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  1. I agree... the risk is too high and the backlash from an hypothetical failure could be legendary, but I think this technology would shine with VR support; That is gonna be the selling point for a real Star Wars experience and Disney surely would be interested on that.
  2. Star Citizen is pushing the limits of what can be done in a 3D engine... even if it fails (I hope don't) the Tech is going to be a revolution. A Star Trek or Star Wars game with this Tech can be done too...
  3. Star Citizen showed the first 1km ship in-game I hope someday we can see a SDF-1 of that level of detail in a game
  4. I'm currently working in a Fanfic involving a lot of Fleet combat against "Uncultured" Zentradi and the battle escenes with these guys are pretty intense... they have a lot of weapons and are pretty nimble in the right hands.
  5. La verdad... nadie se esperaba esto. A ver como evoluciona todo, recuerden que se acerca el 40th aniversario.
  6. Star Citizen is having a Free-Flight Event right now. You can Download the Alpha and explore the first Star System with a couple of free ships. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/download (If you like the game and want to pledge, you can msg me and ask for a referral code to get some goodies in-game)
  7. Aprovechen que este es el unico tema de MW en donde se puede hablar de esto ahora que cerraron el thread "oficial" Igual mucho mas no hay que agregar... Claramente HG se benefició mas con la publicidad que todo esto generó que con lo que este nuevo arreglo va a redituarles a futuro.
  8. I feel bad for them... it's like that scene from Life of Brian where the guards struggle to not laugh
  9. Igual... ya no era guerra, era una masacre... HG solo recibió el perdón para seguir con vida. Robotech está en estado vegetativo desde hace años y ahora lo va a estar indefinidamente.
  10. And even if they managed to convince BW to show the movie in USA with the "Robotech" names, they are still forced to re-cannon all the shitty comics and sequels with that movie... likely with some time-travel sh*t or something. For example... if Sony uses Mikimoto characters from The First for the movie, imagine HG trying to fix this into their lore:
  11. If Small manufacturers are like this guy, I don't think there is gonna be nice things in the future...
  12. The hypothetical movie seems to be the obvious reason...
  13. I think they are recognizing that Robotech is a thing and they have the right to exploit it.
  14. If BW gets to distribute all Macross shows after DYRL across the world, then yes, HG was forced to abandon the claim that they have the rights to All Macross.
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