, that's the only preorder I currently have with them, and there shall NEVER be others.  If they release something I really want, I may pull the trigger if it is in stock; for reservations, I'll go with BBTS, as they charge only upon release and cancellations are a no stress affair.

  5. Not anti Disney, and if just calling balls and strikes is "obnoxious", then guilty as charged.  I wish they would go back to producing good content; alas...

    Edit:  Btw, I'm having a ball, as things currently stand, the "caustic YouTube videos", as you call them, are endlessly more entertaining and joyful than anything coming out of The House of Mouse.

  6. 5 hours ago, kajnrig said:


    You, uh... You sure about all that? :lol:

    So, you solely focus on the wording of the header, not the content of his commentary... got it. :rolleyes:

    Edit: When the final tally is in and the magnitude of the financial losses are revealed (well north of 200M, perhaps 300M or more), a lot of excusers and apologists are going to have a lot of eggs on their faces.  Face it, regardless of liking the movie or not, this thing is a major record breaking, not in a good way, turd and if these studios -- the ones under Disney being the worst offenders -- don't learn a sobering lesson from all the flops they've been crapping out, it will be a very cold day in hell before they operate at a profit.

  7. 4 minutes ago, GXPT2000 said:

    Have you had any looseness from your Bandai? I’ve seen a lot of reviews of 25 renewals and 29s that have looseness over time and all their metal builds loosen over time.

    I've had the Frontier version VF-19 Advanced in battroid mode, with the fast packs and boosters mounted, for years and haven't experienced any noticeable looseness anywhere; admittedly, I'm more of a pose once and forget kind of collector whose preferred mode for display is fighter - aircraft aficionado, first and foremost... so, your mileage may vary.  Ultimately, all transforming toys loosen over time, some more so than others (too many factors to go into here), but Arcadia's ankles on that particular design are usually wobbly right out of the box and get worse fast.

  8. 22 minutes ago, Scyla said:

    I find it genuinely baffling that Disney could not find writers that don’t rely on those tropes but maybe that is how the current studio system works (I think I counted four writers credits which probably didn’t help).

    The old saying " Too many cooks spoil the soup" comes to mind... and when those cooks use tofu cubes while claiming it's chicken, while calling the customers names for pointing it out, it just exacerbates the problem, leaves a sour taste in the mouth, and loses the customers.

  9. 56 minutes ago, Big s said:

    I was hearing that from one of the people working at a nearby theater. I guess they were talking about the upcoming films and kinda turning down the dial of destiny a few notches more than expected 

    The theaters have to make the business decision on what movies get their most profitable screens, so I'm not surprised in the least that, unless contractually obligated, they'll relegate the turds to second or third tier screens to free up the money makers for films that will actually draw an audience; DoD, with only about 1/4 of the butts-in-seats count of KotCS, isn't it, and could potentially lose them money with every showing.

  10. 3 hours ago, Dynaman said:

    Streaming shows not doing great?  One not top notch season of Mandalorian and it is time to get out the old Eddie Murphy skit already?

    Come now, it's not just The Mandalorian's third season that raises eyebrows, it's nearly everything, regardless of the caliber of the production or lack thereof:

    • Pixar -- everything released on D+ has under performed;
    • Marvel -- every show on D+ has had worse performance than the previous release;
    • Lucasfilm's content draws fewer and fewer viewers since BoBF came out, and Willow was dumped off the platform because it was so bad it was worth more as a tax write-off than to renew it or to even keep in the library... that thing may end up being given the Arc of the Covenant treatment from the end of Raiders;
    • Disney's Live Action necromancy/necrophilia of its own legacy content on D+ spectacularly fails.

    As a result, the streaming service lost some 4 million subscribers and is currently running at a financial loss with profitability estimates being constantly updated to a future date that keeps getting further and further away.

  11. 1 hour ago, Duke Togo said:

    Given the amount of money their movies have made, that's not a statement grounded in reality at all.

    Well, $890M in theatrical losses in just the past year, without even counting this latest flop... which will push that financial hole into well over $1B, would argue otherwise; if a movie costs $300M and earns $500M at the box office, it has lost the studio money... lots of it.  Let's face reality: Disney, as it currently exists, is where franchises, and IPs in general, go to die.

  12. Wow!  3 day weekend projected take of 60 million, 5 million domestic under worst case scenario, inclusive of Thursday's previews.  With a 300 million budget (likely closer to 330m once inflation, loan interest, reshoots, and ancillary costs are factored in + promotional expenditures, this thing is going to lose well over 200 million in its theatrical run, specially with MI7 just 2 weeks away... it needs to make almost 800 million, at the very least -- assuming a lowball 310m final cost -- just to barely break even, over 900m for even a marginal profit, and there is no conceivable way it will get anywhere close; it will be lucky to reach somewhere between 450 and 550 million worldwide.




  13. 7 minutes ago, GXPT2000 said:

    So is the only change the new effect part and missing accessories? Any new markings?


    I own the Arcadia one but I really do like the posing options on the Bandai one more. How are the joints on everyone’s Bandai 19 holding up? I like posing my toys a bunch but bandais looseness with most of their diecast figures scare me.

    The Achilles heel (HA!) of the Arcadia are its ankle joints; the Bandai's are far superior.  Ultimately, both are great toys where your personal aesthetic preference will determine which choice is better for you; personally, I find Bandai's superior in most aspects, and the collapsing leg panels are a brilliant solution over the carved-out scoops to accommodate the arms in fighter mode that Arcadia employs.

  14. Yeah.... NO!  This "thing" will most definitely earn its likely hundreds of millions of dollars loss at the theaters, and hopefully tank Lucasfilm for good in the process.  This is my personal opinion, of course, and more power to those who enjoy these movies -- why, I'll never fathom, but I'm not alone, as evidenced by the recent history of monumental flops from many studious that have embraced all these regressive post modernist tropes.




  15. The following video's title is admittedly click-bait-y, but I found it to be a pretty good analysis of just why, not only Indy 5, but so many modern super expensive movies, are almost destined to flop, or at best break even or make middling profits in their theatrical runs.  The bloated price tags alone create hard hills to climb towards profitability, then you take the mediocrity, for whatever reasons, and he goes over many... which tend to drive away audiences, of so much of this content into account and instead of a hill to climb, they get a hill to die on.  Agree or disagree with the breakdown is rather moot; the box office numbers, as related to all the costs associated with these productions, speak for themselves and spell a coming reassessment of how these sausages are made.




  16. 32 minutes ago, Thom said:

    Or, just trying to be humorous rather than thinking everything has to be a deep dive into a simple movie. Which was a good movie, though your miles may vary. Like it or not, it's not the end of the world.:D

    Oh, I get the humorous reference and appreciate it... maybe my point came across as too serious or acerbic.  As for it being a good movie... mileage will most definitely vary, wildly so, since that assessment is entirely subjective, and people are totally entitled to like a, objectively or subjectively, bad movie or despise a, again objectively or subjectively, good movie.  It's all a matter of personal perspective and taste... one man's trash is another's treasure and vice-versa, and in the great scheme of things, entirely pointless to everyone except the studios, and their investors, pumping out money losings bombs, and driving once profitable IPs into the ground, in rapid-fire succession.

  17. 26 minutes ago, renegadeleader1 said:

    Ha! I get that reference.😆

    Referencing a great movie that sadly failed in its theatrical run, to cope with the mediocrity of a pointless, mostly crappy, movie that will go down in history as one of the worst money losing flops ever made.  That's the one positive aspect of a lazy, poorly executed, multiverse so-called plot:  It offers endless possibilities for alternate, actually good, stories to exist, even if the end result is that everything becomes completely inconsequential.

  18. 2 hours ago, Hikuro said:

    So I guess is this even worse bothering? I just saw the new Spider-verse film and didn't honestly care for it all that much...probably because it's a two parter and I felt it was to slow yet rushed. 

    Watch eventually, when it hits streaming or cable, or broadcast TV; that's what I'll be doing as, besides all the negatives reported everywhere, it is a pointless dead-end of a film since the DCEU, if it even survives... Aquaman 2 and Blue Beetle will more than likely suffer the same ignominious box office flop status, will be getting a complete reboot that will render everything in this series utterly irrelevant.

  19. 21 hours ago, Big s said:

    Probably that it was a Flash movie based around the worst Flash and starring a train wreck

    And not only do you get assaulted with one annoying train wreck Barry Allen, but 2 annoying train wreck Barry Allens... 3 if you count the villain.  There is only so much revulsion a body can take before severe nausea takes over and projectile barfing ensues...

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