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  1. 5 hours ago, kajnrig said:

    Wait, did something happen in 2016 in the industry? That was... Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange... I guess on the other side was Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, (EDIT: there was also The Mummy a year later) which sucked, yeah, but they didn't exactly spell doom for the industry. Did something else happen, like a mass firing/layoffs or studio consolidation or something I'm not remembering?

    I don't blame you wiping Ghostbusters 2016 off your memory... like splashing bleach on a nasty stain.  That's when fan baiting and vilification, and totally unsubtle agenda pushing, were solidified as "legitimate" tactics by studios, producers, directors, actors, and media shills; 2016 marked the onset of the industry doom, as you put it, that they've so arrogantly cultivated.  That's not to say that equivalent BS wasn't a thing prior to that year -- Fant4stic comes immediately to mind as the casting was specifically geared towards throwing ists, isms and phobes accusations at fans if/when it bombed... it did -- or that haven't been excellent flics then and since, but that's when the bad blood seed was planted.

    The wholesale rejections by audiences and commensurate financial losses from flop after flop and resulting cutbacks and layoffs and firings are the inevitable results of their hubris, by going from humbly embodying the time-tested business motto of "The customer is always right", to the sanctimonious position that 'if the customer criticizes what we deem they should slavishly consume, then the customer is not only wrong but stupid, bad, or both'... the industry is reaping what they've sown.

    Edit:  This video, under spoilers, does an excellent job of summarizing, from my perspective, what got us from there to here; if you have a different point of view, that's perfectly fine, but the current state of affairs speak for themselves:




  2. 39 minutes ago, Big s said:

    Sorry it a 50/50 chance of which powers you get from the animal. It’s either gonna be hyper speed with quick reflexes or super snooze with the occasional knocking things off the table powers

    Toxoplasmosis is a hell of a fickle vector...

  3. 1 hour ago, TangledThorns said:

    RIP comic book films.

    Hollywood should look at manga (again!) for new ideas and hopefully without screwing it up.


    Hollywood (with precious few exceptions), post 2016, with legacy IPs???... Methinks thou dost ask too much of hacks who cannot deliver anything of the sort.

  4. 3 hours ago, Pontus said:

    Regarding the standalone HMR Hikaru VF-1J (the first one), is the blue canopy tint removable in some way or is it just made of clear blue plastic?

    It's not a tint, it's a pigment; the dammed thing was molded in clear blue plastic.

  5. 8 hours ago, jenius said:

    Thanks! I was thinking of doing some MPC and Sentinel pics together. Did anyone ever figure out a glue that would resolve this break on the MPC?


    Plastic welders like Ambroid ProWeld, Plastruct Bondene, Tenax 7r, Micromark's Same Stuff, Tamiya Cement, or even Testor's Plastic Cement will be the best solution to repair that screw boss; something methylene chloride or acetone based will chemically dissolve the ABS and weld the broken pieces into one, without leaving un unsightly glop of super glue or epoxy, and with none of the haze associated with cyanoacrylate.  Just dab a drop of the liquid on the crack with the provided applicator and let capillary action carry it into the split; compress the two parts together (disassembly of the chest would make the repair easier, but I think it can be accomplished as is) until some of the melted plastic oozes out a bit from the crack; keep the repaired pieces under mild compression until the weld cures... at least a couple of hours to make sure but overnight would be better; if desired, trim off/file/sand the oozed-out plastic to the level of the surrounding surfaces and it will look almost, if not completely, like it was never broken.








  6. 13 hours ago, fifbeat said:

    Thanks for the tips. Do you know if there's a kit that comes with all this stuff you mention? Any help is useful. Even if you have to send me separate links. 

    My experience with kits is very minimal. When I was a kid, I used to go for the snap-together ones (no glue required). And I'd never paint them. Always struggled with the decals lol But in a way, I always enjoyed the process when they came out decent. 

    I just love the way this particular one looks. Much better than the HMR that's coming out soon (and I'll be getting that soon). Always loved the MODEROID mech design.



    Here are a few unpainted snap-fit kit building tips for beginners:

    1. Always use sprue cutters or nail clippers to separate the parts from the sprues (the parts tree lattice).  One off ebay
    2. Only remove the parts you will be working on and assembling; this way, your chances of losing tiny pieces to the carpet monster are minimized.
    3. Do not cut flush to the part's surface; you'll get much better results if you leave a little knub on the part for subsequent trimming.  You can cut flush if the part, or area of the part with the gate, will be hidden; study the assembly diagram... you'll get a feel for what needs extra attention and what can be snipped off the sprue without concern as you get more confident in the process.
    4. Use a No. 11 x-Acto blade to carefully trim the knubs down until they are flush to the part's surface.  Use your fingernail to feel for high spots... your eyes can deceive you if you're solely dealing with raw plastic, more so some colors than others.
    5. Rub the now flush spot where the knub used to be with your thumbnail to polish off/remove most discoloration from the above process.  If unsatisfactory, or better results are desired, use sanding sticks (I like to go with 280 grit flowed by 320 grit, some times down to 6000 or a clear plastic buffing stick) to get the spots to mostly disappear (note that, depending on the color, especially true with reds, sometimes a slightly darker spot will be left; this is due to how the color pigments in the plastic flow and accumulate disproportionately through the part-sprue gate).
    6. Sanding will result in hazing of the plastic due to the change in texture from the virgin surfaces' glossy/satiny finish; use an old shirt to buff the sanded surfaces until they match, as closely as you can get it, the overall sheen of the overall part.
    7. Have fun.

    1 hour ago, Big s said:

    The damsel in distress was a tired idea, but the replacement idea is just as bad. Wendy takes on the action in Peter Pan or Ariel kills Ursula in the remakes, or as far as the marvel stuff there little girl iron man or teen girl Hawkeye and She Hulk that’s supposedly stronger than her seemingly dumb cousin Hulk. And then there curmudgeonous Willow with every character getting replaced by their daughter or the new Indy having to deal with Flea bag and not to forget that Rey is taking the mantle as The Jedi because luke belonged in a retirement home.

    there are other film and tv shows doing this, but they’re not running it into the ground as bad as Disney 

    Modern Hollywood dogma, and Disney in particular, dictates that in order to elevate/empower female characters, they must make the male ones almost universally dumb, incompetent, morally corrupt, defeatist, insipid, or evil, then write said female characters, many times obvious self-inserts/idealized projections, like men with little to no flaws and no consequential obstacles to overcome that lead to personal growth.  Far too many times, they're already perfect and just need to realize how amazing they are, and to overthrow the shackles that limit them from achieving their awesomeness; it's such a predictable, vapid and tired trope that it's utterly one-dimensional and profoundly boring.  An absurd amount of modern writers just can't seem to be able to write women anymore; so much so that, when you do encounter one in pop cinema, it is highly refreshing.

    I'm glad more and more people are rejecting this post-modern deconstructionism and pandering to "Modern Audiences" (something that doesn't actually exist... not in the numbers necessary to ever make it anywhere near profitable in the long run).  Hopefully this "Let the past die, kill it if you have to" trend will soon end and be relegated to the ignored and forgotten ash heap; we then may get more Ripleys, and a lot fewer -- as in barely none -- Rey Palpatines or reimagined Mulans and Ariels and dozens of other examples.

  8. I just love how this movie has pretty much shot The Little Rat-Fish in the proverbial barrel (soulless corruptions of beloved classics deserve nothing less), and obliterated the manufactured narrative excuses for its wholesale rejection... down 69.1% on its second Friday (Box Office Mojo)... another embarrassing money losing flop apparently in the making for a company with an impressive string of L's over the past few years; <sarc> wonder why? </sarc>.

  9. 19 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

    I want my TRON Valk....


    Gives me much more of a Dia de Los Muertos decorations vibe than TRON to be perfectly honest...:ph34r:

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