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  1. The statement in the first page regarding the original Macross intellectual property rights need to be corrected. Why ? Because intellectual property rights include copyrights, trademarks, author rights, etc. With the japanese court rullings we know that both harmony gold/tatsunoko and Studio Nue/Big West are the owners of Macross intellectual property rights. We know that harmony gold/tatsunoko own the copyright, trademark and the economic rights part of the author rights outside of Japan for SDF Macross. In short, harmony gold/tatsunoko own the economic rights of the original Macross outside of Japan. Studio Nue/Big West only own the moral rights part of the author rights. Moral rights are, in that case, Macross design elements like mecha and character designs. So saying that "the intellectual property rights for SDF Macross still resides with Big West" is an inaccurate statement that need to be corrected in order to reflect the reality. P.S.: I know you know that people but I think the correction must be done in an effort to avoid confusing other people regarding the Macross-roboteh legal mess.
  2. Kiefer said he would love to do a season 9. So no, it's no the end yet. And welcome to Macross World.
  3. How can you translate a language that does not exist on Earth sir (the language in question being robocrap lunatician) ?
  4. So MEMO lost face yet AGAIN as I can see.
  5. Let me guess dude ... I'm sure reason 5 is the reason why you got banned.
  6. Speaking of robotech not getting respect from today anime fans (read the comments) : http://www.toplessrobot.com/2009/10/live-a..._nerd_boner.php
  7. Come on dude, everybody knows the shadow crapnicles was a ripoff of Star Trek not the sentinels.
  8. And we have the right to bash robotech too. In fact, I'm happy that Chris is here with us debating about robotech cause more robotech discussions = more robotech bashing and more robotech bashing = easier for me to control my blood pressure. See guys, I found a purpose to robotech after all these years.
  9. Found a copy of Macross II RPG book on Macrosshare. Thanks Seto and all of you guys for your help.
  10. Never hear about that book before. I made some researches on the Internet and I found nothing worth mentioning regarding that publication.
  11. As always, your are the Bible regarding all things Macross Seto. Where I can get that Macross II ?
  12. Everything regarding the inside of the SDF-1 Macross from engineering to bridge plans is fine. Thanks for your help.
  13. Can someone tell me in which Macross publication I can see the deck plans and the inside of the SDF-1 Macross please ? Pre or post 2012 refit, I don't care.
  14. R.I.P. Kazuhiko san. We will never forget that awesome song you did for all us Macross and anime fans in general.
  15. That's nothing sir. I have for 58,44 GB of Macross files on my hard drive ...
  16. I prefer to think that the False Diva is a clone of the real Sheryl or something like that.
  17. You want my opinion on this sir. I think WB found out about the legal mess and gave a well deserved middle finger to harmonazy gold.
  18. A part of the script for the robotech LAM I tell you guys ...
  19. Guess what happened guys ? Maverick_LSC locked the Macross-robotech legal thread ( http://www.robotech.com/community/forum/re...mp;pagenumber=9 ) because he was loosing face against Seto. Seto "find pleasure in watching the suffering of others" he wrote. Seriously guys, we don't need proofs anymore to confirm that the mods at robotech.com are not only nuts but also sad people. May God help them (if God has patience in dealing with idiots of course ...).
  20. Considering their past of liars, it would not surprise me. But don't worry. I know MANY Macross fans (Seto over robotech.com and robotechx.com is ONE of them of course) who are spreading the truth regarding the legal mess on the Internet as we speak. Like that, most robotech fans are not going to be fooled by harmony gold dirty tactics.
  21. Why I am not surprised ? These robotech fanboys are so in love with their god (aka brainless thief) called carl macek after all. I bet these fanboys are going to construct at harmony gold headquarter a giant gold statue of macek in order to worship him like "ghostless dolls" the moment he dies.
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