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  1. Hi there, last night I watched Mac 7 in the episode when Macross 5 fleet landed on planet Rax. As I can see, nearly ALL the ships including the escort ships landed on the planet hence leaving the fleet virtually unprotected from incoming enemy fleet from space. As far as I know, before someone could actually land on a planet to start colonizing it, would it be best to send scouting party first rather than dropping an entire colonist on it ? Since most Mac colony fleet are accompanied by warships such as the Macross itself, I think it would be wise to send only the colony ships to the surface while leaving the command ship and several escorts at space. Or maybe the colonist think 'hey let's make another Macross City here, made the Macross transform and put it into a lake or something' Now that would be stupidly cool Well I don't know for sure about this, but I can only say one thing, the destruction of Macross 5 fleet are caused by poor colonization planning, and partly, Max fault (He know the Varauta threats, yet he didn't warn Mac 5 fleet about it, instead he offerred Fire Bomber ????)
  2. My GF borrowed Escaflowne from me, and I 'accidentally' slipped Macross Plus in it. Turned out that she likes Mac+ and got hooked with voices I'll try inviting her when I'll re-watch the whole macross-7 series, any idea which episodes I should start since the first few episodes are quite 'boring'
  3. Morpheus

    VF-X 2

    I played maniac level, I'm using VF-19 during the last stages. I was damn hard, I failed operation 'Mary Poppins' and 'Remember Love' several times, gotta beat those pesky Ghosts only to face the enemy aces in VF-22 and VF-19. Sometimes I feel lucky that I ever completed those missions If only I could use full armour VF-11, it maybe another story, untill then.... BTW, anyone know why Aegis missile barrage to Macross 13 bridge wasn't nullified by the jammers ? As I recall, the fleet missiles attack were jammed right ?
  4. The VF-0 looks great to me, technologically superior ? Maybe, consider it was in limited production at that time, The VF-1 in the original series was the mass produced one, so maybe it got some gadgets removed in order to made them cheaper for mass producing purposes. One question, the VF-1 could reach space under it's own power in TV series episode-3, while the VF-0 being a test bed for the thermonuclear turbines, I quess the VF-0 are limited to atmospheric use then The FAST pack......did the VF-0 has any FAST pack ? Or maybe a Full Armor variant ? B) That would be great
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